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Thanks for your comments guys. Welcome from South Africa. One day I will visit there. Was just thinking about South Africa today!

18 May 2019, 06:05

Claudia, I actually take 30 minutes every day to exercise my imagination, but during that times sometimes I stop exercising and instead imagine for the things that I want. Also, I take certain moments of time throughout the day and imagine specific things. I am always trying to saturate my mind with faith, manifestations, and imaginal acts. Elisa, I take it as a good sign. I'm realizing more and more that many people think they have failed at manifesting, but the truth is that we don't know when they're coming. So I would take that as a good sign that you have planted seeds. I've learned over time that we can't control when and how we manifest what we want -- but we can be sure they will come.

18 May 2019, 06:04

LRico, My sister is more powerful than she knows.

18 May 2019, 06:02

Decrees are better than affirmations. To firmly decree a thing!

16 May 2019, 08:00

God has ways and means that are greater than our limited perception

16 May 2019, 07:59

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