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14 January 2022, 07:22

Use it for whatever you want --- specific is better with this technique because you can add as much specificity with words. For changing abusive past or depression to happiness, just journal from the future about how happy and grateful and secure you are! And peaceful!

23 June 2019, 03:36

I think most people don't understand that manifesting itself comes out of the bible, period. All manifesting techniques you year, if they are accurate, they come straight from the bible.

05 June 2019, 22:59

tina there is no God outside of ourselves... I have proven thousands of times that we can and do inadvertently create things by paying attention to them. The subconscious is non-selective, and we should watch that we do not allow negative thoughts into our mind. Just because you're not aware that you're doing it doesn't mean you aren't doing it. Sofgator, I would create a belief that suggests that not only do you manifest money but you hang on to it. Shane it happens all the time. Watch your thoughts.

04 June 2019, 11:33

I consider them LONG manifestations, not BIG ones anymore, lol. Bcause sometimes there are chess pieces that need to move that take longer, with "big" ones.

22 May 2019, 07:01