The risks of manifesting

Manifesting is a powerful tool that only one in a million understand fully. Or less. It is a tool, that when fully understood will give complete and unprecedented power to the user. It can be used to get you whatever you want in this life with ease and without effort, and it could be used to get anybody else what they want in this life. It is the most desirable skill to attain in this world and should be sought after with fierce dedication. Learn how to manifest and have complete control over this world. But what about the consequences or the risks of manifesting?

Along with the power that you received for learning how to manifest there come many challenges and risks that come with it. It is not just that you will receive exactly what you want, but it is the fact that you now have this active power that can be used for good to everyone in the world. This power should not be kept specifically to ourselves and although you can, I would not recommend only serving yourself. It is the power of freedom from bondage. There is a reason that I receive and read sometimes 3 to 500 emails per week, and respond to nearly every one of them. With this power, I do not feel comfortable keeping it to myself. I have not yet found a way to manifest for every single person in the world, and so until I do, I will be sharing this with every single person who asks me. It is my responsibility to help whoever asks for it. That is why I make videos and blog posts. I want everyone to understand that they can have this power of freedom or liberty if they only look within.

Another risk that you run by learning how to manifest is a complete mindset change. The problems that you once had that are now eliminated become trivial. Those individuals and friends that come to you with their problems, you will not be able to perceive them in the same light anymore. Those friends and family members that you have that complain and say evil things, you will not be able to listen to them. To listen to them and not give them a solution would be selfish. But to most people, they do not want to hear the solution. So you become left with a choice as to what you will tell people and who you will surround yourself with. Being surrounded by negative individuals will have a negative effect on you because of the subconscious mind being impressed by their words. And moving on is difficult too because then you must obtain a new set of friends.

Another consequence that comes along with the art of manifesting is the inability to blame anybody else for what happens to us in this lifetime. If you truly believe in all that manifesting has to offer, then you understand that you have created every single event that has unfolded in your life. There is no one else to blame. When we begin to master manifesting, we prove this fact to ourselves. We understand that every event that has ever happened on this external world is linked to and sourced from an imaginal act, an assumption, a belief, or an inner conversation that we have carried on in our mind sometime before. The beautiful thing about this is that when we do take full responsibility we then have complete and total power. I have proven this thousands and thousands of times. If anybody had a victim mentality, it was me. To get out of that victim mentality was a sacrifice I had to make in order to get the things that I wanted in this world.

The last risk I want to talk about is what happens when this power grows inside of us? If we continue to practice our imagination and to manifest, we will inevitably experience our power getting stronger. This is something that happens over time but it will happen. When this happens, you will begin to see your manifestations come at a greater and faster rate. Your subconscious becomes more sensitive, and this may lead to you manifesting things inadvertently. Do you want to have to guard your thoughts? Do you want to have to monitor what you're watching on TV or the news? Do you want to stop gossiping? I promise you, that these are small prices to pay for the most awesome power in return. Yes, we may manifest things inadvertently and we may accidentally harm ourselves, but it is nothing in return for the glory that we get for practicing manifestation.

Despite the risks, having this power inside of us and to build this power should be our greatest aspiration. With this power comes all wisdom, all might, and anything we want in this world. There are no limits to what we can have through manifesting. All things are possible. Are you willing to take the risks in order to get whatever you want? I did it, and it was the best decision I ever made in my entire life. I am completely surrounded by people who now believe what I believe. I no longer surround myself with negativity. I guard my thoughts and I manifest quickly and directly. I manifest for other people. I also get whatever I want. These risks are worth it when it comes to getting the things that we desire most. Practice manifesting on a regular basis and you will see some of these risks come to light. But the reward you will get will pay off manifold.