This story is about my younger sister. She’s 18 years old and about to graduate high school. She recently visited my house in San Diego, and alongside that comes with a massive inundation of manifesting lessons, coaching calls, lectures, and more. It’s like an inadvertent bootcamp for non-manifesting individuals. Whether or not she liked it or not, she was going to hear it.

I was discussing manifesting with someone over the phone, and the person and I were talking about their recent manifestation — a free piece of cake. It was awesome because the person I talked to directly before that had manifested a free piece of cake as well. So it was a synchronicity and manifestation. Something that was awesome, yet small.

My sister heard me talking about it, and she left the house and went to the store. When she came back she had a big grin on her face. Since I was still on the phone, she had sent me a text message that I could read and it said, “I just manifested a free ‘Big Gulp’ from 7-Eleven.” After I had gotten off the phone, she told me “I overheard you and got jealous. I walked to 7-Eleven and I was thinking, I want to manifest something so bad. Then I went up to the counter with my big gulp and the cashier gave it to me for free!” Her simple burning desire after overhearing me was set into motion and she received a free drink.

A week later, after she was home in New Jersey, I got a phone call. It was from her. She told me that she was back in school, and she went to the vending machines to buy a Diet Coke. She reached into her pocket to take out her money, and she had $2. The drink was $2.25. She stood there and stared into the vending machine and to herself, imagined having the drink anyway.

A few seconds later, the vending machine spat out a $1 bill from the bill-insert, and 4 quarters also fell out of the change-slot as well. She stood there, awestruck. Then she overheard someone near her, a boy, telling the lunch lady, “The machine ate my money!” So my sister went over there with the money and said, “Is this your money?” He said, “Yes, the dollar is mine.”

The boy took the dollar back, but she was left with an extra four quarters! She had manifested a free dollar, in a miraculous way, and had enough to buy her Diet Coke and had $0.75 left over!

What an awesome, crazy story!