Neville says, "The great secret of success is to focus the attention on the feeling of the wish fulfilled with- out permitting any distraction."

Whether you've been manifesting for a day, a week, a month, or a year or more, no one has more potential power than the next person. It is through operation that we gain strength in our imagination and focus. Focus in our imagination is the key to success.

But what if you aren't sure what to do? What if you are conflicted; taking instructions from this person or that person? Manifesting is the greatest of all powers that one can aspire to master. Any other power is like kindergarten compared to the power of our imagination. Every single thing that exists is a side effect of imagination. 

We are taught to separate cause and effect, or to observe it closely. Each action has an equal but opposite reaction. But we are taught that isolating each cause and effect is to find the cause. 

Is the idea that your consciousness creates reality so farfetched? 

Modern science has a religious woo-woo aspect to most of it. First, Isaac Newton believed, and it was widely accepted, that a hidden material called gravity pulled people to the earth, base on its' mass. Anyone who had any other ideas were shunned from scientific societies -- casted as a pariah. But what about when Einstein proved that gravity was a pushing force, rather than a pulling force, coming from a distorted field of time-space? Then, suddenly, everyone who believed in Newton's idea were casted out. 

When studying Quantum Physics, Observer Effect, and Quantum Entanglement, I was whole-heartedly surprised at the rate at which scientists try with all their hearts and souls to debunk these theories, warp their meanings, or disprove them entirely. The only reason these scientists are attempting to disprove them, is because the group of individuals who whole-heartedly disbelieve that Awareness or Consciousness creates reality will argue until the bitter end, solely to defend their ego -- not the truth.

We can do simple experiments to prove that our consciousness creates reality. Within a day we can disprove the entirety of modern scientists via application. The question is: will you trust your experience rather than what someone else says? And that is what I teach on my YouTube channel, my Blog, and especially and more-so in my VIP Program.

The VIP Program is for a specific set of people whom want to enhance their lives in any and all aspects through means of manifesting in a very specific, time-tested way. The techniques are all systematically tested through the scientific method, and experimentation. They work. The VIP Program is a shortcut to realizing your greatest desires, by utilizing laser-focused, deliberate techniques that work consistently and predictably.

If you have a positive attitude, are open-minded, and are willing to go to work to ultimately learn the most important skill inherent in mankind, then this may be the program for you.

If you feel like the VIP Program might be of benefit to you, ask yourself the following questions to decide?

  1. Do you want to continuously improve your skill in manifesting techniques?
  2. Would you like to contribute in helping others to also increase their skills as well?
  3. Do you want a clearly defined framework for how to manifest your greatest desires with ease?
  4. Can you see how it would be helpful to have organized workshops, Q/A's, and chatrooms to learn how to manifest?
  5. Are you interested in learning how to manifest with methods that provide predictable results?
  6. If you could become a manifesting machine, would you?
  7. Are you interested in learning the nuts and bolts, the intricate, never-before-discovered details of manifesting?
  8. Would you like to know how this Universe works to give you your desires?
  9. Do you want to be able to prove that you are the God of the universe?
  10. Have you tried other techniques and methods that have failed you?
  11. Would you like to build confidence that you can manifest anything you want?
  12. Have you wanted to remove, change, or modify belief systems, but had trouble doing so?
  13. Do you want to know how to modify and change the behaviors of other people?
  14. Would you like to understand and be able to heal yourself and others?
  15. Would you like events to go in your favor?
  16. Do you want to be embedded in a community with other manifestors who are passionate about increasing their knowledge, experience, and skill in manifesting?
  17. Would you like to be able to ask questions to experts and seasoned manifestors, to make sure you're doing it right?

After asking yourself those questions, can you see how a program that helps to disperse and explain this knowledge and experience would be helpful to you? Ultimately The chat is built on the chatroom software called Discord. Be sure to download and register this software so that when you register, you can follow the instructions on the Settings page to enter the chat without issue.

Register now! 

The Manifesting Inner Circle, or VIP Program, is built and sustained for manifestors around the world come together to learn and practice manifesting, to collaborate with each other learn from each other to strengthen their manifesting power, and turn dreams into reality. The techniques and hidden fundamentals taught in this program have been rigorously tested via the scientific method, and debunk unnumbered mistakes and misconceptions taught. Few will find these truths, hidden in plain sight. 

The full VIP Program consists of live online workshops on zoom, workbooks, a live Q&A segment, and a discussion chat to interact with its' members.

The VIP Program has multiple features, but you can choose which features you wish to experience. If you only want the workshop, you can have that by selecting that membership. If you want the Q&A, you can add that too. If you want to chat with others, you can select that membership too. 

Having trouble manifesting something you don't know how to imagine? Know exactly what you want, but stumped when it comes to actually putting it into practice? There are various methods that are uncommonly taught because it conflicts with mainstream manifesting -- but they are just as efficient, if not even MORE efficient than what "they" would have you believe. Learn step by step how to manifest those things that are impossible to imagine.

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Joseph Alai

P.S. Revelation 19:14 — “And he was clothed with a robe dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God.”

You are that robe dipped in blood. That is describing you. Not only are you the word of God, but you are also God. Because "in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word WAS God..."

You have the power of God. Use it. Manifest and create your reality just as the self-same God has created everything in existence.