“Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables.” — Habakkuk 3:1

writing down your desires as if you already had them is a great way to manifest. Every single part of our being is creative. As you persist in manifesting, and learn more about this journey, you will come to understand that every single aspect of yourself is planting seeds in your subconscious mind. It's not just closing your eyes and imagining, it's not just feeling, it's not just your words, it's everything. We are literally created to manifest. The whole goal of us being here is to expand our creative power.

Writing, I have found, is an extremely efficient way to get what you want. I have tested this thousands of times. I actually learned it accidentally. I wrote down a list of all of the character traits of a woman whom I would like to be with. I wrote it as if it already happened. It was just a list. Two months later someone came into my life. It was as if she had literally read the page in my journal that was tucked away in my shelf. It showed me that writing, even without imagining, can be used as a powerful tool to get what you want.

Construct a story, or a list, from the tense of as if you have already received what you want. Even if you never look at it again, the seed will be planted. Follow the following instructions to get whatever you want. Mixed techniques together as well, to supercharger manifestation.

Method #1

  1. Contemplate what you want
  2. Construct a list of the details of exactly what you want, make sure you do this as if you already received it. 
  3. Put it away. Do not reflect on it. Forget that you ever did it.

Method #2

  1. Contemplate what you want.
  2. Construct a list of the details of exactly what you want, make sure you do this is if you already received it.
  3. In the morning and evening read it multiple times, trying to invoke the feeling of what it would be like if these statements were actually true.
  4. When you no longer feel the urge to read it, when you feel impotent upon reciting it in your mind, stop doing it.

Method #3

  1. Contemplate what you want.
  2. List what you want in present tense or past tense as if you have already received it or are consistently receiving it on a regular basis.
  3. Construct a story in present tense, or a journal entry, expressing your gratitude and having already received your desire.
  4. After you write it, read it in your mind in the morning and evening with full feeling as if you are actually reading the truth.
  5. Once you are done, and you no longer feel the feeling or excitement, stop doing it and put it away.

This may seem extremely simple, and it is. This is all it takes to manifest. Mix-and-match your manifestation techniques to ensure that you have done it properly. You do not need to over kill anything. This technique will prove to you that you are not in need of continuously matching the vibration of the thing that you desire. You are more symbolically planting seeds in your subconscious. They will ripen in their own appointed hour.

"For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, and it will not tarry.” — Habakkuk 3:2

I have manifested money, success, love, health, friendships, and things for others with this technique. Test it. This is one of the simplest ways to test manifesting. A pen and paper do not lie. You cannot convince yourself that you do not impress it if, after writing it down, you watch your manifestation come to pass.

As I said earlier, every single aspect of our being is creative. In this carnal world, however, we cannot see what is actually taking place behind the scenes. To us, writing things down, or speaking things, are simply vital, dead things. But this cannot be further from the truth. The spirit in us is creative by nature. The reason we are here is to expand this creative power. The best way to prove this to yourself is by systematically testing this theory.

Neville Goddard does not talk about this. I discovered this accidentally, as I mentioned above. But now, I utilize this on a regular basis to not only manifest my desires, but to create assumptions for myself – which in turn, manifest consistently and regularly. Construct a list of the person that you desire to be. Write it as if it already happened. In doing so, you will create a series of patterns – a blueprint, so to speak, and you will watch every aspect of your life change, entirely.