Effortless is one of the keys to manifesting. Over and over, Neville states the crucial importance of using no effort when we are imagining. When we imagine, we are to do so without effort. We are to emulate the process of creation naturally. Taking control of our creative faculties, we need to use these faculties in the manner which they are creating regularly, and naturally. To imagine and feeling effort in doing so is to create resistance in our imagination, and therefore manifestation. How good does it feel when you are in a waking dream, a daydream, and imagining something lovely and beautiful? That is one of the best feelings I know, and it always has been. What a splendid feeling to be alone with your thoughts, thinking about the beautiful thing you desire? This is the feeling of effortless I am talking about. As effortless as taking a sip of water. As effortless as dreaming. As effortless as breathing.

God is closer than your very breath. He is being operated through your imagination. You are manifesting every single moment of every single day, through God. It He is operating naturally within you. You could not be alive, nor could you be here, if he was not within you operating -- for he keeps you alive. Your entire world is your creation, from thought to manifestation, over and over, ad infinitum. I used to believe that my life was operating independently of me, and then when I would use my imagination, I would change the events in my world sometimes. I didn't know that this entire world was a creation from my thoughts. The naturalness of creation, as it happens every single moment of the day, is automatic and if we control our imagination or thoughts then our mind will still constantly be manifesting what we think of.

Our breath is also automatic. It is also operated by the subconscious mind. While you are reading this post, you have been breathing the entire time without thinking. You can hold your breath, you can control whether you are breathing from your stomach or your chest. You can control the depth of your breaths, the length of them, or how many you want to breathe. Yet, the moment you start to think about the way you are breathing, you begin to gain control of it. But because you are gaining control over it doesn't mean that you weren't breathing the entire time. It's only once noticing it that you can do what you please with it, but it will always serve the purpose of breathing, or consuming some type of air or smoke, normally, or holding your breath under water. No matter if you're awake or asleep, you will be breathing. It is an automatic function of the subconscious mind. You can choose to maintain control over it for a time being, but if you hold your breath until the point you pass out, your subconscious mind will automatically breathe for you again.

Your thoughts, also, are operating through your subconscious. When you are reading this post, you are not thinking about what you are thinking, you are just reading, and the thoughts are running through your mind freely. During the days and nights, normally your thoughts are going without your control. You think about different things. Someone walks past you, and you start to think about them. An emotion comes over you, and you begin to think about a past lover. Sometimes your thoughts are good, sometimes they are bad. The point is, that no matter what you are doing, whether you are asleep or awake, or in all moments of the day, you are thinking. Yet, the moment you begin to think about your thoughts, you have the power to control them. You will not stop thinking, not unless you train yourself to do so, but you can maneuver your thoughts, ideas, and therefore invoke feelings and so forth, the very instant you begin to think about what you're thinking about. Your thoughts will always carry on. But you have the power to control to a degree your thoughts, so long as you take that control.

Your imagination fits into this same category. It is constant. You are always entertaining some thought, idea, and that in turn goes into your imagination. Your imagination can either be filled with the things you see in front of your eyes with your 5 senses, or you can specifically choose to entertain scenes you desire to witness. Your imagination is the thing which creates your reality. Your imagination is Christ, or the operant power of God. Yet your imagination will run automatically, if you let it. But the moment you start to think about what you are imagining, the moment you observe your imagination, you begin to gain control over it.

The Subconscious Mind's job, or God, is to create the things that your imagination has impressed upon it, through the medium of feeling. It will copy what it is experiencing from your imagination. Coupled with feeling, your imagination automatically impregnates the subconscious mind, every single moment, of every single day. You then experience the things you previously imagined. Your subconscious mind cannot experience anything from the outside, for it lives inside your mind. The only way the subconscious mind can create something is through your imagination. The only way your imagination can entertain something is through your thoughts. Your thoughts can be controlled by you, so long as you desire to, as I mentioned above.

All of these processes are automatic. If you had never learned a single word about God, how He works, your imagination, and controlling your thoughts, you would never think twice about this process. You would likely remain asleep, until someone wakes you up, through the word of God. When I tell you that every single event that you have experienced in this world is a creation from your thought->imagination->subconscious-mind->reality, I mean that in all sincerety. This is the only process that exists. It repeats itself over and over, constantly, day in, and day out, and will continue to do so until the day you cease to dream, which is the day that you die. Your life has been a series of manifestations, from beginning to end, all running simultaneously. It is not just one manifestation at a time, you see, but rather many manifestations running concurrently, or in parallel. Right now you could have thousands or millions of manifestations happening all at once -- the sum-total of all of your thoughts combined.

When someone tells you to take a big breath, you do not think about every single muscle you have to move, every single ounce of oxygen that you take in, how long it will take, and what is stopping you from doing this. No. If the doctor tells you to take a big breath, you simply breathe in big. You do not think of any details on the way there. Also, if someone tells you to think about an elephant, you do not think to yourself, "first I have to clear my mind. what if 20 other thoughts come in the way before the elephant? What if I cant think of an elephant? " You simply tell yourself to think about the elephant, and whatever happens in between doesn't matter, because you will end up, in your mind, looking at an elephant. Notice how, even though you do have to operate in this world, even though you do have to control your actions, if you wanted to, you would automatically move from home to work, from dinner to bed, etc. One thing that is not commonly known is that the only requirement for manifesting your desires is to simply imagine the end result. Since God is the one who creating your reality, invoked through your imagination, he is the one who defines all the middle parts. He is the one who creates the means. It tells us in the bible,

"8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts,

neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD.

9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth,

so are my ways higher than your ways

and my thoughts than your thoughts.


We are never to imagine how something is going to happen. We only must imagine the end, and whatever it takes for that to happen will appear in our life through a bridge of seamless incidents which ultimately bring us to our goal.

There is no effort in this process, no more than there is effort to breathe or think. It is natural. Easy. Simple. Perfect.

I would like to give you two examples which proves the simplicity of creation. Although we can do it explicitly and manually, we are also doing it subconsciously, or unaware.

The other day I was reading some poetry, as I rarely do. But in doing so, since I am quite fond of writing, I decided to write some as well. I wrote about 20 lines of poetry, carefully crafted to express my feelings, paying great attention to detail. When I was done, I saved it, and put it away.

The very next day I was chatting with a friend. During this conversation, she not only stated an exact, very specific, descriptive line that I had written the night before, but she had also taken a physical action which, had she read my poem, she would have known that she was acting out one of the lines. It was perfect, amazing, and awe-inspiring.

The second example is one that a friend had given you recently. As of recently, I had been writing down a few intentions in my journal, with ease, and effortless, to watch them unfold. The way in which I wrote them was as effortless as I could, with as little thought as I could, but just enough thought in my mind to know that they were going to be manifested. I have been doing this for a couple of days in a row. I wrote them quickly, one after the next. 1, 2, 3; or 1, 2, 3, 4. It took about 30 seconds to write, or less. Literally, barely any thought, but just enough detail to KNOW it would be a manifestation when it unfolded.

The first day I did this, within an hour, someone contacted me and literally said the exact, specific phrases that I had written in my journal. 2 out of 3 had manifested within 3 hours.

The second day, I wrote this and a friend had reached out to me telling me she had a vision. The vision was of my handwriting, writing flash cards, one after another. She said that on the 4th flash card, I had scribbled out a word. Then she awoke from this vision and messaged me. If you could look in my journal, you would know that a friend saw exactly what I had written. Even the 4th intention, I had scribbled out the first world. She saw that, in her mind.

These quick, simple thoughts, formulated into sentences, written one-after-another, were all heard by God, impressed on my subconscious mind easily and simply, and were manifested into my reality in one form or another. I put almost no effort into this action, only knowing the entire time that they would be manifested, and I was curious to see in which manner, and which style of writing would work the best for me.

Part of this entire process is to experiment with yourself which actions will work the best. For some people, using the faculty of sound works the best. For me, it's either writing or actually imagining full-on scenes. Sometimes I will imagine scenes days down the road past the desire (as we are always supposed to imagine an event AFTER the manifestation has occurred, so that we do not have to think of any of the details in between), other times I will imagine minutes after the desire, and other times I will imagine years after the desire has been fulfilled. Knowing that these things come naturally, every minute of the day, probably thousands and thousands per day, it becomes easier to experiment with these things. It should be fun. You should not just only have one single desire, practice your techniques on one single thing, and leave the rest of your day up to chance, uncontrolled thoughts, and in misery.

Conjure up many things you want. Practice different techniques on all of them. Try all different things. But I am telling you, as having been doing this for years, the true, most accurate, and always working techniques come out of the bible, and Neville explains them the best. I can attest and would stake my life upon the truths of his teachings. God truly does live within us. Christ is crucified on our imagination. The bible is a psychological drama, not historical fiction. We operate God through our imagination.

Also, manifesting your desires in this realm is only a small portion of the things we are capable of doing. We can send thoughts to other people. We can have premonitions of the near future. We can go to different realities in our dreams. We can be seen elsewhere, when we are not there. We can hear the voice of God. We can see things that aren't in our physical world. We can heal the sick. Bring a lover into our life. We can change the weather. Dissolve clouds. This entire world is an outpicture of our imagination. It is a shadow of our mind. Everyone is a reflection of us, and we have complete control over this realm. By practicing using your imagination, you will awake the Christ in you. The God in you. The Creator in you.

It is very, very simple to test. And once you do, you will be satisfied to know that You are God. You are the Creator. You are the Almighty manufacturer of events in this world.

This process of creation has worked unnumbered times. It is infallible. The only thing that is fallible is me, if I cannot control my thoughts properly. And we are using this process one way another, automatically or with intention, every single moment of every single day. If the process were broken down into a systematic process; how to consciously and intentionally create your reality, I would break it down into this simple, step-by-step formula.

1. Define something that you truly want. Something that if you had it, you would be truly, sincerely happy. It can be anything you want. Only think of the end goal, do not think of anything that comes in the way of you and your goal. This is crucial. Define that goal, and outline it briefly.

2. Consider what a lifelike representation of that end-goal would be. I am not talking about the instant it is finished, but I am asking you to think of the aftermath. How good would it feel to have what you want? What would you say to others, after? What would you be seeing? Where would you be? I am telling you to define all of this stuff, because you will need all of this for the next couple of steps. Before you start actually imagining. Normally I tell people in the beginning to write it down! Sometimes I even do this still, so I can make sure my time is well spent in my imagination. Try to find the one scene, condensed in a few moments, would bring you the most thrill of having the wish fulfilled. Spend some time on this. What would it really feel like to have your desire? What would be the best scene you could think of? If you want a promotion, perhaps think of the handshake of congratulations. Or maybe think of the responsibilities after, and performing them. Or perhaps a conversation with loved ones about what you have accomplished. Make it brief. Make it condensed. Something that you can easily draw from your memory when you are in a drowsy state. Remember the details. Make it just a few seconds long, if you can.

3. Enter a drowsy, sleepy state. One that borders upon sleep. One with reduces effort to a minimum. One where you can still control your imagination, but one where your mind is not wandering around, thinking of a million other things. If your mind is thinking about a million other things, wait until you are relaxed and happy. Sometimes if I am in a bad mood, and I know I have to imagine something, I will intentionally wait until the storm calms. That way I know I can go into the imaginal scene without bringing those feelings with me. Remember, the feelings are what actually impregnates the subconscious mind. You need to emulate what it would really be like to naturally experience what you want to experience. Even though this is an automatic process, we are not taking control of it, and we need to make it be as natural as we can, otherwise our results will vary.

4. Bring that imaginal act that you have constructed previously into your mind's eye. Begin to play it in your imagination. At this point, since you have clearly defined your goal, and you know what you want to imagine, you should have no problem with this. If you are having trouble thinking about what to imagine, go back to Step 2. If you are having trouble focusing, or if your mind is wandering, go back to Step 3. To have a clearly defined goal, and to be in a completely relaxed state, are the pre-requisites of this Step 4. When you are playing the scene, bring forth all of the sensory vividness of reality. What would you see? Taste? Touch? Smell? Hear? Bring all of these tones of reality to your imagination. When you are in this scene, make sure you are playing the role of yourself. Look through your own eyes in the reverie. And play the part. Act as you would act. Do this over and over again. The goal is to imagine the scene, bring forth the details, and those will invoke the feelings of reality. If it seems like you are really there, then you will feel like you are really there. The same goes for if you are just using your sound faculties. You should feel the THRILL of having your imaginal act come to pass. When you repeat it enough, it will come natural. Remember to cease using your effort, for you are trying to mimic your natural capacity for imagination and creation.

5. When you have finished, or you are confident that you have felt it as real as it can be, and have felt all of the feelings and emotions of reality, you have arrived at your destination. If you can, fall asleep in this state. For if you do, then it is done. There has never been a case in which falling asleep in the fulfilled desire has failed. For in sleep, or conscious effort has ceased completely, and our subconscious is entirely open. When the subconscious is open, all things which are impressed up on will be manifested. If you not at liberty to fall asleep, release the scene, and carry on with your day, and produce the feeling of knowing that your imagination has just created the event, and you will experience it.

The reason for getting into a meditative or reverie like state, akin to sleep, is quite simple. Your waking consciousness acts as a barrier to the subconscious. It is like the gatekeeper. It is also known as the male faculty, the impregnator. When you are awake, the only things that can pass into your subconscious and be created are those things which your consciousness allows. Most things are filtered out. But when feeling is invoked, you can easily impregnate the subconscious mind to reproduce the feeling into reality. When you are near sleep, this process of gatekeeping is greatly reduced, and your imagination has full control to create and impress upon your subconscious.

Remember, the feeling is one of the main keys to creation. An event will occur in this world which will invoke the feeling you have impressed upon it. Your imagination chooses the state, and your feeling pushes it to be created, in the manner in which it is felt. If you are feeling resistence, then you will get resistent results. If you are feeling ONLY the feelings that would exist if your desire had been fulfilled... That joy... That peace... That love... That intimacy... You will push those feelings into your subconscious mind along with the images, sounds, or sensations, and both of those will be created in this reality.

All things which are impressed upon your subconscious mind, including mainly feeling, are then created in your world. The effort that you put into controlling your thoughts is vital, but there must be no effort in the feeling you have when you are imagining or controlling your thoughts. Just as you daydream, with ease and comfort, should your imaginal acts be.

The process of creation is automatic and constant. You need never worry that you are creating. And you will fail at times, just as I do. But if you persist, and assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled. You will awaken a being inside of you completely. You will forget how it feels to be asleep. You will have the life you desire, and you will have undying faith in God Almighty, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth -- and that God lives in, and is operated by you.