Why I Quit My Job to Teach Manifesting

It's been years since I've seen my first manifestation come to fruition. Years since I was completely shocked to realize that my thoughts were truly creating my reality. I remember the very first time I heard of manifesting, it was in the Bible in 1 Corinthians 12, where it talks about the manifestations of the spirit. Before that, I regarded any talk of spirituality, miracles, or mystical experiences as the outcome of brainwashed, idiotic individuals whom needed something to believe in, and whom were not intelligent enough to see the truth -- that all they were doing was searching for things to prove that their beliefs were true, and they were way, way off. I used to think that it was a weakness, to pray to something and actually think that you would get a response. I thought that my human willpower would advance me further than anyone else in this world. 

Even after I had learned about manifesting, I attributed it to a universal law where you magnetically send out a signal and attract something to you. When someone had a particular belief surrounding manifesting, I looked down on them and said, "They don't see that it's just a law. That just works for them. The people from biblical times just learned how to manifest through the law of attraction and then attributed it to God because they didn't understand science." 

This type of belief and behavior was not only extremely self-centered -- to believe that everyone besides myself was dumb, but it landed me in continuously trouble. By the time I was near finished with my self-will, and blatant disrespect for anyone whom was trying to help me "believe" in something other than my own willpower, I had been arrested nearly a dozen times, been to over 20 detoxification and rehabilitation programs, was facing substantial jail time, and had let down my entire family. I was a shell of a human being. After being cut down repeatedly, almost dying from addiction or suicidal ideation, and hating every single moment of my existence, I started to look outside of myself for solutions. First it came in Detoxification and Rehabilitation for my drug addiction, then Alcoholics Anonymous, then Self-Help books, and then, finally, God.

That was years ago. All it took was for me to crack the door open slightly, and to put aside my concrete, delusional beliefs temporarily, and begin to put the concept of prayer to the test. Almost immediately I was met more than half way with a profound miracle. I have mentioned this miracle many times because of the great impact it had on me, and therefore it changed the course of my life. After reading the Bible for a couple of weeks, I had this sneaking suspicion that something big was going to happen in the middle of the night. I have no idea why I thought this, and it was my own thoughts, but nevertheless, this thought kept creeping in. Then in the middle of the night somewhere in March or April of 2011, I awoke and said, "In the name of Jesus Christ", inside my mind. At that exact moment, an explosive thunder erupted in the forefront of my brain with a violent vibration in the frontal lobe, which radiated with electricity throughout my entire brain -- and lasted about 30 seconds. 

I remember right after it happened, I was in complete shock. I walked outside my house and it was nearing daylight, and I stared at the sky. I felt at that time that anything was possible -- that I could do anything that I wanted to. I went back inside and went back to sleep eventually. 

The next day, I told everyone that I possibly could. I told the people from the church I had been involved in, I told my brothers, my sister, my mother, and my father. None of them knew how to react, and in fact most people told me I was dreaming. One person said I might have been healed of something. They had no idea, and neither did I. The only thing I knew was that I was NOT dreaming, and that this was a true mystical experience that shook my entire world, and that apparently when I called out the name of Jesus Christ something miraculous happened. I remember the years passing, and people doubting me. I had no one to talk to about this. No one to ask about what it was. It was completely heartbreaking. It was not until years later where I found the verses in the Bible that describe this exact phenomena -- and that verse was spoken by a man whom had experienced the exact same thing as me, Neville Goddard. 

From that point forward, after the eruption in my skull, I had known that there was a great power, and it was not a magnetic force in this Universe. It responded to the name of Jesus Christ. Many times ever since, I have received tremendous mystical experiences and miracles from calling that name. 

Once that event happened, I began to utilize what I was taught by reading the Bible and began to manifest slowly but surely. I had sought out all the information I could, as fast as I could get it, but even then it took years and years to sharpen these skills of manifesting and systematize them. I had searched for years and years for anyone whom could tell me what happened to me, and also how to control this power of manifesting and miracle working inside of me. I had gone through first the Bible, then through Law of Attraction, from and through every single teacher that you can possible imagine. I literally made it my only life purpose to figure out what happened to me, and to master the art of manifesting. 

Now I have a scientific mind, which is the thing that completely destroyed me in the beginning, because I was using it to exclude any possibility that there were such a thing as God and miracles. So I set out to utilize the scientific method to prove right or wrong what all of these teachers were saying. Many of the teachers I had stumbled upon had a lot of good things to say. Many of their techniques worked. But none of them accounted for the power that lives inside me, save a couple -- and those teachers were not deep enough to explain what was going on. Many of them said that it was a non-loving, non-personal universal power that magnetically attracted things to me -- but I knew through my own personal experience that that was not true. I had proven that that was not true. I knew, through my own experiences, time and time again, that there was something way more than that. 

I began to start programming a social network for people whom had had mystical experiences, mastered the art of manifesting, and overall were interested in learning the TRUTH about these teachings and not just listening to what they were told. The reason for this, was because many of the things I was taught by the teachers of manifesting were not true. They were half-truths. They were kind of true. Some of them worked. Some of them didn't work. Some of them worked half the time. It was my entire life's purpose to figure this out. And when I would figure it out, I would share it with the entire world...

You see, after all the time I had been trying and searching and testing all the theories I could get my hands on, slowly accumulating wisdom, experiences, and others' experiences, I started to receive a positive bank of experiences that were leading me closer and closer to the truth. I was able to successfully and confidently say, "This doesn't work." Or, "This isn't true." And I could do that not because I THOUGHT it, but because I had tested it -- thousands, and thousands, and thousands of times. I had read thousands of hours of material. I had read every book. Listened to every lecture. Watched every video. Each time, getting closer and closer to a systematic approach at figuring out how to utilize the power of manifesting every single time. That was my goal. 

I have to admit, I do not think that any of the other teachers are doing anything wrong. Truly. Unless they're overtly lying -- I very much dislike that. The reason I dislike it, is because there are genuinely some people out there who are sharing their truths, and then there are those whom are polluting the idea of manifesting and God with fiction, which then makes it harder for those whom are honestly seeking the truth to find the truth. But in the end, I realized that the truth would prevail. It always does. You can tell the difference between someone whom is sharing lies and someone whom is speaking from experience and truth. 

After I had found Neville Goddard, everything came full circle. He explained to an exact likeness the thing that had happened to me. He calls it "The Promise". It's when Christ reveals that he is in your skull -- something that I had overlooked when I was studying the Bible back in 2011, where it says Christ was crucified in Golgotha. If you look up the definition of Golgotha, you can see that it means, "the place of the skull." I finally was able to put my knowledge of Koin Greek and Ancient Hebrew back into practice, alongside my knowledge of Manifesting that I had systemized, and brought it full circle, and figured out a complete system that works. I had implemented what I had learned over time, plus Neville's teachings, and that is what I have been using ever since -- learning and growing.

Imagine the end. Imagine from first person. Think from the scene. Everyone is me pushed out, my memories are creating reality, my assumptions, beliefs, ideas, inner-conversations, and imaginal acts are all creating my existence on a daily basis. I have God as my human imagination. Your very words have creative power of this world. Mystical experiences. We are all one. God became me. All things are possible. 

Those are just some of the things I've learned over this time span. 

And so the reason I teach, now, is because I wished someone was there in the beginning to cut through the garbage and go straight to the truth. I would have paid someone everything I had in order to figure out this truth. This truth is the truth that can change the world -- that does change the world, quite literally, on a regular basis. It has the power to life people out of situations and place them in new ones. It has the power to change the weather. The power of wealth, wealth, love, and happiness. The power to communicate with God and literally get wisdom, power, might, and glory -- for we are God. 

I simply am here to share the truth. I am not here to be right. I am here for those whom are desperate to figure out what really does work. I am here to teach experience. 

I understand that not everyone has had the experiences that I have had. I understand that not everyone received the proof that God is inside you, inside your skull. I understand that many people think it's a magnetic force that attracts things to you. I did too, for years, and years, and years. And it still works. Those techniques still work. But not fully. Once a full comprehension of truth had come upon me, that is when the power erupted inside of me. That is when I had complete and total control over this world.

So that is why I teach. I teach to teach the truth. I teach for those seeking. I teach to create a community of people whom can share their experiences with others. To set people free. I teach so you can lift yourselves and others out of states. I teach so you can teach others. That is why I committed to quitting my job and dedicating my life to these teachings, to prove them, and to help share them with the world. I have the skillset to do so. I am articulate, and a software engineer with an analytical mind -- so I can use my God-given gifts to help others understand the power they have, and to connect them together. Because this is the most important knowledge out there -- more powerful than any PhD, certificate, amount of money -- anything.

That is why I quit my job to teach manifesting.