I have a few goals as a teacher of Neville's works. They are: 

  1. simplify the teachings into a workable, systematic way and give case studies
  2. prove that it is not a law of attraction, nor limiting laws of the universe, but rather that God is your human imagination and that you are not attracting anything but planting seeds within the subconscious mind and they are replicated in spacetime by God
  3. this world is not as we think. There are infinite worlds, all things exist now, we can receive knowledge and wisdom from God. We are just selecting a dimension that already exists, and not magnetically attracting something into your life. 

The reason for these goals is that modern science has polluted the simplicity of God. Our society in general is filled with reasons as to "how" things work, and what is possible. As Neville says in one of my favorite lectures, "Facts Overflow The World", "Man is VICTIMIZED by facts." Man has blind faith in a man in a white coat, such as a doctor or scientist, but no longer believes in God. One example of this which is very clear that you can ask yourself to prove you are a victim of "scientism" is, "Why do I believe that there is no cure for cancer?"

The answer I generally receive when I ask myself questions like that is, "Science hasn't found an answer yet." or "Science has told me so." Now I am not discounting science, as it has many amazing benefits -- so that is not the point of this, but it is to prove that YOU YOURSELF are not the one who came up with the conclusion.

My beliefs, when questioned, have almost always come form someone else. We trusted finite science rather than infinite God. There is no judgment there, but once I was given the hypothesis that imagination creates reality, and that THESE VERY "FACTS" governed by statistics, science, and other people's opinions were LIMITING me, I decided to take a temporary leap of faith, put aside my beliefs, and attempt to put this theory to the test -- that all things are possible through the human imagination, and that God lives inside me and manifests whatever I give to him.

Almost instantly I was met more than half way and received mystical experiences proving to me that everything I learned with my Finite Mind, Analytical Mind, or Conscious Mind should be cast aside temporarily until I either prove it true or false. This is the premise I operate under. If someone tells me a "fact", I do not accept it. If I know that all things are possible, then I know that their "fact" is true to whomever believes it. 

When I put aside my beliefs completely and proved that God is inside me through mystical experience, testing of the law, and the promise, I decided I would only be certain of three things, and I would discard completely the rest of my beliefs that are obtained by man. In other words, I removed all beliefs acquired through my human, finite mind, and those things dictated by science and the limitations of the ego, and replaced them all with these three things: 

  1. God lives within, and through God all things are possible.
  2. My subconscious mind is creating my experience. Inside my subconscious mind, God lives. Anything I impress upon my subconscious mind will be expressed in reality. EVERY SINGLE THING I have experienced in my life, and all things I will experience were created by my subconscious mind.
  3. My subconscious mind is impressed upon, or creates with: my beliefs, assumptions, thoughts, inner-conversations, imaginal scenes -- or anything else which has the capacity to impress upon the subconscious mind.

Now operating from this premise, I have gone into the world and reshaped every single thing that I thought. People have mistaken probability for limitation, even though it is only meant to dictate patterns. The same goes for physics and science... Physics, mathematics, sciences, statistics, probability are LITERALLY and SOLELY mean to EXPLAIN, DOCUMENT, and PREDICT patterns. They do not SET the laws of nature, they are only meant to describe them. 

Fortunately for us, when Quantum Physics came along, it blew a whole straight through the idea of predictable physics. That is because, at the molecular level, we cannot predict how a molecule will act. It's not just that we cannot predict how something will act, it's that WHATEVER THE OBSERVER EXPECTS WILL HAPPEN, WILL HAPPEN! This is recorded in Quantum Physics experiments. Considering molecules are at the smallest level of matter, and that all matter is based on molecules, if we cannot predict how molecules will act, then we can disregard the predictability of all other things. The beautiful thing is, we can ASSUME how something is going to act, and it will act that way. 

Basically what this means is that whenever we assume some outcome will be some way, it will be that way. That is the law. That is what Neville Goddard teaches. When this information came out to the public, scientists split in two sects... Many people cannot fathom accepting that fact, that we control how things are going to perform -- both at the molecular level, to a grand scale. 

To sum up what those last three paragraphs means, is to explain how the Law works that Neville Goddard teaches us from the bible. "Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them." Whatever you believe will happen, whatever you assume will happen, whatever you imagine will happen, whatever you feel will happen -- will happen. Period.

This undermines ALL scientific limits in TRUTH, not speculation, and gives us the power that God wants us to have. We are Gods, sons of the most high. God is the creative power of this universe. And when science came along, people, including myself, bought into something I could SEE, even though I didn't fully understand it (science), and chose to believe that. Buying that false God, the facts of this world and science, I also bought the limitations of this world. Those include: sickness, poverty, addiction, misery, depression, loneliness, death, victimhood, and blotting out my existing slowly but surely. Science told me what I could do. It is the greatest false God out there. 

But hopefully most of you have already proven that you have the power of God within you. Hopefully you have already concluded that statistics and probability are fiction. Hopefully you have realized that you are not a victim, but a creator instead. For this is the mindset that begets power. You are capable of all things. There is nothing that you have to do to get what you want except commune with God through the means of your subconscious mind. 

I did not have to open a third eye, raise a vibration, write something 54x50 times, pray to a cross on the wall, go to confession, ask for forgiveness, read tea leaves, receive a tarot card reading, check my horoscope sign, wait for the new moon, slay 2 birds, figure out "my block", or ANYTHING that would imply that there is some power outside of myself that is directing the show of which I am the main character.

All I had to do was imagine the end. 

  • To get what you want, disregard all the limitations of this world that are victimizing you. That includes, facts, judgments, logic, science, senses, or anything limiting your mind. Figure out EXACTLY what you want. How would it feel if you could snap your fingers and be the person you want to be? If you have three wishes, and there were no limits, what would you want? Consider your desires in that way. 
  • Once you have figured out WHAT you want, now simply construct a scene which would imply that you are NOW ALREADY the person you want to be. Do not think of ANY limits, or anything in the way. 
  • Then shut off your senses completely, and materialize that scene in your imagination, thinking from the scene in first person point of view, and bring it all the vividness as if you are NOW REALLY THERE. 
  • Once you have done this, you can relax and know that you are God, and that it is sure to come to pass. You don't know how it will come, or when. But it is sure to come.

You see, there is truly nothing in between you and your desire. It is your very mind that creates your existence. Thus, if your mind is filled with the limitations of the facts from this world, you will surely limit yourself as to what is possible. I know this because I have lived that way for so many many years. I, myself, used to worship science. Now, I disregard it, but I use the techniques that are used to derive the "laws" and "statistics", but I use them for another reason.

I use the scientific method to prove to myself that I am God, and that there are NO limitations whatsoever. So I invite you to try the same thing. Put aside your "facts" and "limits". Think from the position in time and space as if you are already the person you want to be. What would you see? Where would you be? What would you say? What would you be wearing? Who would you be with? How would you feel? These are the only questions you need to ask yourself. NEVER ASK YOURSELF HOW YOU WILL GET IT.

For in a way that you could not ever have figured out yourself, you will encounter any number of events, conversations, or other incidents in this world which will bring you to the end result, and you never have to contemplate a thing. You never have to life a finger. You just must imagine, and you will be AUTOMATICALLY MOVED, as well as any number of other people will be moved as well to bring you to the end result. 

Prove this to yourself now!