Indulging in movies, TV, and the news is one of the greatest pastimes of people in modern society. Game of Thrones, Punisher, the Kardashians, The Titanic, or whatever tickles your fancy — all of these, fact or fiction, are entertaining, and can put you into places you’ve never been before. Before I knew about manifesting, I had indulged in various book series, TV shows, and movies — and I love drama, sex, and violence! But the truth about these things is this: there is no fiction. We are always manifesting  every single moment of every single day. Obviously, before we knew this, we would flood our minds with things which were, “unlovely”. But with knowing now, that there is no fiction, we can easily use fiction or non-fiction to manifest the life we’ve always wanted.

This may be a startling fact, and you may wonder: what are you talking about? But after experimenting, and watching various TV shows after I’d “awakened”, I started to realize that whether it was fact or fiction, whatever I impress upon my subconscious mind was manifested in the screen of face. It wasn’t until I saw a TV Commercial from San Diego Health Insurance where a person, in first person point of view, tripped and broke their arm — and the next day the same thing happened to me, although thank God I only sprained my wrist, but it happened in the exact fashion as the TV Commercial unfolded, that I realized that it is going to happen. 

I watched the Punisher once, and the following days witnessed three fistfights before my eyes. When the book, “The Wreck of the Titan” was written in 1898, I’m sure the author had no idea what he was doing. But on that fateful night in 1912, the Titanic, which was almost exactly the same length, weight, height, number of lifeboats, and carried almost the same number of passengers — wrecked in the middle of the Atlantic, just like the book — killing many people. It doesn’t matter if the movie or TV show or news happened in the past, or if it is complete and total fiction, if you’re flooding your mind with the news, facebook feeds, instagram, and tv shows — expect to experience it in the world, no matter how good or bad it is. It’s because of how the subconscious works.

The subconscious is non-selective. It doesn’t care what is impressed upon it. And it doesn’t tell the difference between fake and real. Think of the process of manifesting. Manifesting is impressing the subconscious mind with a movie or phrase which we desire to experience, and once impressed, it plants a seed, and manifests it on the screen of space. There is no difference from watching a movie and imagining something. The subconscious mind can’t tell the difference. It simply accepts as true the thing you’re feeding it, and in way you could not have consciously devised, it manifests in this physical reality. 

I, personally, have seen tons of things I’ve heard, watched, and read, manifest in this world. One of the craziest ones was when I was listening to the audiobook, “Ready Player One”, while I was walking in the East Brunswick Square Mall in New Jersey. There is a scene in that book when one of the main characters, Art3mis, was being described. She had a “port wine stain” on her face — a birth mark which looks like a wine stain. It is not common to have one, and in fact, I’ve not seen many in my life. But a moment after her description was read in audio in my ears, a person walked by me in the mall. And guess what? She had a port wine stain on her face, just like had been described to me moments before in this book.

So all of this sounds good and dreary, but I promise you that there’s a silver lining. Although I would never recommend to be listening to the news, or watching gory movies about rape, drugs, and pillaging — I will recommend something to you. You can take this, and use it for good. You can use this to your advantage in ways you probably never thought of before. You can decide to actually read biographies of amazing people, famous people, rich people, strong people, successful people — and you can experience those things as manifestations in your life, and advance yourself.

You see, when you focus on something, it impresses on your subconscious mind. Any time you contemplate something, whether it’s your own thought, something you see, or something you hear, it will impress upon your subconscious mind. You’re always doing this, and always have been doing this, whether you like it or not. You’ve been impressing your subconscious mind and manifesting everything in your entire life from the moment you drew your first breath, up until now, and will continue to do it forever. But knowing this fact, and knowing how to manifest, simply utilize this knowledge to manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams. So here’s what I will recommend for you.

Steps to Utilize “There Is No Fiction”

  1. Find Biographies of people you aspire to be like and read them before bed


Before bed is the best time to impress the subconscious mind. At this time, there is a window where you are most receptive to impress the subconscious mind. If you can find some material to read or watch which will stimulate your mind, and also be beneficial to manifest, I would highly recommend using this time to better yourself. Instead of watching “Pet Sematary”, read a biography on the most successful person you know of. 

  2. Watch movies which would show you thinks you wish to experience

    Your imagination will be stirred by the contemplative thought or impressions on your subconscious mind when watching a film. So find movies on riches, romance, success, or happy lives — things you aspire to be. Let your subconscious manifest them for you. Manifesting is the key to everything, as nothing in life can be accomplished without manifesting. So find a collection of movies and TV shows you want to watch, and either before bed or during the day, watch them — and watch how your life changes automatically.

  3. Write short stories about yourself as the person you desire to be

    Don’t have a movie to watch or a book to read? Write your own. Scripting is extremely effective in impressing upon the subconscious mind and manifesting your desires on the screen of space. I often utilize this technique and have done it thousands of times in order to get what I want. Construct a story from the not-so-distant-future. Think of it like this, “If you got everything you wanted, where would you be in a year?” Using this prompt can help you to manifest your exact future, without ever lifting a finger. 

  4. Find and look at pictures of things you wish to acquire in this world

    You’ve probably heard the term, “Vision Board”, before. Vision boards can be especially useful for you to get what you want. Although I do not use them often, you can easily invoke feeling and therefore impress the subconscious mind with finding images of your liking. No matter if it’s fact or fiction, if you can compile a board of items or pictures of your liking, and spend some time focusing on them and contemplating yourself within those scenes, owning those things, you can easily manifest your desires.

So yes, there is no fiction. All things impressed upon the subconscious mind must be expressed. So utilize your time by watching and listening to things which would give you the life you desire to have. Don’t flood your mind with anything except what you want to experience, because unfortunately, there is no way to tell your subconscious mind to not manifest something. If you focus and contemplate on something, it will manifest in some form in your life. So use this for good. Use this for your advancement. Be creative. Impress the subconscious mind, and watch those trees ripen and flower into the life you’ve always wanted.