Oh, how easy and excellent life is ;)

"Take action" is one of the terms I use most often today.

Lately I have implemented a few new techniques into my life that have been paying off big time, which I will outline at some point below.

Over the past couple of months, based on the evidence I have provided on this group, or if you have talked to me, you would get the impression that my life is never static. There is a built in agitator in physical reality that constantly shakes things up. Life is fluid, our thoughts are fluid, and the thoughts of others are fluid.

This allows for constant change in this world. There is nothing set in stone in this world except for change. And so throughout the last few months there have been many events which I would consider positive and happy, many which are standard and mundane, and few that have evoked feelings of sadness and pain.

In NONE of these above times am I static when it comes to using my imagination. I commonly view visualizations and imagination as something that takes practice. It becomes easier to visualize and imagine, and therefore trust the outcome which has been created in my mind, when I have practiced in the calm. Then, when the storm hits, I already have the confidence and faith that my subconscious mind will come through. After all, she is coming through every single moment of every single day.

This is a road less traveled, as not many in this world have the knowledge accessible to them that they are completely in control of the outcomes of their life. And as the days go on, the road to happiness is narrower and narrower. What pain and discomfort I used to be able to handle quickly becomes unmanageable for me, and therefore I am in a constant state of insuring I am giving my subconscious mind the perfect ideas and visions to manifest.

The small events in my life make up the grand total of all of my events in life. And therefore, I constantly consider planning the world around me before I get out of bed, every single morning. I also do this at night.

So anyway, I would like to share something that has caused me a bit of pain, but then what I have done in order to get over it, and what I have done to now feel GREAT!

Sometimes events fire off in rapid succession and it seems like I have such little time to prepare a visualization or decree in time before something "bad" happens. All of which I have been successful at. Over time, however, I have considered that this usage of the will is somewhat tiresome, because of the fact that their are unlimited possibilities of events occurring in day to day life, and those also that are being manifested by other individuals -- how do I keep up with these?

Each day when something would go wrong, I constantly would "go into the closet" and visualize and decree what actually is to happen. These events would add up to multiple times a day, and I was in a constant state of manifesting.

Down the line I started to get burnt out, etc. I realized that although I desired to be fulfilled, I was in a perpetual state of explaining to my subconscious mind the exact end of the event, as it came, and no where in there was an overall desired end-game. This always worked, however, so don't get me wrong. My subconscious always comes through.

But what I realized that when I was perpetuating these visualizations as things which normally invoked pain, occurred -- I was inadvertently accepting that these events would continue to happen.

By my accepting the challenge of correcting an event and manifesting it into reality, I was basically telling my subconscious mind,: "Hey, no matter what is thrown at me, I am going to visualize some way to counter that, and get what I desire in the end." So what this did was create that loop of random undesirable events coming, and me practicing my manifestation skills to alter that state and receive that which I desired, at the end. And one other very important thing that I didn't even realize I was doing is this - I was telling my subconscious mind of events that I would desire to occur, and these events were normally in response to the negative events occurring in life, and therefore my subconscious mind perhaps considered in big part that I desired to only have events fulfilled, RATHER THAN PERMANENTLY FEELING SOME WAY.

Let me tell you, that was great practice. My belief is through the roof, because I have had many opportunities while in the stream of life in the past few months to really put the petal to the metal and manifest some great things. But there was one thing I was leaving out... I wasn't quite trusting my subconscious mind to give me that which I believe is best for me...

For some reason, I considered my beliefs different from the beliefs of my subconscious mind. I was considering her a different entity as me. But then I realized more and more, over time, that she knew me better than anyone else does, considering she abandoned herself completely to become me, the exact person I am right now.

So over the past few days, instead of solely focusing on manifesting specific events to transpire in my life, I have started visualizing myself: at the end of the day saying to myself, "Wow, today I was very fulfilled! I am so happy!"

I have started visualizing myself completely fulfilled, with complete trust that my subconscious knows what fulfilled means to me. She literally knows more about what I consider fulfilled than I do!

And I do this in the same fashion that I normally visualize and manifest other events. The events have been extraordinary! I have had two people in the last 24 hours specifically go out of their way and tell me that I seem happy, or alive, compared to the tiredness I have felt over the past couple of months.

Also, in doing this, the other issues I have mentioned previously in this Group about work issues, have straightened themselves out as well! This is all because I specifically, in my mind, considered myself to be fulfilled, and gave my subconscious mind something to work with.

This is a great development for me. I am excited that I now can have a lot of time relaxed. I don't need to waste my energy so foolishly. Instead, I can trust that my subconscious mind is bringing me fulfillment every minute of every day. Also, this gives me more time to desire my GREATEST desire.

Anyway, I hope you get something out of this :)