As I've said in a previous post about how to manifest, "The key to manifesting desires is to create succinct, vivid imaginal scenes with sensory detail to think from and out of."

The events and occurences of this world only exist due to support from the human imagination. Nothing can continue to exist in this world without such imaginal support.

Function in it, think from it. That is what makes the imaginal act real.

This is another example from Forbes Magazine that I wrote to define a reality. In the quantum world, our thought of the desired scene is the electric force, and the feeling behind it is the magnetic force. Together this creates an electro-magnetic wave and field that attaches to a possible outcome in the multi-verse and in turn manifests our desires. It is important to be specific in our desires, which is why I was extremely specific in the way I wrote this article.

Here it is: 

Forbes #1 CEO of the Year.

Joseph Alai, at just 30 years old, has just received the award for #1 CEO of the year. Founder of the Company, "The Sovrin Company", he focuses on bleeding edge technologies that have disrupted the way most people in the world live their day to day life. It started with Sovrin Bloc, then Sovrinium, and now, AO.

Joseph Alai started his illustrious career when he was only 16 years old, and released a text-based, browser based online roll playing game called, "Urban Riot." Since then, he has been recognized as one of the fastest and most respected CEO & Developer to have lived, and he's only 30 years old.

"I used to lay in bed each and every night, envisioning the future. I could feel my success. I would see the end, and live and think from it. Everything I have dreamed of has come to pass, or is in the process of materializing."

This is what Joe calls, "the Crystal Key to Success", and he promises that if you do the same things he has done, then you will be in the same shoes as him some day.

Joseph is well known for his ability to develop applications faster than anyone else in the world, and to make those applications loved by billions of people. He is gifted. His skills are unprecedented, and his ability to instinctively know what people want are unparalleled.

"I used to, and still do, deliberately practice my speed in developing web applications from beginning to end. I would do speed assessments on rapid market research. I would then develop an MVP Prototype front-end, and finally design the API. I would do this in that order," says Alai.

"I also read a lot of books. Books are a gateway into receiving decades, or even hundreds of years of knowledge in a matter of hours, days, or weeks. My mind has thousands of years of knowledge packed in that way. It's almost like cheating. Except it's available to everyone. If you want to be successful, read a lot of books, and implement what you've learned."

Last year he read over 50 books -- all non-fiction. It's no surprise that he came out on top. It seems like he came out of the woodworks, and that it was luck. But it was not luck. As a matter of fact, Joseph Alai has gone through more hardship than most people. He isn't shy when people ask him about his past.

"I used to be an alcoholic. I've been to 17 detoxes, 16 rehabs, jail multiple times, psych wards, the whole nine. After my last debacle, I swore that I would do whatever it would take to achieve freedom from the imprisonment that I'd lived in for so very, very long. That's when I started going to Alcoholics Anonymous, and gave it my all. If it weren't for AA and it's principles that I live every single day, I'd be dead. There is no question about that."

Joseph continues to base his mission on helping the masses to recover from a 'seemingly hopeless state of mind and body'. He does this by helping other addicts and alcoholics to recover. He still goes to meetings every single day.

Joseph and his team of the smartest people on Earth continue to surprise the world with new, innovative technologies.

"The world has benefited so much from Joseph Alai and The Sovrin Company," Facebook's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg says. "The guy is amazing. He's so smart, and so helpful. I've never met someone as successful as he that is so down to Earth. I wish I had hired him."

Alai continues to provide free education to millions of people, and believes that every single person in the world has the right to free education. He also believes that people should not have to go to college in order to land a career. He is one of the biggest proponents of the 'niche' society we live in, as he says. The foundation of The Sovrin Company is to disrupt the way in which society does business, uses entertainment, and how they go about in their day to day activities.

"In order to do anything, in the past, one would have to surround themselves with people, whether within a big organization, such as school, or in an office building to do work. One used to have to go to the movies in a theater to see the movies they wanted to. They had to pay thousands and thousands of dollars to get the education they desired. They had to, well at least in my case, waste the first 12 years of their life by going to elementary, middle, and high school, knowing that the only thing I wanted to do in life was be a developer and a business owner. The world needed change. If people had access to their courses of interest at a young age, I have no doubt that we would be living in a much different, better, efficient, happier world."

Joseph plans on continuously launching more and more add-ons to the most successful 3D Virtual World in History, "AO", so that society may reap rewards easier and better than they ever had.

"The things that were so elusive, so far out of people's reaches, or so hard to obtain, are no longer that way. 16 years of schooling to work for someone else if they're lucky... That's no way to live. Focus is the key word. When things are focused, detailed, and intense... That is what people need to achieve all they desire to. People's lives are cut down before they ever get a chance to become what they want to be. Who has the right to say that one person should be able to attain their position over another? Merit should be the factor, not time and environmental factors. Here you are. No one else in the history of time has provided you these options. Take them and live happy."

It was both a pleasure and a dream to meet Joseph. His life and experience are a sure recipe for success, and I am grateful to have been able to share just a few minutes with him. To learn more about The Sovrin Company, visit his website at