This is a real example of one of my imaginal acts. This format is exactly what I use on a regular basis to manifest my desires. This writing took place about 3 months before the Sovrin Mind website was even released. Some of these landmarks in this writing have been hit, and other are on its way. The key is to be extremely specific and descriptive in the desires, because they do come to pass. The premise is to design or create a point in time, a time which would exist when your desires are fully manifested, and create a scene around it that defines the success. Imagine it with every detail. Repeat it. It seeps into the subconscious mind and manifests into reality.

Normally I do not share these with anyone, but because the manifestations have occurred, even though they are personal, many people have asked me step by step instructions or examples on how to write an imaginal act. The trick to an imaginal act is that it impressed on our subconscious. And by impressing something on our subconscious mind, it then is created in physical reality.

The subconscious mind accepts whatever is impressed upon it in the form of feelings. It doesn't see what we see out of our eyes, but the actual reaction our brain has to the images is then impressed upon the subconscious. The feelings we have are impressed upon the subconscious. And whatever is impressed upon the subconscious, is created in reality. If you are interested in this technique or would like more information regarding the feedback loop of which our reality is created of, via manifestation, please read my article on the Feedback Loop of Reality and Manifestation. 

As a precursor, very long story short, our subconscious mind only creates what we impress upon it. Our days remain almost exactly the same all the time because we are feeding it what we saw and felt yesterday. And the day before. So it takes that, and recreates it. It does this ad infinitum. So what we have to do is impress upon it imaginal acts. It does not know the difference between reality and what we imagine. Because it works only with the images we give our brain. It doesn't work with our sight, it works with the feeling our site gives our brain. 

So here is the example of the story I have written to manifest my desires. I write these all the time. They work every single day. The trick is to continue doing it, and continue reading or visualizing your imaginal acts so that your subconscious mind becomes completely saturated by this reality instead of your old reality. It will then begin to create from your imaginal acts, not your reality.

Here it is.

Success, Happiness, Wealth, and Sovrin Mind

Having The Free Manifesting Network: Sovrin Mind becoming a success, and my status being elevated in the programming world, I am feeling extremely fulfilled and accomplished. The business me and James made is flourishing and need not too much attention. It gives us enough freedom to do what we please. There are certain things that we are constantly in touch about. We constantly shoot each other ideas based on what the customer's Email's say. We love answering them and collaborating on new ideas!

That's one thing we do. We write marketing emails and replies, and we discuss those emails which suggests features. Then we decide based on some research what course of action to take.

James finally started going to some manifestation groups, got a sponsor, and is completely honest with him. It his doing him a world of good. I also am working with Golang and my skills are sharply improving, quite easily may I add. People are loving my work. I love it. I love Go.

The VRE Engine is coming alone quite nicely. And our meetups seem to attract more and more people. Working a 9-5 and also working the startup Sovrin Mind is a great treat. Robbie and I are also working toward Sovrin Bloc. Everything is coming to fruition.

I knew that I would make it. But it is so extremely awesome to own multiple businesses. So many people believe in our ideas that it is easy for me to have 80%+ Stakes in multiple companies which are continuously bringing in revenue. Not only that, but I am at an excellent status in my jobs.

I am CEO and CTO of two companies, and a software engineer in another.

Also, George is showing me how to become a lead engineer. I think it fits since I am going to be hiring people to work on these projects for me soon, since we are doing so well.

My car and freedom are a great reward of sobriety -- and so is this company. Being sober in itself is a great reward. I do not let up on my course of spiritual action. I know that if I did I would be headed for trouble. The fact that James is doing well is amazing, we are all on the right track.

I constantly am getting offers to be bought out on multiple companies, but for Sovrin Mind, it makes too much sense to hold onto it as the VR in itself is an amazing product, and I know that it is leading to bigger and better things.

That is awesome.

So technically, at 29, my dreams are coming into fill fruition.

The million mark is right around the corner, and I will definitely reach it before 30 years old. Many people are showing interest in working for my company, and some great talent are looking to be a part of my companies and projects.

Expanding my horizons and being in the stream of life has greatly changed my life. All thanks to my human imagination, my subconscious mind, and staying sober. One thing I love about Sovrin Mind and manifesting, and helping other people, and I am completely open about it is that it has and does force me to expand my spiritual horizons on a daily basis -- something I've longed to do ever since I learned about the possibility of something greater than myself actually existing. I constantly am growing spiritually, mentally, emotionally, intellectually, and physically -- in a great way.

I take things as they come. Haleigh also has a part in this business, which raises her self-esteem greatly. Sovrin Mind and it's C level executives comprise entirely of the Alai's, with some outside help, of course. We are all leaders and extremely empathetic -- we were born for this. It is in our blood. It streamed down from my dad -- the business part -- and the emotional and growth comes from Mom.

Everything else comes from God, being Sober, and blessings. Zach is with us -- always. He is pulling the strings and helping us to get wherever we want -- and rather quickly and easily.

We are in the stream of life-- contributing to the betterment of man in a huge way. Spiritual growth is #1, as it is the basis and forefront of everything else. We are opening the eyes of the world. Going to work, and working on multiple business is what I do in my day to day life. I constantly am checking Stripe and watching the money roll in. It is amazing. Our family is closer than ever, and everyone is comfortable.

Thank you, God.

Thank you, Imagination.

Keep it rolling -- and keep us safe. -- Joe