The Wallet - Manifestation Story which shows how my friend used the power of God within her, and my faith in her, to manifest my lost wallet.

Two nights ago I was up late chatting with someone about the teachings of Neville, and had let the time get past me. I woke up late for work as I had inadvertently hit the "off" button on my alarm as I slept, and so I slept in. Upon awakening, I was startled and rushed to get ready for work -- I was already late. So my day began.

As I got to work, I went to get a coffee from the Starbucks at the corner, but I did not have my wallet with me. I went to my car in the parking garage at work to look for my wallet -- but it was no where to be found! I figured that I had left it at home.

At the end of the day I went home and went inside to find my wallet. Still, no where to be found. I began to panic. I checked the mailbox in case I had dropped it, and someone found it, and brought it to me. Still, nothing. I was beginning to panic.

Now you've got to understand that San Diego is the capital for homeless and transient people. Countless times I've even witnessed people using stolen credit cards, from wallet's they've found or stolen. There are even homeless people who sleep a hundred feet away from my house, and whom congregate at the 7-11 being that it is a 24/7 store and they normally beg outside of there. If I had lost my wallet, the odds of it being recovered were very slip.

At this point it was 6:00, and I had a commitment attend something at 7:00PM. I stormed out of my house and sped back over to the office again, just in case I had left it there.

As I parked again in the garage, I had received a video call from my friend and I immediately told her what I was doing. I ran into my office and searched frantically for my wallet. As I was explaining to her what was happening, she told me "Be quiet for a second..." And so I did. I had an idea about what she was doing. She was planting a seed. She was doing imaginal work. I did not ask her what she was doing, but I just had complete faith in what she was doing.

We both remained quiet for a few moments, and then I stopped searching and left work to go home -- for if I had already found my wallet, which I knew that was her visualization, then how could I still be looking for it?

By the time I went home, I was just in time for my 7:00 commitment, so I had no time to go home to look one more time for my wallet. I ended up getting home at 8:30PM.

When I get home I went inside. I put down my bag and was about to search. Then I went outside and one last time checked my mailbox again. Inside my mailbox was my wallet!

I had searched there before I left, 1.5 hours before, and it was not there. Yet, after my friend had done her imaginal work, some series of events had unfolded and in a way that we will never know, my wallet was dropped off into my mailbox.

There was no note inside the wallet, and all of my money was still there. In the first flap was my driver's license, so someone had apparently found my wallet, looked for my address, and dropped it off in my mailbox.

Without a shadow of a doubt, my friend set a chain of events in motion which prompted someone to find my wallet, and drop it off at my house. As I said before, I live in San Diego, in Ocean Beach, which is a place populated heavily by transients and homeless. The odds of me getting my wallet back in any other way was almost nil. Normally when things are lost here, they are gone forever.

Upon reflection, I asked my friend what she actually did. She told me that at the moment she asked for my silence, she went into an imaginal state and heard me tell her, "I have my wallet!" She did not create an image, she did not visualize, but she only heard the affirmed message that I had found my wallet!

She did not contemplate it more than once. She did not go back and wonder if it was done. It was just done. She had no doubts. She simply took less than 5 seconds, and heard me saying, "I have my wallet!" and she said it was crystal clear in her mind. She knew it was done. And it was done.

Another thing to note is that I did not question her power, and I did not imagine what would happen if I did not find my wallet. I trusted her ability to utilize the power of God within her, and thus, my wallet was returned to me safely and in it's complete form!

Take this as a lesson. Although my friend may have refined her practice over the years, it is quite possible for you to achieve the same power and control of your mind. If you did the exact thing as her, you would have achieved the same results.

In this same likeness, in order for other people to manifest for you, you must not have any conflicting thoughts. If I had thought even for a split second, "oh this is not going to work", or, "I wonder if it is going to work", or, "I wonder when it is going to work,", or, "I need to find my wallet", or, "this is going to really be bad if I need to get all of my new ID cards", this would not have worked.

Trust the God in yourself implicitly. Do not ever question when or if something will be done. For if it is done, it is done. my friend has just written a post about what to do when you have imagined. You must leave it alone. There is no such thing as a half-pregnancy.

Thank you my friend!