"...you will see how subtle were the threads that led you to your goal,” Neville Goddard.


Not even 3 months ago I started an amazing full time position at a job of my dreams as a full time software engineer for a publicly traded company, which in and of itself was a manifestation as described by Neville. This is not that story, but another amazing story proving that Neville's teachings DO WORK!

The story begins with me acquiring the new position at a company, my dream job, by means of Visualization with Feeling.

As I started the position, I have been learning more and more. My supervisor peaked my interest with a programming language called Go, which is an extremely powerful language developed by Google, of which is blazing fast, thunderously powerful, and a developer of which makes a salary leaps above the average software engineer.

As he began to talk to me about it, I felt the desire in my rise. I knew that I needed to be a Go developer. But how would I do it? I have been a PHP Developer since I was 16 years old. I started learning it so I could make text based video games. But Go is a programming language which makes ANYTHIGN possible with programming. It would allow me to develop my own projects that I never have been able to before.

But how would I get this position when I got hired as a PHP Developer, and I am the most junior on the team? Anyone at all that would want to learn Go would have dibs before me, since I started last.

I began to do visualizations the Neville Goddard way. In my head, I visualized me having conversations with my supervisor, the business analysts, and the project managers, of them congratulating me on becoming a full time Go developer. In the visualization I shook their hands, and they told me that they were so excited to have me developing Go. I replayed this over and over for days.

I knew at one point that I had visualized effectively enough for this event to transpire, even though my senses and the way things were going were contrary to this belief. There are people on my team that are more senior than me. I have only started here less than 3 months ago. There are politics in this office that would deem me "not ready" for the position as a Go programmer.

I began to wonder how the event would transpire. Would I find a new job? I began getting calls for other jobs. But in my imagination, that's NOT how it happened. It happened IN THIS COMPANY. Would I have to wait a year or so? That's what I was expecting.


I was sitting in the chill room at around 6PM. The chill room is a closed off section of the office with couches where I go sometimes to work in peace. It was already 6PM and everyone else had left. George, the supervisor, the only Go developer, came into the chill room to talk to me. He told me that he was putting in his two weeks because he was offered an amazing position as a Lead of an entire team of Go developers. He told me that I would have to learn the Go Product ( an Ad distribution server). He said he was sick of the politics in this company, and being offered a better position, with a better salary, and better benefits, with better technology, he couldn't say no. He said that I would be learning the Product with another team member. And that I would receive a bonus if I could learn it within a specific timeframe.

I was jolted with excitement. I would have that position after all, but sharing it with another person.

But I took the next 10 days, tirelessly learning Go and all of it's features. I made dozens of small applications. I was getting good at it: ready for my position.

That was on a Thursday.

The next week, I, again would be the last one in the office. George came in again, and told me that our company counter-offered. They wanted him to stay. And he accepted it. That meant that I was back off the Go project, except to begin to get into it by making small modifications. I was still a PHP developer, that meant.

But that's not what I saw in my visualization.

Later that day, they told him that they were going to fire the Director of Engineering, make him the Director, and that he would be very busy so my workload would be split 60% with PHP and 40% with Go. He would still be on Go most of the time. I was happy with that. But again that wasn't what I visualized.

Come a week (TODAY), I am getting acquainted with Go and the Ad Server. We had a meeting today with the entire back-end team and upper management.

Without telling me beforehand, George announced, in front of the team and management, that I would be a FULL TIME GO DEVELOPER STARTING RIGHT NOW. Everyone cheered for me. I was in shock. Am in shock.

But I imagined it. I visualized it, thoroughly, with excitement, the feeling of fulfillment. The end result. I have learned through time that my visualizations do not fail. I only had to act as if, and imagine the end with feeling.

  1. What happened was virtually impossible. The threads were so subtle.
  2. I visualized being a Go developer, even though that wasn't on the table for me at all.
  3. George got offered a different position, and told me to get sharp on Go real fast so I could take over the project.
  4. George got counter-offered, and took back most of the position.
  5. The director of engineering left, and George took the position.
  6. I was given 40% Go, and 60% PHP.
  7. Promoted to full time Go developer!