Job part 2.

After I have acquired a new position, I desired to go to Gophercon (for the Go programming language), which would be a convention concerned with the programming language I was promoted to use. It is on August 27 in Denver, CO. We are allowed to go to a convention in our Job, but since my Lead was promoted to Director and we just started, it is quite short notice to have him sign off AND attend the conference with me, since he is the other Go developer.

I brought it up to him a while back and he basically said bring it up to him in the future because he's not sure if we can go. Well, the corporation needs 60 days notice, and that time is quickly running out. I wanted to bring it up to him today, but he is in meetings ALL DAY. I did not bring it up to him.

Then I figured... Maybe it if came from his thoughts it would be better than me asking him and being annoying. So I decided to put this stuff to the test again.

I made sure I was breathing with my diaphragm and I opened Google maps at around 11:00AM today here at work, and I typed in Colorado Convention Center. I opened up the Street view, and took a close, scrutinizing look at the Conference Center and was clicking around to drive up and down the street so I could get a full, detailed, view.

I also typed in Gophercon 2017 and started looking up pictures from the past events.

I then visualized him and I there, together. Keeping in my mind's eye the image of the 3d conference center, I closed my eyes and pictured it from my point of view, us together at an afterparty talking about Go. I also visualized us walking up to the Conference Center, saying, "Here we are!" And him saying, "Isn't this awesome?"

Then I got THIS message from him, 25 minutes ago: 

"George Hernandez [3:50 PM]

Yo, start looking for hotels around gophercon, we're going"

It didn't take even 4 hours for the manifestation to occur. All it took was me visualizing the end. Here are pictures to verify my searches as well as the message from George telling me to look up hotels because we are going.

As within, so without. I'm starting to see interesting results with instead of asking other people for things, simply imagine the end with feeling and all things will aid its harvesting.