MANIFESTATION TODAY... and the plot thickens.

Last Friday my girlfriend got into a collision and her brand new car with less than 20,000 miles was totaled. Her thought process was to simply be reimbursed for the car and just move on. Unfortunately, she sprained her neck and the insurance company was only willing to pay 75% of the price of the car, and she missed multiple days of work because of this, and therefore she has been very unhappy.

There is a dashcam video of the accident from the driver who was driving behind Steph. The driver handed over the video to Steph so that we could use it for evidence in case anything occurred. During this video was a song playing. Her and I joked about how terrible the song was!

When she told me that she was going to get a fraction of the value of her car, I told her not to worry and that it would work out.

Then, I began to revise and visualize the successful outcome to this story. In my visualization, she came to me and told me, "Joe I got enough to get a brand new version of the car, and I didn't have to pay anything! -- and in fact, I got more than I even got the car for!"

She went to the car dealership the other day and was so upset that she began to cry when talking about the car. The man at the dealership made a deal with her since he felt bad, and since she had been a previous customer that he would put a car on hold until today for her and he would give it to her for just above the price She made the deal with the car dealership yesterday that they would hold onto a car for her until TODAY ONLY.

She finally settled for the below-par reimbursement and she received the check in the mail yesterday. She thought it was a cashier's check and so today we went to the bank to deposit it and then go buy a new car immediately.

It wasn't a cashier's check. Which meant that it was going to take at least 3 days for it to clear and then she would lose that deal with the dealership. We got to the bank, and I went inside with her. Knowing it wasn't a cashier's check and that it would take a few days to clear, I sent her up to the register and I sat in the waiting room -- to visualize. I didn't tell her that it wasn't a cashier's check because it would defeat the purpose of what I was about to do.

I sat in the chair and closed my eyes. I saw her coming back to me from the teller, and telling me that she had gotten the money and that we can now head over to the dealership and buy the car. Then we went to the dealership and bought the car and she drove me home!

I opened my eyes and saw her at the teller. Steph was upset and I saw her crying. But I said to myself, "That's not what I saw happen."

The branch manager took her into her office. Then they switched offices again.

By this time I knew, from my past experience, that these strange events meant that something was in the works -- something of Godlike power.

Finally, as I still sat there in the waiting room, Steph came back to me and said, "Joe! That branch manager is awesome! They couldn't cash the check right now so I was all upset because I was going to lose the deal with the dealership. So the branch manager called the Dealership and convinced them that I did in fact have the money and that all I had to do was wait 3 days until it was cleared. The car salesman said that if I come in and sign the papers, then the car is mine and I would just have to wait until Tuesday and I could pick up the car!"

By this time I was ecstatic, and I told her I was happy for her, but that still isn't what I saw. I saw her roll out of the dealership with the car!

We drove up to the dealership. Steph signed the papers, and she had to wait to go to see financing to sign a few more papers. The salesman offered her some package that would add $6,000 to the cost of the car. She wanted it, but she wasn't going to pay.

We finally went into finance, and while signing the papers, the gentleman that worked the finance department threw in most of that $6,000 extra stuff FOR FREE. ON TOP OF IT, HE LET HER TAKE THE CARE HOME TODAY! WITHOUT THE MONEY, ONLY ON A PROMISSORY NOTE! Also, during that conversation with the finance department manager, he mentioned that Steph would likely be able to get HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for her injury, as he had the same thing happen to him in the past.

As we hopped in her brand new car to take it home, we turned on the radio. THE SAME SONG WAS PLAYING ON THE RADIO AS THE RECORDING OF THE ACCIDENT. But it wasn't ominous. It was joyous. It was the perfect time for a manifestation to come full circle, and in my belief, I know that this is a part of a manifestation that I don't fully understand yet.

Which leads to why I titled this, "The plot thickens". A few weeks ago Steph was explaining how even though she is a dedicated school teacher, school teachers in most states, including the state of California do not get paid a lot. She exclaimed that she WANTED MORE MONEY PERMANENTLY.

I am not sure what the plan is, but it will be revealed in time. I believe that her decree that she wanted more money caused this chain of events which led to her getting a brand new car at no more cost, and what I believe to be in the end a LOT MORE MONEY to last her a LONG TIME so she doesn't have to struggle for money anymore.