It's 11:11PM here in San Diego, California. 

I was reading some of the King James Bible to translate some of the letters behind the words, the TRUE meaning (not the incorrect meanings taught and believed by billions today). I often wish I could meet and thank Neville Goddard for providing me with more evidence of what was shown to me in a tremendous mystical experience, years before I had ever heard of him. And even then, it took me the greater part of a decade to find him and his teachings. 

You see, he had experienced the same things I had experienced, but over 80 years before, and he had experienced many, many more experiences than I have. Yet, I have also experienced them, without any prior examination or explanation of scripture. Many listen to Neville, take his teachings about manifesting, but accept his teachings about God as decorative. I probably would have too, had I not experienced the truth of scripture as well years before I ever stumbled upon Neville and his teachings -- which ultimately solidified my mystical experiences and proves that God is ACTUALLY us. He actually became us.

"We can only be thrilled beyond measure, and be filled with awe and praise and thanksgiving that God so loved me that He actually became me, that I in turn may become God!" -- Neville Goddard

You see, the two are intertwined -- manifesting and God. The power of the God can only come FROM God, and God is our imagination, Awareness, Consciousness, or otherwise known as "I AM". It may happen to you one day, as it did to me when I was 21. The temple will split in two: the coming of the Son of Man with thunder from within.

This is a critical aspect of the teachings of manifestation, although many will instantly revert back to their former incorrect training and think I'm referring to some man who walked the Earth thousands of years ago who raised from the dead. I am not referring to that. In fact, someone can study for a day with a concordance and guidance, and realize that the bible is fact ONT talking about any MAN named Jesus Christ. Nor is it talking about a moral code. It is talking about YOU. You are the main character in scripture. But it is written in symbols -- hidden from plain sight, to conceal it. But the story from which it is concealed in may enter in at lowly doors, without understanding what it is really talking about.

Here is an excerpt from "12 Lessons" by Neville Goddard, to describe exactly what I am talking about.

[In the bible], they said that God's name was spelled, JOD HE VAU HE (Jehovah). I shall take these symbols and in our normal, down to earth language, explain them in this manner.

The first letter, JOD in the name GOD is a hand or a seed, not just a hand, but the hand of the director. If there is one organ of man that discriminates and sets him apart from the entire world of creation it is his hand. What we call a hand in the anthropoid ape is not a hand. It is used only for the purpose of conveying food to the mouth, or to swing from branch to branch. Man's hand fashions, it molds. You cannot really express yourself without the hand. This is the builder's hand, the hand of the director; it directs, and molds, and builds within your world. The ancient story­tellers called the first letter JOD, the hand, or the absolute seed out of which the whole of creation will come.

To the second letter, HE, they gave the symbol of a window. A window is an eye ­­ the window is to the house what the eye is to the body.

The third letter, VAU, they called a nail. A nail is used for the purpose of binding things together. The conjunction "and" in the Hebraic tongue is simply the third letter, or VAU. If I want to say 'man and woman', I put the VAU in the middle, it binds them together.

The fourth and last letter, HE, is another window or eye.

In this modern, down to earth language of ours, you can forget eyes and windows and hands and look at it in this manner. You are seated here now. This first letter, JOD, is your I AMness, your awareness. You are aware of being aware ­­ that is the first letter. Out of this awareness all states of awareness come.

The second letter, HE, called an eye, is your imagination, your ability to perceive. You imagine or perceive something which seems to be other than Self. As though you were lost in reverie and contemplated mental states in a detached manner, making the thinker and his thoughts separate entities.

The third letter, VAU, is your ability to feel you are that which you desire to be. As you feel you are it, you become aware of being it. To walk as though you were what you want to be is to take your desire out of the imaginary world and put the VAU upon it. You have completed the drama of creation. I am aware of something. Then I become aware of actually being that of which I was aware.

The fourth and last letter in the name of God is another HE, another eye, meaning the visible objective world which constantly bears witness of that which I am conscious of being. You do nothing about the objective world; it always molds itself in harmony with that which you are conscious of being

You are told this is the name by which all things are made, and without it there is nothing made that is made. The name is simply what you have now as you are seated here. You are conscious of being, aren't you? Certainly you are. You are also conscious of something that is other than yourself: the room, the furniture, the people." 

And it goes on to explain what the word Jesus means. It stems from the route of the symbols Yod Hay Vau Hay, but is Yod Hay Vau Shin Ayin -- the last two symbols are a tooth and an eye, meaning human. So Jesus is really God in man form... or YOU. That is YOU. And that is what scripture is teaching you.

When you can fully call upon yourself to prove that you are God, you will realize that nothing is possible. You will realize that all of this without is actually your Awareness, and so you are not sending any vibration anywhere. You cannot be limited by anything, or anyone. You are the living, one and only God. You are immortal. And your Dreamer is God, and you are His dream. He completely abandoned Himself, forgetting Himself, so he could become you.

THAT IS THE FORMULA TO MANIFESTING YOUR DESIRES. Completely abandon your current state and THEN AND ONLY THEN embody the desired state.


Joseph Alai