The Pruning Sheers of REVISION


Welcome to the fifth week of Manifestation Monday! Each week we will be posting a manifestation technique so that you may follow along and manifest with the group! The objectives are to 1) apply and get acquainted with the technique of the week so that you may use it in your every day life to achieve your greatest desires, and 2) build your faith to prove that YOU are capable of manifesting your desires by yourself.

Manifestation Monday General Rules:

1. Comment below, indicating that you are participating. DO NOT SHARE YOUR DESIRE.

2. In a discrete location, write down the desire you will be applying the technique to. One which you believe you are capable of manifesting within one week's time. SHARE IT WITH NO ONE. Be as specific as possible with your desire so that at the at the end of the 7 days you will be able to know that the desire was fulfilled without any variables.

3. Follow the technique as outlined.

4. When the manifestation has occurred, which it invariably will, share your results with me!

Follow the technique as outlined.

When the manifestation has occurred, which it invariably will, share your results with the group!

Revision is a style of manifestation whereas instead of manifesting an event in the future, you modify an event in the past -- changing it to be something you desire.

The concept is exactly the same with visualizations for manifesting your desires, except you will be transporting yourself back to the time of the event and see in your minds eye where you were, trying to create as much of the visuals, and go over it exactly how you wanted it to go.

I'd like to start off by explaining how the God in us works, a little bit about the subconscious mind, and how memories affect our day to day life and creations. I'll then go into what revision is, how to use it, and what you can expect. I'll also share a story about some of the times I've used revision and the results I've got.

The subconscious mind is the part of us where God lives. According to the bible it says that Jesus was crucified in Golgotha (the skull) and he was entombed there. Everything that exists in our world was at some point impressed on our subconscious mind, which is God, first, and then expressed in our existence -- this physical world that we live in, after. So the premise is that our imagination creates reality, being that our imagination is God, and all of the thoughts, images, and feelings that we dwell upon that actually enter into our subconsciousness are created in our reality. This is where God lives, as our human imagination. With our human imagination we can impress ideas, images, thoughts, words, into the subconscious mind if we are in a state where our consciousness is disarmed. Our regular consciousness, is our shield that protects ideas from being impressed on our subconscious mind. It's like a barrier.

There is a bible verse which talks about God in us:  "Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool." Isaiah 1:18. Basically what this means is that our spirit, each day, has a clean slate. Every single morning when we wake up, we have a new chance to create a fresh start. We no longer have to live the same life we lived yesterday if we don't want to. A way to think of it is this -- the same exact thoughts that we had about 10 seconds ago are not in our mind anymore. They are wiped clean. "They shall be as white as snow". We have the opportunity to create an alternate future if we desire, but if we allow them to, our thoughts will play on repeat. Which is how most people, including myself, live my life.

Our memories of the day before, last week, last month, last year, 10 years ago, 20 years ago, are constantly creating our future -- because we remember them. If you look at your day to day life, and the day to day life of everyone else, generally -- each day is the same. We are createres of habit, or patterns, and so each day we wake up, some of us take a shower, some of us take care of children, some of us go to work. We eat, do chores, chat with friends, and go to sleep at some point. Normally, each of these daily events are being created at the moment in which you thought of them -- either by your memories, or by experiences.

People who have good luck tend to have a history of good luck. People with bad luck tend to have a history with bad luck. People who make a lot of money tend to always make a lot of money. People who are in poverty tend to have a background of poverty. Basically what I'm trying to say is that what happens in the past tends to recreate itself in our lives, because we have the memory of these things. This is why it is difficult for the average person to climb out of the grip of poverty and depression and jump into the mainstream of productive wealth. It's not very common.

Also, major events that happen in people's lives tend to be the cornerstone and reason for why a person is in the position they are today -- and where they will likely be tomorrow, and many days thereafter. Ask someone why they are in the bad position they are in, and if you dig deep enough you will mostly always find that some major event, or events occurred in that person's life a long time ago -- and that event laid the foundation of where they walk now. I used to have a story that my family was extremely dysfunctional. It lead me down a path of poverty, addiction, depression, and incomprehensible demoralization. For over 15 years I held tight to this story, and it created chains of events that dictated my every action, rigged the outcomes, and landed me to a point of almost no return. Even having had years away from my family, with no more dysfunction, this premise lead to more, and more, and more negative experiences that I no longer even knew what a healthy, positive life looked like. I was creating these events based on multiple events that occurred in my past. By using the technique of Revision I was able to completely change my life, shed the old man, and create a life beyond any capacity of a wildest dream that I could ever had.

Resentment is defined as "Anger relived". Replaying past memories in our heads, whether we consciously are doing it or not, is dictating our next move, and the moves of others. Thinking about past hurts, traumas, conversations, arguments, heart-aches, all solidify them and create them again and again! Think of the lady who always gets cheated on! Or the man who can't get a job. They are using an immutable law to recreate these events time and time again.

So given this premise, we can conclude that the events that happen in a person's day to day life have a deep root in the past.

But I am here to tell you that the past does not have to remain the way it was. I am here to tell you that it is possible to change the past, and therefore change your reality. You no longer have to create the same negative events that landed you where you are now. And that is what this Manifestation Monday is about.

Through the process of Revision, we can modify the events in the past to become what we desire, and the present and future will align with that new past. 

My Story

I will give you a concrete example of how I used revision to fix my broken knee. A little over 6 years ago I was hanging out with some friends, back in New Jersey. We were playing basketball on a low hoop in my fried Brett's driveway. I had the GREAT idea to, while on my skateboard, jump up and slam dunk on the low hoop. The hoop had a steel beam holding it into the ground. As I skated up the the hoop, my friend quickly warned me to watch my knee -- but I did it anyway. I jumped off of my skateboard, dunked in the hoop, and smacked my knee against the metal rim and cracked my kneecap.

At the time, I did not have any medical insurance, so for months I just wore a brace and tried to let the knee heal by itself. But there was something wrong with it. There was an extremely painful splinter behind my kneecap where it healed together, and for 6 long years that splinter would dig into the part of where the knee bent, ANY TIME I bent it. So I would wake up in the middle of the knight howling in pain because I accidentally bent it too much. Or I would be sitting in a car in the back seat and not be able to extent my leg fully, and when I would step out I would be so frightened of the next moment when I would have to straighten it out. Six years.

Then, a long while after I had already been into Neville Goddard's teachings, it suddenly struck me to use Revision to modify that event. 

I was in San Diego at the point where I used revision. I was upstairs in my office downtown and I sat in my chair after my knee had been giving me trouble again. I entered the scene of the accident. In the scene, my friend was standing by the basketball hoop. I was wearing shorts and a Radiohead t-shirt. It was a hot summer day. I was back in NJ in my visualization. I was happy -- with friends. I made the scene look as real as if I were there -- to the best of my memory.

I got on my skateboard and I grabbed the basketball. I skated toward the basketball hoop. I visualized myself jumping off of the skateboarding and intentionally NOT hitting my knee on the hoop. I swung from the basketball hoop and finally landed on my feet on the ground. I passed the ball to my friend. Then I repeated this scene only a few times. A few second visualization, repeated a few times. Then I opened my eyes. I ended the visualization.

I knew that I had done it successfully, to the best of my ability.

A day passed and nothing happened. Two days passed. One week. One month. Still pain. I was wondering why it wasn't working. I thought maybe I did something wrong. I was getting very frustrated -- because the pain was terrible! I was anxious, and wondering why, even though it had worked before, it was not working on this...

Then one day I was at work and I was going to go get some lunch. The gate which we have to enter and exit to get into my office building is a massive, cast-iron, heavy door. It probably weighs about 300 pounds, it takes two hands to yank it open -- and even when you do yank it open, you can barely squeeze through it. It also has straight gate bars so to pull it hurts my hands. It's humongous -- to say the least.

When exiting the door, you have to push it open. So I twisted the knob to open the gate and pushed it open with force. It opened just enough for me to squeeze through. So when I tried to squeeze through the narrow opening, I slammed my injured knee on the edge of this massive metal end-piece of the gate. I heard a "CLICK" coming from the inside of my knee-cap. I braced myself for the impact and excruciating pain that would soon follow... But none came.

I stood there and bent my knee up and down. I squatted down and up. There was no more pain. It was HEALED!  "Faithfully imagine the scene and all things conspire to aid your harvesting." 

A series of events had unfolded that I could not have even imagined that lead to the fulfillment of my desire. In this case, my knee had smacked the iron gate and had removed whatever splinter or injury that was preventing me from enjoying my life. THE PRESENT STRAIGHTENED OUT AND ALIGNED WITH MY PAST.

So I tell you, revision works. There are many other stories I could tell you, involving making money, people apologizing to me, salvaging relationships, etc. The point is that it works. Revision works. 

So with this intro, I'd like you to experiment with Revision and start changing the past so you can have a fuller, more enjoyable future, obtaining all of your desires. 


  1. Select a scene in your past which you wish was different. It could be a conversation gone wrong, someone who said something negative, an event that transpired -- big or small, but something that has had an affect on you!
  2. Construct a scene which you DESIRED to have happened. Decorate it with all the tones of reality. What would it feel like? Who was there? What were you wearing? What kind of weather was it? Were you inside? Outside? 
  3. Enter a meditative state. Do this by focusing on the now. Normally the way I do this is by breathing in, with my diaphragm, and counting my breaths. That usually takes me out of my thoughts, and into the present moment. The idea is to stop thinking about anything except what is in front of you. In the case of focusing on my breathing, I am usually fully immersed in counting my breaths and watching the rise and fall of my stomach. Before bed is the best time to do this, because our conscious is already in a semi-suspended state, and if we fall asleep in the state we desire, it is 100% guaranteed done without resistance.
  4. Enter the desired revision state. Play the scene in a way which you desired it to happen. Not as it happened in the past. Think FROM the state -- entering it in FIRST PERSON POINT OF VIEW (this is the difference between success and failure). Replay it a few times until it feels completely natural, and you FEEL THE FEELINGS of as if you were really there.
  5. Stop doing it, and stop thinking about it after. 

And in a way that you will never know, a series of events will unfold and change your current state to reflect the modification of the past state. 

“The one requisite is to arouse your attention in a way and to such intensity that you become wholly absorbed in the revised action. You will experience an expansion and refinement of the senses by this imaginative exercise and eventually achieve vision. But always remember that the ultimate purpose of this exercise is to create in you “the Spirit of Jesus” which is continual forgiveness of sin."

Here are some bible verses which correlate with Revision:

"Forgive, and be forgotten" - Luke 6:37

“A man’s foes are those of his own household.” - Matthew 10:36

“All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, even so do ye to them: for this is the law.” - Matthew 7:12  

“It is a most healthy and productive exercise to daily relive the day as you wish you had lived it, revising the scenes to make them conform to your ideals. For instance, suppose today’s mail brought disappointing news. Revise the letter. Mentally rewrite it and make it conform to the news you wish you had received. Then, in imagination, read the revised letter over and over again. This is the essence of revision and revision results in repeal.” - Neville Goddard


The Pruning Shears of Revision PDF - Neville Goddard

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