Welcome to Manifestation Monday! Each week we will be posting a manifestation technique so that you may follow along and manifest with the group! The objectives are to 1) apply and get acquainted with the technique of the week so that you may use it in your every day life to achieve your greatest desires, and 2) build your faith to prove that YOU are capable of manifesting your desires by yourself.

Manifestation Monday General Rules:

Comment below, indicating that you are participating. DO NOT SHARE YOUR DESIRE.

In a discrete location, write down the desire you will be applying the technique to. Try and apply it to a desire that you will be able to have faith it will be accomplished in on week's time. SHARE IT WITH NO ONE. Not even yourself afterwards. Be as specific as possible with your desire so that at the at the end of the 7 days you will be able to know that the desire was fulfilled without any variables.

Follow the technique as outlined.

When the manifestation has occurred, which it invariably will, share your results!

Before adding the snippet from Neville's book, I will explain it a little bit.

The secret of feeling is so simple that to many people -- they think it is not possible, or that it is silly. I assure you, however, that the secret of feeling is the great secret of the ages. The only requirements for manifesting a world of your desires is to be able to first imagine the end, and second feel as if you're really already there. That's it. There's nothing else to it. In the bible you can swap out the words God with Imagining or Imagination and it should fit like a glove.

Armed with this teaching, you will be able to manifest anything you desire. This is straight from scripture and is therefore perfect. What is it that you desire? Do you want money? A husband or wife? Freedom? A holiday or vacation? Your capability to enter the desired state and feel as if you are really there is directly proportional to your ability to manifest your desire.

Simply conjure a scene which would exist IF and only IF your desire had been fulfilled. This means, take your desire, and add a specific timeframe to it, and then imagine that. So if you want more money, enter into a state where you already HAVE the money. If you want a wife, imagine you with a wedding ring on. If you want a vacation, imagine yourself on the way back home saying, "Wow that was a great vacation to Australia... It was extravagant and the best vacation ever." Once you have constructed your scene then your job is to enter into a meditative state and enter the scene in first person point of view and act out the brief scene in your mind. Your scenes should only be a few seconds long, and you should repeat them until they take on the tones of reality. E.g. consider: what would you say, how would you feel, what would you wear, who would be there? Once you have entered the state and it takes on the tones of reality, release it and open you eyes knowing that it is done. This is the full technique that I am about to show you as Neville explains a chapter in the bible.

When you remove your limitations by closing your eyes and clearing your mind, you are giving way to manifest your desires. Your objective reality right now is only a shadow of your mind, in it's true likeness. Each person, event, your social status, financial affairs -- are all a manifestation of some previous state of mind that you are continuously creating and carrying with you. It literally is impossible to NOT be living in a world that you have first thought, and this can be stretched and applied to every single affair in your life.

There is nothing in this world that exists that was not first consciously conceived in your mind at some point. You are the sole creator of your universe and there is no one that can interfere with that. All of your successes, failures, hurts, happy moments -- ANYTHING and EVERYTHING was first consciously conceived by you, and then was made manifest in this world through the God in your human imagination.

Your human imagination is one flesh with God, and therefore all of the imaginal work you do in your head, whether it be in a daydream, inner conversation, thoughts before bed, imaginal acts, etc., are paving your future. You can tell what someone is thinking by their state of affairs. Look at where a person is at in life... Consider what they're wearing, what kind of job they have, what kind of people are in their life, how they act, how they treat you, how they are treated by others, what kind of social status they have, how their finances are, what they're driving, who their spouse is, what kind of relationships they have with others, and what they do on a daily basis and you will know without a shadow of a doubt what they are thinking. "For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." This same rule applies to you. And in the same fashion as your life has been constructed, you can supersede these thoughts and create a life beyond your wildest dreams.

The process is quite simple, and you must replace all of your current thoughts with the thoughts which will lead to your desired results if you are to see results.

I've literally taken Neville's works from his book, "FREEDOM FOR ALL" and have clipped the portions which equate a technique, and am giving it to you. There is a story in the bible that he refers to which is the psychological drama of manifesting your desires.

The one he uses is the story of Isaac, Jacob, and Esau. The premise is that Isaac is blind, and he sends his son Esau out to hunt for an animal to slaughter for dinner. He will then receive his birthright.

Jacob deceives them both by going into their own fields and killing one of their flock while his brother is out hunting. He then wears the hairy skin so as to trick his father that he is his hairy brother, and receive the birthright instead of Esau.

This drama provides a look at how to completely ignore your senses around you and believe what you want to believe through sensational imagination -- and then receive that which you desire, from the perspective of Isaac (believing that the son who he is giving his birthright to is Easu even though he sounds like Jacob). Isaac literally hears Jacob's voice but since he is blind -- which is another way to explain that he is shut out from the physical world, and using his imagination and denying the senses to convince himself that the son who had brought him the food WAS Easu.

Here is the clip from the book, including the technique. I have explained it thoroughly above so I will not do so again after. This is the technique:

“First: Send your first son Esau —- your present objectified world or problem —- hunting. This is accomplished simply by closing your eyes and taking your attention away from the objectified limitations. As your senses are removed from your objective world, it vanishes from your consciousness or goes hunting.

Second: With your eyes still closed and your attention removed from the world round about you, consciously fix the natural time and place for the realization of your desire.

With your objective senses closed to your present environment you can sense and feel the reality of any point in time or space, for both are psychological and can be created at will. It is vitally important that the natural time-space condition of Jacob, that is, the natural time and place for the realization of your desire be first fixed in your consciousness. If Sunday is the day on which the thing desired is to be realized, then Sunday must be fixed in consciousness now. Simply begin to feel that it is Sunday until the quietness and naturalness of Sunday is consciously established. You have definite associations with the days, weeks, months and seasons of the year. You have said time and again—“Today feels like Sunday, or Monday, or Saturday; or this feels like Spring, or Summer, or Fall, or Winter.” This should convince you that you have definite, conscious impressions that you associate with the days, weeks, and seasons of the year. Then because of these associations you can select any desirable time, and by recalling the conscious impression associated with such time, you can make a subjective reality of that time now.

“Do the same with space. If the room in which you are seated is not the room in which the thing desired would be naturally placed or realized, feel yourself seated in the room or place where it would be natural. Consciously fix this time-space impression before you start the act of sensing and feeling the nearness, the reality, and the possession of the thing desired. It matters not whether the place desired be ten thousand miles away or only next door, you must fix in consciousness the fact that right where you are seated is the desired place. You do not make a mental journey; you collapse space. Sit quietly where you are and make “thereness”—“hereness.” Close your eyes and feel that the very place where you are is the place desired; feel and sense the reality of it until you are consciously impressed with this fact, for your knowledge of this fact is based solely on your subjective sensing.

Third: In the absence of Esau (the problem) and with the natural time-space established, you invite Jacob (the solution) to come and fill this space—to come and supplant his brother. In your imagination see the thing desired. If you cannot visualize it, sense the general outline of it; contemplate it. Then mentally draw it close to you. “Come close, my son, that I may feel you.” Feel the nearness of it; feel it to be in your immediate presence; feel the reality and solidity of it; feel it and see it naturally placed in the room in which you are seated; feel the thrill of actual accomplishment, and the joy of possession.

Now open your eyes. This brings you back to the objective world—the rough or sensibly felt world. Your hairy son Esau has returned from the hunt and by his very presence tells you that you have been betrayed by your smooth-skinned son Jacob,—the subjective, psychologically felt. But, like Isaac, whose confidence was based upon the knowledge of this changeless law, you too will say—“I have made him thy Lord and all his brethren have I given to him for servants.” That is, even though your problem appears fixed and real, you have felt the subjective, psychological state to be real to the point of receiving the thrill of that reality; you have experienced the secret of creation for you have felt the reality of the subjective.”

That's it! That's all you need to do. Apply this technique on every single aspect of your life that you desire to be changed and it shall be. There are no exceptions. When you have received your manifestation, which you invariably will when you use this technique perfectly, use it on the next desire. Repeat until your life is in perfect form.

This technique, as I have mentioned, will always work according to your effort and faith. It is proof of your faith to apply this technique in the first place. The very action that you are taking is an act of faith, and it shall be sufficient. Do not let the world around you trick you into thinking that your desire is NOT fulfilled, for this is a trap. If you allow this to happen, and begin to doubt, your results will be scattered.

I hope that this shed some light onto not only the technique, but where it comes from. I have used it unnumbered times and I have received the results I desire every single time. You can use it to this magnitude as well. Practice makes perfect. So practice. Enjoy!