Do you have to hold your manifestation in place?

Often times I get the question, "do I have to continuously imagine, even when my manifestation comes to pass, so that it will stay?" This is a valid question. In order to get the manifestation in the first place, we must either imagine or create an assumption inside of us. That takes work or action. We do not have it, and then we have to assume the feeling as if we already had it. That is the way to manifest whatever we want.

But here's the thing, if you can successfully impress your subconscious mind with your desire fulfilled, it will continuously execute and grow larger and larger. Anything that exists will, either be destroyed, or persist. If you take your focus away from something, it will evaporate. It will be consumed. That is the way that reality works. When I say, take your attention away from, I mean to relinquish control but yet understand that it is held in place.

New just as the same way that you know who you are, you know where you live, you know who your friends are, you know what you do for a living, and anything else that you know – this is an assumption. This is different from completely taking your attention away from something and forgetting about it entirely with the hopes that it will vanish. With the intention of destroying something, you would imagine the opposite and then persist in the assumption that your desire has already been fulfilled.

I talked about a story the other day. I had manifested for my friend. He was due thousands of dollars in late fees and rent from one of his tenants who was not paying up. After I had imagined for him, it took a couple of weeks, but the person paid him in full. Not only that, but he took a loan out to pay for the rest of the lease. One thing I did not mention about this, was that when I wrote down my desire and imagined it, I also included another desire for him. You see, he had confided in me that he had not had a relationship for quite some time. So on top of imagining that his tenant had paid up, I also imagined that he would give me the good news that he had a girlfriend.

When he had got back from vacation, he gave me the good news that he had gotten a kiss from a woman. I was happy for him, and understood that my manifestation had come to pass. But this was just the beginning. There was more to the story.

I ran into him today and he told me some good news. He had made over $50,000 in commission on two jobs this last week. Not only that, but he has a new girlfriend. As you can see, it seems that the manifestations that I had set into place had multiplied. He had been so grateful for his manifestations, that when he reacted to them in a positive way, he had planted more seeds. Those seeds, in turn, had manifested into more things to be grateful for, more things related to the things he was grateful for in the first place.

As you can see, reacting emotionally to a manifestation will plant a seed again for it to be experienced on the screen of space. This pattern will continue, over and over. Gratitude for your manifestations are a great way to ensure that they will continue to happen. Your manifestations will not just manifest and vaporize. When you react to them, it will fix them in place.

Initially, this could be a double-edged sword, until you learn to control your mind. As manifestations unfold, many times we react negatively when it does not come into full fruition immediately. When we react negatively, we plant another seed of negativity and reaction, which in turn will manifest something in its same likeness. But when, after learning your lesson, you begin to control what you react to, you can use this only for good for yourself and only manifest the things that you want. You can do this by only reacting to positive things.

You see, your manifestation is not guaranteed to enter into full fruition the very first moment you see a sign of it. You should not be expecting it to. This sets you up for a letdown. Instead, simply trust that you have planted the seed properly, and be prepared for it to come, but do not expect everything to be the end result. On that same token, when anything good happens, consider it a manifestation itself, and react positively to it. This is the way you contend to the garden of the mind, and consistently grow a life greater than you could possibly have ever imagined. Manifesting is truly the greatest thing one can aspire to master. With this creative tool, this gift from God, we can create the greatest life we can think of, not only for ourselves, but for those we love.