For months I have been looking for a signed copy of any of Neville's books. Each week, I would look at least one or two days, and I had sent messages to various rare book sellers. To me, Neville Goddard is a hero, a legend. I try not to idolize anyone at all, because I know that God is within, and I have proven that time and time again. But as far as Neville is concerned, this man saved my life through his accurate and correct knowledge.

So on and on I searched. I searched the internet high and low... I called every book store in the city of San Diego worth their salt. I posted messages everywhere... I did not care which book, if any, I could get a hold of. I just wanted something of his... Something written by his hand. But nay, I found nothing.

Last week on Saturday, I had gotten off the phone with a dozen or so rare book collectors in San Diego (if the book existed somewhere for sale, it would have been in California due to it's mystic nature), I decided to jump in the shower. When I was in the shower, I imagined before my eyes a signed book from Neville, with his trademark signature, "Neville", in cursive.

The Manifestation Scene and Technique I Used

I closed my eyes, and lost myself in a scene where I was holding his book in my hands. I felt the vividness of it, using the same techniques I always use. Literally, this is the scene I constructed.

The scene was simple, and I followed after one of the techniques that Neville had taught me. I simply opened the book, I saw the Signature, "Neville", and closed it. I repeated this scene over and over and over again. It began to take on the tones of reality. When I had felt as if it had really happened, I opened my eyes, and then got out of the shower.

Today I flew back to New Jersey for the holidays. I was spending time with my family, whom I haven't seen in an entire year. The day carried on amazingly, and I was blabbering about Neville and my experiences and manifestations as of lately, as per usual. We arrived at my mother's house, and we went inside.

She told me that it was time to open my Christmas present, and so I grabbed it from under the tree, as per her directions, and sat down on the couch. Now, my mother had asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I told her I wanted a nice pair of sunglasses. My brother said, "it rhymes with 'funglasses'", as to give me the hint that my mother had gotten me the sunglasses I asked for.

It was in a bag. So I stuck my hand in the bag, and I felt something wrapped in tissue paper. It was not sun glasses. I pulled out the object and unraveled it. Eventually I saw, "Feeling Is The Secret", by Neville Goddard.

Neville Goddard - Feeling Is the Secret Hardcover

At first, I looked at it, and being that it is my favorite book, I was ecstatic! But then I opened the cover and in the front, right page, there was his autograph, "Neville!"

Neville Goddard Autograph

My sister recorded the entire process of me opening the present, and me freaking out with joy and excitement, but I will spare myself that embarrassment and give you the final result. An autographed copy of my favorite book by Neville Goddard, "Feeling Is The Secret".

Back Cover Feeling Is the Secret

What a rare, precious gift. Isn't it glorious that even though I had wanted to purchase it myself, God chose my mother to buy me the gift, so she could see the excitement and joy on my face as I was opening the best Christmas gift I had ever received? I was so happy, I could barely contain myself.

She said to me, "Now you can keep it forever, and pass it down to your children when you have them."

I asked her, "How did you find this!?", and she said to me, "I just went on google and the first result was the book. First try."

So there it is, the story of receiving the greatest gift I ever have. And it was done through the process of my teachings of Neville himself. How could it be that I searched high and low, constantly and continuously, reached out to dozens of people, and yet I did not stumble on this?

Feeling truly is the secret.