Neville says, "The whole vast world is you pushed out", and nothing can be more certain than this fact. I have proven it time and time again. The entire world is a reflection of you -- yourself pushed out. When the bible says, "Forgive them father for they know not what they do", it is talking about the very fact that people are operating based on your assumptions and beliefs. Any assumptions that are alive in your mind are reflected and played out through the people in this world, independent of their own free will. There is no free will. Not even you, as a physical being, have free will.

All of your physical actions, and the actions of others, are dictated by the thoughts, imaginal acts, and assumptions you live by -- and have been set and fixed by your imagination in previous times. The Christ in you, that lives in your human imagination is the only operant power of this world. I am telling you that your movements in this world were predestined by your imagination. The same goes for the other people in this world. They are only operating based on your assumptions. It is quite easy to test.

When you set in motion an imaginal act, the entire world will be moved to action in order to prove to you the thing you have believed. For me, this is evident. Having tested this theory countless times, I know without a shadow of a doubt that whenever I hold something in my mind's eye, and have set in motion some grand desire, whether it's ONE person, a thousand, or a million, all of those will take actions to prove to me that whatever I have imagined is true. A hundred people will be moved to make sure I get the job I desire. A thousand people will be moved to make sure I win the contest. Operating independent of themselves, through the power of MY imagination, which is God, people will say whatever needs to be said, they will move however they need to move, they will do whatever is needed to be done in order for me to manifest the thing I have imagined.

My subconscious mind is very impressionable. I have trained my thoughts to be pure, lovely, and of a desirable character. I manifest at a very fast rate. All things which I allow to be impressed upon my subconscious mind are made manifest in this world. Because of that fact, I guard the things that come into my mind. I do not watch TV. I do not watch the news. I do not use my own facebook wall. I do not entertain negative thought. I do not engage in debates. I do not talk politics. I protect that which comes in contact with my senses, and therefore my subconscious mind, because my subconscious is so sensitive that it recreates everything I impress upon it.

I would like to share two examples of incidents that have unfolded which were caused by automatic reactions. The first one took place over the course of these past weeks. As I mentioned earlier, I do not watch TV, or anything that is going to affect me negatively. But this past week I decided to watch the TV show "Punisher". It was a risk, but I figured, "What, are there going to be gunfights in San Diego? Don't think so." So for a couple of nights in a row I watched the show.

As I was watching The Punisher, I heard yelling outside.

I live on a pretty busy street and it was Friday night so I did not think anything of it. However, this yelling continued for about 5 to 10 minutes straight. I decided to go outside. As I got outside I looked to my left and I saw a man being assaulted. I quickly broke up the fight and threatened to call the police so that they would leave. I did not, know at first that was a manifestation because I did not connect it. But within 7 days I witnessed two more fistfights before my eyes. I live in a relatively safe place and so this is completely out of character. It wasn't until I pieced it together that I had been watching "The Punisher", that I put two and two together. I manifested this.

Should these gentlemen that were assaulting each other be blamed for what they did? It was a natural bridge of incidents, a perfect manifestation of what I was allowing into my subconscious mind. Jesus Christ says, "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do." and this is a perfect example of this. Those men were only playing a part. I had seen something in my mind's eye. I had allowed this violence to seep into my subconscious mind and, just as it is meant to do, created those events in this world. A perfect chain of events unfolded and the perfect characters were used to show me the contents of my imagination.

The Second Story I would like to tell you involves an incident that happened a few months ago. My friend Brett had driven across the country from New Jersey to California. While he was here he stayed with me. At a certain point we were driving around in my brand new car. I still had the temporary license plate taped to the front of my windshield, the one that they give you as you leave the lot. I had just received my license plates in the mail and I had screwed them on. I asked Brett, "Can you please get rid of that license plate?" upon asking him, keep peeled it off the windshield.

The next night I went to a concert to see Smashing Pumpkins with my friend Austin. I left my car at his house and we took an Uber over to the concert hall. It was an amazing show. As we took an Uber back to the house, parted ways, and headed back to my car, I got there and I went to open the trunk and I noticed that my license plate was missing off of the back of my car. Brand new license plate. It had been stolen. I knew right away what I had done. I had told Brett to get rid of my license plate. And in doing so, inadvertently impressed that thought on my subconscious mind. A series of events unfolded that were perfect, I parked in a bad neighborhood, and by the time I got back, my brand new license plate was missing.

I called the cops and they told me that because it was a Friday night the DMV would not be open until Monday, and that anything done with my license plate, if the person who had stolen it would have done something illegal, I would still be held responsible temporarily because the DMV was not made aware of it. Obviously, I would not be held liable for it. But they made a point to tell me that "it is the perfect night to steal a license plate."

Can I blame that individual for doing what I had impressed on my own subconscious mind? Certainly not. No one to blame but myself. I allowed that thought to enter into my subconscious mind and it therefore manifested into reality. How easy and natural is it to manifest your desires? Many people have trouble with this, but it is something that we are doing every single moment of every single day. It is only when we control our inner conversations, our outer conversations, and ultimately what enters into our subconscious mind, that we are then able to consciously direct the Creations in this world and choose a reality of our liking.

Creation is happening constantly. We are always manifesting. There is no exception to that. I could endlessly name off the manifestations that have happened to me inadvertently because I was not more careful of the thoughts that I was entertaining. It talks about "Fearing God" in the Bible. God is Not malicious, he is only doing what we are telling him to do with our mind. You will fear God when you realize he is operated through your mind, and then your inadvertent feelings and thoughts are creating incidents like these in your life!!

Our subconscious mind is nonselective. It does not know right from wrong and it does not choose which things to manifest. Is completely up to us. Whatever is impressed is expressed. The purpose of this group and of the teachers herein is to show you and make you aware of the fact that you are creating your entire reality. "I kill and I make alive. I wound and I heal." God does exactly that which we tell him to do. He is operating by our orders. All characters in this world are only playing roles that we have given. So how can you be mad at another person when you are the one who has set this all in motion?

The moment we begin to monitor our thoughts, emotions, inner conversations, and the like, we take control of our reality. Never be mad at another person because they are only showing you what you wanted them to show you. It is only now that you are becoming aware of all of these things, it may come as a shock. But there is Beauty and awe in this power. When you have complete and total control over the things that play out in your mind, you will have complete and total control over this world.

Use your thoughts for good. Bless those around you. Imagine wonderful things. And all of these things will come to pass. The more you practice doing this, the better you will get at it. It is a simple task, but it is not easy. Do not give up when you struggle to control your mind. Only persist. And as it says in the Bible, "But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and persists therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed." James 1:25

So how can I learn from these things? How can I make sure that nothing bad happens again? What can I do to create the greatest scenes? Is there a lesson from all of this?

You can only dictate the end result, but the rest is up to God. You cannot know how the end result will come, but be sure, that it will come.


Here is a simple technique that you can use to manifest anything you want, instead of inadvertently and automatically creating to your dismay.

If you want something to manifest then imagine it. When you imagine something and feel the feeling as if it is really happening, it is certain to come to pass. Control your inner conversations and guard your thoughts. Do not use effort, for effort begets effort. Instead, suspend your senses completely. Go to the end. Imagine what it would feel like if you were now the man you want to be. What would you say to yourself? Would you say to others? Where would you be? Would you do? Bring that scene into your mind's eye. Feel it. Feel like you really are that person now. By doing this, you are emulating the same process that happens naturally as we walk through our lives every day. The same process I used in the stories above accidentally to create drama in my life. That is the whole purpose of these techniques. You want to suspend your judgment completely, suspend your senses. This carnal world has no place in your imagination.

Next, bring that seen into your mind's eye. Use no effort. If you are battling between this reality and you are imaginal Act, get into a meditative state. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Shut off all of your senses and close out the world around you. Clear your mind. Then, bring the scene into your imagination and play the part as yourself in first person. Make sure the scene only embodies the finished desirable results. When you do this it will be impressed upon your subconscious mind and then recreated in this reality. As soon as you feel the feeling of your desired result, feel the thrill as if it were done, it is finished.