We've been getting a lot of questions lately about the concept of, "everyone is you pushed out". The idea that everyone in this world is a reflection of you. That people are only telling you what you have imagined or thought in previous moments, hours, or days. 

The fact is that anyone playing a role in your life was brought there by your imagination. Not only that, but, they are acting out according to the role you gave them in your mind. It's not to say that you imagined the specific person and the exact thing they will say, but more along the lines of they are acting out according to your moods, and thoughts, and concepts. The perfect actor will be chosen to play the perfect part - to fit the mood you have in your mind. The imaginal acts you play in your mind will be impressed on your subconscious and furthermore be manifested in this reality, moving any and all people in this world to act according to your assumptions.

When you change your concept of another person, or yourself, you will inevitably change the world around you. People and events will begin to take shape to match your assumptions, moods, thoughts, inner-conversations, and imaginal acts. The more you do this, the more they will conform to your consciously directed thoughts. 

Currently, your thoughts have been running on autopilot due to lack of understanding of this fact. Any negatively perceived event, along with positively perceived events have all been set into motion by you. Rather than explain a theory, I'd like to tell you a story that shows this.

I was walking to the parking carage in Down Town San Diego from work and I was in deep thought, contemplating the patterns of God. The things on a grand scale are repeatable in small scale. This is how God works. In patterns. That was the nature of my thoughts. Specifically, I was thinking about how God's love and care-taking is shown to us as children. It is the first example of how God takes care of us. And from there we build trust in our parents, and then we should learn to trust God. Anyway, I cross the street when the light turns green. I guess a car was still rolling and was close to tapping me, but didn't. So I continued walking. I had my headphones in, listening to Neville. I noticed a lady  to talk to me. She was older. Could have been my mother. She began to lecture me about watching where I was going... She would not stop talking, and I was really enjoying the thoughts I was thinking.

Then one thing led into the next and she began repeating the same things out loud to me, that I had been thinking in my mind. "You know, God gave you your parents so that they could care of you, just like God..." etc... She broke me out of the thought by talking to me, but then repeated the exact same things I was just thinking. How in God's name did she even get on that topic? She went from lecturing me (like a mother) to watch so I didn't get hit by a car, and then within a few seconds said the exact same thing that I was thinking.

This is no mere coincidence. The other night someone had contacted me and asked me to do a post on "every is you pushed out", and I said this would be my next post. Then this event unfolded. How perfect is this? Everyone IS us pushed out. 

This is so very easy to test. And I suggest you do it and then gain control of the actors in your world.

"Practice the art of imagining, and you will discover you can go anywhere and enter any time without the aid of anyone. Move in your imagination, and people will respond because of your action. Dare to assume you are wealthy, and watch everyone play their parts to provide you with the wealth you claim to have. They will, for they are only yourself pushed out."

Using your imagination will inspire people to move to fit your idea. The idea you hold in your imagination can be about anything at all, including a raise at work, getting married, taking a trip, or winning a contest. It doesn't matter. Any number of people will be moved to make sure you witness the thing you've imagined. I'm not talking about manipulating someone in the physical sense, with your words or actions. Instead, simply imagine the thing you desire. People will be automatically forced by their seemingly free will, to make sure you get what you want. And you don't have to do anything except use your mind. 

"Congratulate your friend on his new position, his greater salary and more responsibility. Stick to that thought, and it will not matter to you who is influenced.

When you enter the state you desire to express and believe it is true, no earthly power can stop it from objectifying itself. And although you do not deliberately influence others, you influence everyone.

The moment you think of influence, you reduce a miracle to magic. All the people in the world are only yourself pushed out. No one has the power to hold you back or promote you, for you are self-promoted or self-restricted." Neville Goddard

I have dreamed of this concept that everyone is you pushed out. I have also dreamed the fact that the bible is only explaining the different states of man, which is all you, anyway. I have dreamed these dreams many different times, and it only further reinforces that which I know to be true. 

At a specific time, not too long ago, I was in a steep transition in life. I was imagining multiple things, to become the man I wanted to be. I was given a dream. In the dream I played the scene of Judas and Christ in the garden. I was convinced to go into a woman's house, and pretend to be her husband. In doing so, I betrayed her by stealing something from her. The whole time I was thinking, "I am about to be caught." But she believed that I was actually her husband, even though I looked completely and totally different from the husband whom I was impersonating. 

As I left the house, she had found out that I had stolen from her, and that I was not Judas. She started shooting at me, and Judas (the man whom betrayed me and the wife). The bullets bounced off of me, but they began to pierce and injure Judas. He was shot and injured. But before he could be killed by the automatic weapon that the woman was firing, he took out a knife and slashed his own throat -- killing himself. His blood sprayed everywhere. 

This dream had many more biblical verses and references in it, but for the sake of this topic, I will keep it at this. 

This dream was irrefutable proof to me, that I am not only playing different roles in this world, but that these states that are mentioned in the bible are only in existence due to your consciousness, and that all other people in this world are only a reflection of yourself as well, just as in the dream. The Christ within me is indestructable. The bullets bounced off of me. And it was also to show me the act of destroying your old man, putting him off, to become the person you want to be. It is only the state that passes away, and never the Christ that is within.

In most cases, unless told otherwise through the medium of revelation by God, any single person in your dream, or all people, are only expressing different reflections of yourself. Different aspects. All dreams are symbolic, and they are there to teach you, confirm, and show you things that you would not normally be able to know. All characters in the dreams are showing to you the things that you want to see. They are showing you the things that you are. 

The same goes for this world. 

Just like the example above with the woman who was moved to read my thoughts, so the same does everyone act in this world. Even today, I opened up a Neville Lecture, printed it out, and began to read it at my desk. For about 15 minutes I sat and read. It was about dreams. Then suddenly, I got a message from Sal. She was doing the exact same thing. She had opened one of the Neville Lectures and was reading about dreams.

This example is quite extreme, as not every single person is going to mirror you perfectly... But some will. And others are mirroring different aspects of yourself. 

Do not worry about influencing others, for you are doing it constantly. Whatever your desire is, when you imagine it, any number of people will be automatically influenced to take some series of events in order to bring the desire to you. They will have no idea that they are doing it. Your job is to simply imagine the end. Other people are not the cause of your manifestation, your imagination is. And so when you keep that in mind, and know that no other person can get in the way of you and your manifestation, no matter what it is, who it is, where it is, then you can better focus on the desire at hand, and not get your hands dirty with the details, which are supposed to be left to God anyway. 

When you change your concept of self, the world will invariably change as well. People will begin to treat you the way you assume yourself to be. If you imagine yourself to be confidenct, charming, intelligent, and powerful, any number of people, including yourself, will be moved to prove that to you. You will begin to hear it. You will begin to feel it. It will be proven to you, time and time again.

So test it. What is it that you want? Figure that out. Then briefly outline a scene which would embody what you want, as if you already had it. I mean to say, create a scene which would happen if and only if you had received your desire. Make sure you plan it a little bit. And make it short and memorable. And repeatable. If you want that raise, imagine you shaking the boss's hand and him congratulating you. Then shut off your senses so you can focus on your desire. Bring it into your mind's eye and enter into the scene in first person... Thinking from it, and not of it. That means, if you make a mental picture of it, enter that picture and be yourself. Do not look AT yourself, but look FROM your own eyes. Play this scene over and over, giving it great detail. Hear the sounds. Feel the feelings. And do this until you feel the thrill of it actually happening. 

Then stop. Walk through this world. Watch how everyone conforms to your idea that you impressed on your subconscious mind. It is so easy to test. I see it every single day. 

One last thing: every single thing in this world is a reflection of you. There are not some things that are not, and some things that are. Every single person that you come in contact with is acting only according to the assumption you have of them, and yourself. So the work comes from within. Imagine yourself as the person you want to be, and you will be treated that way.