Jesus Christ was crucified on Calvary.

Calvary, or Golgotha (Biblical Greek Γολγοθᾶ[ς] Golgotha[s], traditionally interpreted as reflecting Syriac (Aramaic) golgolta,[1] as it were Hebrew gulgōleṯ "skull"[2]), was, according to the Gospels, a site immediately outside Jerusalem's walls where Jesus was crucified. Matthew's and Mark's gospels translate the term to mean "place of [the] skull" (Κρανίου Τόπος Kraníou Tópos),[4] in Latin rendered Calvariæ Locus, from which the English word Calvary derives.

Do you understand? Jesus Christ was crucified in the Skull. In our skull. To our brain. In our human imagination. He may have been a real person and there may have been actors acting this out, but the most vivid and perfect explanation for this is that Jesus Christ is the awoken savior. He fell asleep, and came down to save me.

He buried himself in my human imagination, and I came awake. God, sent his only begotten son, a part of himself. He so loved me, that he abandoned himself completely to become me. There was no awareness of me. But luckily for Jesus Christ, I am now awake. I am awake and knowing that I am not really Joseph Alai. The awareness only became me. And that is how much He loves me.

He was willing to go through this entire life not knowing that he was God, and posing as me. Not posing, becoming.

The point is that Christ crucified himself to my Human Imagination, before I was born. The only way I was able to come to life was completely abandoning himself to me, and therefore he breathed life into me. Luckily, that part of me is no longer asleep.

I was astonished and in awe, in love, to be shown that Calvary means Skull. I understand that Christ and God are my wonderful human imagination, but the fact that there were people who so constructed a story to be hidden in plane site, and they constructed the story based on the facts of how my mind exists, with God within, and it was passed down in a solid enough form -- probably due to people experiencing miracles even with an ostensible bible story -- for me to finally find the truth.

The bible is a story. The bible is a true story, but not that of physical reality, but what exists inside of me.