Some people freak out that we have people in power, the 1% of the 1%, who are "controlling" us. 

For me, it doesn't matter. Because I have the power to do whatever I want to do. No one can keep me down, because I actively operate a power that supersedes any government, any person, any principle -- anything AT ALL that exists in this world. It doesn't matter which tax is passed, for I can still make as much money as I want. If they make it harder to get jobs,  that's just a "fact", which can be easily demolished by the law of creation. In fact, the word "demolished" shouldn't even be used, because facts are non-issues. The world is full of facts and fear, but they mean ZERO when standing up to the imagination. It doesn't matter what law is passed, I will still do whatever I want. NOTHING can stop me from doing anything. 

The laws in this world are silly "facts". No law can hold down the power of God in man. You are GOD. Your true self PUSHED OUT THESE LAWS. The immortal being inside of you can create, ignore, or be above ANY LAW. 

The only law that matters is the law of creation internally. You do what you must do in the law of Caesar, but then you activate your imagination to create anything you want. An excellent example of this is in Neville's lecture. He speaks about how he manifested himself out of the army with the power of his Imagination. This is all true, as I've tested this law so many times it's just a factual power within, at this point.

The truth is, I've had the visions, I've had the experiences, and I know others who have as well -- including Neville. There is only one power -- and that is your imagination, which is God in Man, or "Christ". 

The whole vast world is your Self pushed out. And the Self of man is God (Exodus 3:15). You are God, and there are various specific ways to operate the power of God within you. All of it is done through your Awareness, but there are specific ways to focus and get exactly what you want.