The Law of Attraction states that you have to match the vibration of the "item" you desire. It says you can raise your vibration by "being happy". And it says, ultimately, in doing so, there is a magnetic force inside of you that, when matched with the desired object, will naturally attract that object and it will gravitate to you magically. This is a belief that sounds correct, but I am here to tell you that it is indeed false.

I am going to give you an example below, and explain why and how, according to my own personal experience, and the ideas of Neville Goddard, that the Law of Attraction is not correct, but instead, through God, we utilize the Law of Assumption to manifest our desires.

Let's take money as an example. It's one of the most common desires worldwide. Most of the google searches for the Law of Attraction involve money. So what does LOA say about this? They say, in order to raise your vibration to match the item or object of your desire, you must be happy or grateful, you must bring your desired object into your imagination, or into your mind's eye, and hold it there. There are several incorrect assumptions here. After we go over the fallacies, stay tuned because I will explain in greater depth the process of the Law of Assumption in true scientific terms. Let's examine them now.

False Idea #1) Your body has a vibration which should be modified to match the object of your desire

False Idea #2) When modified to match that of the object of your desire, you are considered to be a vibrational match of the item you are imagining.

False Idea #3) When two things are in vibrational match, they are attracted to each other

False Idea #4) You have to be happy to manifest.

CORRECTION: According to Quantum Physics, Newtonian Physics, and other studies, the human mind does have a vibration. So does money. But the thing is, people who are non-scientific are lumping the types of vibrations that the brain give off in the same category as an inanimate object. Yes, money has a vibration because everything is made up of atoms, and so everything is constantly moving. And anything moving at all gives off a vibration. Even our human body has a vibration. But the vibration of our body is different from the waves that our brain gives off. It makes zero sense. And now there is actually science to prove it.

It is hilarious to read websites talking about "the higher the frequency, the more money you make." This is a complete and total lie. We can give off different "waves" based on the thought that we are holding in our mind, or what we are doing, though -- just not the same as 'money' or any other object.

Another belief is that you have to be happy in order to manifest. This is also false. I personally know scores of people who are completely miserable, violent, and disparaging whom have loads of cash, and whom are still rich -- and miserable. THE ONLY REQUIREMENT FOR MANIFESTATION IS TO FEEL THE FEELING OF THE WISH FULFILLED. If you are happy, you will receive more to be thankful for. BUT, this will come in any which random way. If you are not targeting money specifically through the Law of Assumption, then you are not guaranteed to receive money. This false belief gives people the idea that they are not supposed to get angry, sad, upset, or experience the gamut of human emotions.

Warning: if you are suppressing your emotions, please stop now, as suppression is the cause of disease. Holding in emotions, or blocking them (suppression) literally will cause ailments, depression, and cause you to manifest adversely.

Humans were made to experience all emotions, as they are all God-given. God made us perfect, abandoned Himself to become us, and therefore inside this perfect garment that you are, you have embodied all of the emotions of God Himself. To say that you should not experience any emotion but happiness is to cut yourself off from the sunlight of the spirit, and say that God Himself is faulty.

I know that when I first started studying LOA (about 7 or 8 years ago) I was afraid to be anything except happy. In my mind, I thought that if I stopped being happy, then the money would stop being attracted to me. In fact, I would freak out and be mad at myself. I was trying to maintain this persona of happiness, as you see many LOA's do. To be truthful, if they simply embodied the feeling of the actual desire, and you were infuriated and angry, you would have more power to manifest the money than you would if you were faking being happy.

The third false belief coincides with the first one which states that when you match an object's vibrational frequency, you will attract it toward you and it will somehow gravitate toward you. Again, this is completely false. We have explained above how the vibration of your brain does not match the vibration of an object and attract it to you. In fact, there is a much more fascinating process involved which is All-Powerful and All-Knowing, operated by you, that lands you in the experience that you desire.

The fourth belief also piggy-backs off of the previous one. You CANNOT be the vibrational match of money. If you gave off the exact vibrational match of money, you would have to BE money. Literally.

Some other points to discuss is that the Law of Attraction gives the impression that there are things outside of us, beyond our natural control. It makes us think that we already are not in possession of these things. It also makes us believe that someone else has the power to utilize the Law of Attraction and to summon to themselves an object that WE desire, if they have a higher vibration. This is all false. There are limitless possibilities that exist now, and all we have to do is believe that we already have them, and we will select that state, and experience it. Anyone else who assumes the feeling will also experience it simultaneously, in another reality.

In the end, to summarize, the Law of Attraction takes God out of the mix. The truth is, however, that there is no Law of Attraction. You are not attracting objects or events, but instead you are selecting an entire dimension and you then must experience it.