The subconscious mind is the force within us which creates the world around us. Our entire lives, before understanding this,  we inadvertently created our lives based on anything that we allowed ourselves to feel. We first created our life, piece by piece, and forgot that we did so. Being that we forgot, that we created these things, we continuously react to them. When we react to them, we perpetuate them. We become the things we continuously react to, the things we judge. We carry on, perpetuating our discomfort and pain by constantly reacting to our creations, and constantly imagining negative outcomes and worrying. 

This explanation is easily proven, and it is one that can change your entire life. By observing and remembering our thoughts and by watching the external world, we can find the undying link between what enter into our mind, and what we observe in this world. If there is one thing that you take from this message, it would be to observe. If I gave you a list of ten names, and then 30 minutes later asked you to recite them, you would not remember. This is why you do not remember your thoughts; this is why you do not know that which you create.

The very person that you are right now, the things you experience in this world, your position in life, your friends, your economic position, where you live — everything is exists now because you allowed it to enter into your mind, and contemplate it, allowing it to seep into your subconscious mind. There are no exceptions to this. 

But there is a way out to this deep sleep. The imagination is the thing which can bring you infinite riches, pure peace, love, and anything that you can imagine in this world. Every single person has an imagination, as it is our gift. We can use our imagination to purposely impress things upon our subconscious mind to create a life of our desires. The imagination is the middle ground between this world and our spirit — the creative force in this world.

We need not only impress the thing which we see in our subconscious mind, for those things are only filled with limitation — as this world is filled with limitation. We are taught that we have laws of nature, laws of logic, laws of limitation. These may be true, to this world. But they are not true to the imagination. The imagination impresses the subconscious with whatever it knows. It knows either the things we see in this world — limitation, that we dwell upon, or those things which we create ourselves. 

Choose to use your imagination create your future — to change the past — to shape your experience completely by your own will. Use your imagination as the gift that was given to you, and awake. When you imagine yourself inside the life you desire to experience, it will impress upon the subconscious mind. Explicitly create scenes you want to experience, to be treated the way you wish to be treated, to receive the things you wish to receive, and promptly claim back the power that has been latent inside of you. 

Suspend the senses that have been impressing your subconscious mind — as you do not want limitation to be the source of creation anymore. Instead, use your imagination and construct scenes which would imply that you are the person you desire to be. Let these be the seeds of your future. Play these scenes in your imagination until they feel like they are real. Emulate this natural process of creation by entering into the scenes of your mind, and thinking from them — playing the very part that you would be playing had this scene already unfolded. Think from the end, as if you have already received it — as this very scene will be impressed upon the subconscious mind, and replicated in this physical world.

Do not dwell upon anything which implies limitation, for those very limitations will be created as well. Instead, only think of the scene where the desire has already been fulfilled, and all the world will be moved — all the actors, laws of nature, and statistics, to bring you that desire you had imagined. 

Seize control of your imagination now, and do not let anything else except your desires hold any room in your mind. Do this, and all things you desire will be yours.