It's November 14, 2020, at 7:54 PM PST. How was your week? Any cool manifestations? When's the last time you closed your eyes and deliberately imagined something? Sometimes life gets busy, or good, and we forget to put into action the God-given gift that creates our reality. 

When life gets good and rides smoothly is when I am most likely to forget to manifest something, because when life is bad, there's nothing else I'd rather do than create something better. But a little tip for you is to keep your big goal in mind, or the things you want to create. When things are going good, I literally pause and ask myself, if I never created another thing, would I be satisfied forever? The answer is always no. There are so many ways to prove your power in this world. We, despite us wanting to or not, are living, breathing examples of infinite power.

Almost no one knows about this inherent power within us, making this knowledge literally priceless. You can't buy the operation of manifesting anywhere. And the power is always within you. Think of all the moments throughout the day we spend worrying about what's about to happen, or planning what we're going to do to get our desires? If we would just substitute that for planning an imaginal act, and then deliberately creating it by bringing that scene into our imaginal perception from the point of view of already having it, then we would progress more rapidly than anyone else.

So what do you want? What could be better? 

Construct a scene implying you already have it, and imagine it.