Any reverie, sleep-like state is where the subconscious mind is easily impressed upon. The mental barriers fall and just as when a castle walls come down, the spirit is exposed. From experience in the past and especially as of late, I have learned more and more that it is important to impress upon the subconscious mind that which is desired at the end of the day. Anything other than that will provide results which are seemingly random, or undesired.

Neville talks about this a lot. Wherever you are in your head at the end of the day and while you drift into sleep is where you will be tomorrow -- and thereafter.

Imagine the desire fulfilled and drift off into sleep while in this state and there is a 100% certainty that you will receive that which you desire, so long as you are imagining it properly. He mentions this when going over the story with his first explicit and intentional manifestation. He slept somewhere else in his mind, and a series of events occurred which led him to his destination of desire.

One thing that I do at the end of the night is make sure I am ending the day on a positive note. Too many nights have I gone to sleep in struggle. The fruit of that is more struggle.

But basically what I used to do is try to solve problems at night. When in problem solving mode, and when nearing bedtime, it is always a good idea to stop what I am doing and switch to something where I can get a positive feeling and winning feeling. Specifically for me, when I am programming, and if I am trying to solve a problem which at the time is giving me some trouble, switch to something else where I can complete something and get a "success" message on my computer. Even though this is artificial, it literally brings on a feeling of joy.

The subconscious mind will take your feeling when entering sleep and multiply it and create events and circumstances which will dictate how your day will go tomorrow. So to go to sleep struggling shall create a day of struggle. This happened to me last night. I had a long conversation with someone who was giving me a lot of resistance, yet they kept asking me question -- so I wanted to get through to them. However, at the end of the night I realized that I had wasted two hours trying to explain something to someone who simply wanted to debate. Not only was this infuriating but it was depressing.

I woke up this morning and 3 events in a row occurred which I would consider negative events. I lost money, two people started yelling at me, and I was 45 minutes late to work. This happened as soon as I woke up. I even cried! Luckily I have the knowledge to go into the silence and revise the past and create the rest of the day.

Yet when I go to sleep in love and end on a small to big win, everything turns around completely.

Faithfully imagine the end and all things conspire to aid your harvesting. Do this and drift into slumber and you've got it made. Don't sleep on negativity!