Daydreams are strong creative tool that we were blessed with. When you stare out into the distance, contemplating your life, you are actually planting seeds that will manifest shortly thereafter. There are no exceptions. When we impress the subconscious mind, through the creative use of our imagination, good or bad, they will manifest.

I told this story before, but I did not really stress the idea of daydreaming, and how it played a part. But I was sitting in a treatment facility in Paterson New Jersey. It was my 13th one. There was essentially no hope of recovery. I had sworn to God countless times before that this would be the last one. But even me, I had no hope for myself. I had lost the power to do anything about my problems.

But there I sat, on a bed, staring into the hallway through a door frame. I contemplated what my life would be like if I was somewhere else. If I was someone else. You see, I had this disease inside of me. My thinking was skewed. I could not stop drinking and using drugs. No matter how much trouble I had gotten into, all of my effort was futile.

But there I sat, envisioning a different life for myself. I was in Patterson, New Jersey in my physical form, but not in spirit. Neville Goddard says, "we are all imagination." And in the Bible it says, "every place that the sole of your foot shall tread, that have I given unto you". That essentially means, wherever I go in imagination, and well, I will be compelled to go there in real life.

God is all imagination. If we enter into a structure, into a state, in our imagination, whether in a daydream, or with their eyes closed, we will be compelled to go there. I had sealed my fate. In this imaginal act I was on a beach. I was with a dog. I was in San Diego. There was no question about it. I had always wanted to go there, but never given myself the chance.

Minutes went by. I was lost in the daydream. It was a controlled reverie. I did not know what I was getting myself into.

About seven or eight minutes later, one of the nurses in the facility waved her hand in front of my face. I did not react. She began to look frightened. But where I was in spirit was far better than where I was in my physical reality. Although I was used to it, through years of torturing myself mentally and physically, I did not want to be in Patterson, New Jersey. So there I was, in San Diego.

After a moment of her trying to wake me from my reverie, she walked away, and uttered something to one of the other nurses about me. She was probably freaked out that I was staring, practically straight through her. But I continued on until I finally broke the reverie, and came back to Patterson, New Jersey, where my life had become a living nightmare.

How dark it is before the dawn! After I was released from rehab, and insane bridge of incidents unfolded. I found temporary residence with a friend, where I would work for him to stay with him for a while. Things were going well, until they weren't. Events transpired and landed me running for my life. I ended up being threatened by someone, and had to call for help from one of my family. in the meantime, I was cold, alone, in 20° weather, with no coat or shoes. I had to start a fire to keep alive.

Finally, I got in contact with a family member after a couple of hours in the wilderness, and it took them hours to come and pick me up. I managed to stay warm. My aunt was infuriated with what had happened. I had not seen her in years, but she was so upset that I was treated like that by someone. What happened was, the person whom I was staying with, got extremely jealous of me, and then threatened me. I had done nothing wrong, I was simply trying to recover after being released from rehab. I was trying to take care of myself. I was minding my own business. But jealousy is such a cunning enemy of life, he thought I was trying to move in on his girlfriend. But I was living in a separate house on the property, keeping my distance.

Nevertheless, after a couple of hours of being with my aunt, another relative came and brought me back to New Jersey. I was in the car with my family. My brother and sister and mother were infuriated and could not believe what happened. They were sickened, and demanded that I took some action to retaliate. Now, I do not generally retaliate at all. I leave matters up to the imagination. But interestingly enough, there was a 15-year-old in the car, a girl who is so innocent, that I often looked up to her for advice.

She said to me, "Joe. Tell him you're going to get him in trouble and call the cops on him if he doesn't help you out, after doing what he did. You have no place to stay." I sat there and pondered what she had just said. It shocked me, that this innocent girl was suggesting that I threaten this man, like he had threatened me. But I had done nothing wrong. Everyone in the car was telling me to do this. So I did.

Eventually, he responded and apologized. Although he was appalled by his own actions, and knew he was completely in the wrong, he just wanted me out of there, and he got his wish. But that was not helping me in my situation. He was my best friend, and I was only supposed to stay with him for about a month. I told him, if you do not help me out, I will call the cops on you.

He ended up sending me a check. It was just enough money to buy a plane ticket and first month's rent and a couple extra bucks to live on my own. I accepted it and bought a one-way ticket to San Diego.

I started my new life, and never had a drink since, nor did drugs. One day, I took my roommates dog for a walk on the beach. As I was strolling by the bay, I was contemplating how well my life had gone. I had thought about the chain of events that had got me here. I had thought about my friend, whom I had forgiven.

That's when it struck me. I was in the exact place in physical reality, where I was in my imagination only a few months back. Those seven or so minutes that I had spent in my imagination on the beach of California with a dog had set into motion a bridge of incidents, a bridge of incidents which had led me to the exact place that I had imagined. I could not blame my friend. I could not cast blame on anyone. No one but myself. I had imagined the thing and it had come to pass in a perfect fashion.

My imagination had caused a streak of jealousy in my friend whom had never done anything like that before to me. It had caused my family friend, the innocent girl, to tell me to threaten him unless he helped me, like he had promised. It had caused him to give me just enough money to fly to San Diego and start a new life – which I did. This all started in my imagination, and ended on the beach with the dog.

There is no one to blame but self. All things work together for good to those who imagine. All things will transpire to aid in your harvesting of your imaginal acts. Imagine better than the best you know, and great things will come to pass. No matter if it takes one or a thousand people to get you what you want, it will happen, and you will end up exactly at the place you imagined. So do it, put it to the test. One little daydream that changed my life to the infinitely better.

Daydreams are powerful. They are no weaker, nor stronger, and any other imaginal faculty that we have. Anywhere we use our creativity impresses a seed in our subconscious mind. And every seed has its own appointed our. No matter how long it takes, and no matter how, all people and all things will conspire to get you exactly what you desire.