Two or more people manifesting together, and removing people's depression; and manifesting by writing! A story today!!

Awesome manifestation! More proof that it isn't just the material things that can be manifested, but also events that help people get out of the bondage of depression, and undesirable events!

Together, Sal and I had done visualizations to impress on our subconscious mind the end result of some event that was very important to me. I had received a call from a person close to me earlier that day. The lady told me that her daughter was very depressed. The girl was sickly anxious about getting into college, even though she got straight A's in school. Her family life was not perfect, as there were a lot of issues regarding dysfunction and substance abuse in that household. So her daughter was worried she would not be able to get out. It was an illogical worry, because she did very well in school, but nevertheless, she was beyond worried about it. So I was worried and moved by the conversation. I opened up to Sal about this and we both decided to visualize a successful end result to this.

I visualized her daughter being perfectly normal, stress free, and accepted into college. This was about three days ago.

Sal visualized ME smiling on webcam, about how everything was perfect and the solution had come!

Two days ago, I had written 9 pages of a memoir regarding how I got into the bible, manifesting, Neville Goddard, and my relationship with God.

Inside this memoir are a list of experiences that stayed in my memory regarding my earliest experiences with manifesting (The Law), and they impacted me so much so that I never forgot them, and this was one of them:

"[The manifestation] occurred when I was in Dunkin Donuts. I was sitting down at a table, on the computer, and I was thinking -- I am so thirsty. I looked at the refrigerator to scout out some soda. But at the time I had no money. At that exact moment, a homeless man, by the last name of Bins, came up to me. He asked me for my help in setting up his iPod that he had just received. I had never met this man in my entire life, and yet he was talking to me openly and asking for help. I agreed to do so, and in return, immediately, he reached in his bag and handed me a can of Coca-Cola, my favorite drink in the entire world at that time."

At the time I wrote this, I did not remember the man's first name -- I just remembered his last name was 'Bins', which is uncommon.

This morning I got a phone call. It was from the same lady whom I spoke to about 3 days ago whom got me worrying about her daughter suffering from depression and anxiety. She told me that her daughter had applied to over 10 colleges within the last 2 days. She has multiple appointments within the upcoming weeks with Universities as well, and was feeling very relieved and much better!

What an amazing manifestation! The perfect chain of events had unfolded for her daughter to do exactly what she needed to do in order to feel better! It was perfect FOR HER.

Then, she proceeded to tell me about an event that happened yesterday. She was working, and a man walked into her barber shop. It was MIKE Bins! The man whom I did NOT remember his first name. He had over 3 years sober now, and he handed her a birthday card with over $50 dollars.

As if sent from God, for one reason or another, that man would have been prompted to walk into the lady's work, right after I was writing about him -- someone whom I had barely an idea of his existence, and this lady for one reason or another felt prompted to tell me this story!

This is literally how we did it:

  1. Acknowledged the problem.
  2. Talked to a friend about it.
  3. Sal visualized ME telling her on video chat with a BIG smile that the girl was feeling NORMAL and better! To her that signified that it was done!
  4. I visualized the girl notifying me that she was feeling better, and that she got into college. I felt the feeling of it being real, and got the thrill of excitement. When I was visualizing them, even though the visualizations are sometimes shadowy -- and this time was no exception, it was like someone came in with a whiteboard and erased the visualized picture in my mind, and replaced it with PERFECTLY LIFELIKE PICTURES of he woman and the daughter telling me that everything was okay!


  1. Wrote a story regarding the man who gave me the soda.
  2. He came into the same lady's work who was telling me about her daughter and gave her a $50 dollar birthday card
  3. The lady told me about him and reminded me of his first name!

So as you can see, in conclusion, it is not just riches and glory that can be manifested in this realm, but the happiness and character changes of loved ones in our lives!

It only took perhaps a minute or less of visualizing for each of us, but the power of out individual AND our combined effort manifested these perfect results from God.

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. - Matthew 18:20