In the Book of Nehemiah we are told that: “They read from the book, from the law of God with interpretation and gave the sense so that the people understood the reading.”

"God, the creator, is like pure imagining in ourselves. He works in the depths of our soul underlying all of our faculties, including perception, and streams into our surface mind least disguised in the form of productive fancy."

Imagining is the cause of all of reality.

I have personally had multiple experiences that prove the concept that this reality is all imagination. I have scried, and seen other people’s faces appear. I’ve imagined I’d be perceived elsewhere, and been seen there by friends, twice. I’ve heard the voice of a friend tell me about his upcoming mistake – without him ever saying a word to me, and then the next day, he forgot to pick me up from the airport.

These all started and ended within me. There was nothing in the external world that told me these things. I was asleep on my bed when others saw me. I did not come up with this experiment, as I had heard Neville do them before. I tried them, as everything he says I have found to be true – and viola – it worked.

I have traversed the world in the recesses of my mind, without ever having set foot in a place. Then when I got there, it was exactly as I had seen in my Awareness.

This world is not a solid place. It is made up of Awareness. Awareness is malleable. Awareness is a substance which contains all things imaginal.

Jesus Christ talks about the story of the Samaritan woman, whom was married to 5 husbands – but is not married to the 6th, whom she wishes she were. This sixth husband is not talking about a physical husband. He is talking about the imagination. He follows up shortly after with, “Ye say the fields are ready to harvest in 4 months? Life up thine eyes – the fields are ripe for harvest now.” All of this implies the truth of imagination.

I, myself, have used my imagination to manifest countless things. Not only in imaginal acts with visualization, but also with the other facets of my imagination. Thoughts, feelings, attitudes, writings, imaginal acts, and more – all of these have been the cause of thousands and thousands of effects on this world.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the word was God. All things were made by Him, and without Him, was not anything made that was made.” This Awareness is our true self. And all things are made by it. If I am all Awareness, then all that exists within I AM is my creation.

“When you IMAGINE, Believe ye have already received it, and ye shall.” Again, all of this is imaginal.

“He who looks lustfully upon a woman has already commited the act in his heart.” The whole thing is imaginal.

Although the world without seems to be independent of you, it all is only Awareness. And we have control over our Awareness. The whole external world is a slave to the contents of our mind. Our true self is Awareness, who takes on the form of and identifies with our body.

But how can this be practical? What does this even mean? If all originates from Awareness, then by shaping and shifting our Awareness into the ideal by becoming acutely aware of our imaginal act, as if it is already reality – then that is what we’re talking about. That’s “believing”. Believing is not hoping or knowing that something is going to come. It’s assuming the mindset and awareness of the person you desire to be until there is no recollection for the time being of the reality you just left.

Switching states is the same thing as occupying it. Entering into a mental state, as all things are Consciousness, you bring that state to life. To bring something to life is to manifest it into this world. Although the source of truth exists within your mind, the experience of the body must be had in this “external world.”

And the time is now, there is no past. Our experience only exists at this moment. Time is a human construct. If I asked you to step back into this eternal thing called the past, could you do it? Could you literally experience reality from a point of time in the past? Or what about the future? Can you now enter the vast space called the future? No. There is only now. All perception of the past or future is just thought. This reality we experience now is called the now. There is nothing but now.

And now is when the seed is planted. When we plant a seed, there is no future. Now, all the things needing to happen in order for our manifestation to come, will begin to transpire. It is not set for the future. Yes, certain aspects of the world must change for you to experience that which you have identified with, and it will happen as quickly as possible. But this delay between now and our end has nothing to do with time. It has to do with all the events required for the end to come to be accomplished.

Not to mention, when you “enter into thy closet”, or “imagine yourself as the person you desire to be, as if you were already him”, you are thinking from the point of view as that person NOW. Not from the future. When you imagine something successfully, do it from the point of view of having it already. Not as if it hasn’t happened yet. Even your inner talk, while imagining, should align with having it. Do not say, “this is going to happen”, do not switch back and forth between the imaginer and the imagined. Only stay identified with the state, being present there, now. That is the key to creation.

We say all things are imagination because we can never experience the world without as it really is. We experience the world without as our perception would have us see it. That is why this is all imagination. And our imagination creates reality. That is what enters into the subconscious mind. The world without is always changing to fit the conception we hold. We can never experience any other world than that which we’ve created. And we don’t recreate the exactness of what we experience with our senses because our perception colors our experience with our consciousness.


Joseph Alai