Lately I have been experiencing many mystical experiences, those which go above and beyond manifestations. Manifestations are simply the tip of the iceberg, occurring every single second of every day. These mystical experiences, for myself, are so exciting to encounter, because they show the capabilities of man himself, with God as the human imagination. It is proof that this reality is not as it seems, and that we, perhaps, have it backwards. 

I write these stories not as to conclude or box the experiences in some sort of pragmatic explanation, but simply to show you the experience, as is. For each moment of this world is as miraculous as the next, and when I allowed myself to expect experiences which may be outside the realm of reason, more of them began to pour in.

Here are the stories:


Last night I went to bed and did some imaginal work. I fell asleep within the state. While falling asleep, I felt myself leave my body. I felt an immense relaxation. And then I was somewhere else.

I knew I was still in my bed, but my body was somewhere else. My feelings were somewhere else. I felt immense peace, and love. And then I felt someone behind me, laying on my bed next to me. They were touching me, and love poured into my heart.

But then I got scared. This had happened before. Last time this happened, I opened my eyes and I saw I was somewhere else too. A different place, a different time, or something. I'm not sure.

But so I kept my eyes closed in this state, out of fear of what I would see if I opened them. I moved my arm behind me, to see who was touching me, but there was no one there physically. But they were touching me.

Finally, a minute or so later, I opened my eyes, begrudgingly. I checked my phone, and I had a text message from someone. They verified that my imaginal act had taken shape and was hardening into reality. It was the sign, proving again, and again, and again that this works.

So what happened? Neville says, "There are worlds, within worlds, within worlds." And when he would go to sleep at night, he would go into other worlds, seeing other people, in similar realities as ours. Was I somewhere else? I think so.


About a week and a half ago, I was having prophetic and biblical dreams a few times that week.

Also in that week, an experience similar to the one I mentioned above unfolded, as I fell asleep in the state fulfilled. But I awoke in another place, with my eyes open. I was not supposed to be there, but I felt peace, and love.

There were people in the background. Noise. But it was out of love, they were having a party. It was Christmas time. I was laying on a couch -- but in reality I knew I was on my bed. I felt a strange sensation on my mind, the same part of my brain where the explosion had taken place in 2011.

I was jolted awake, and opened my eyes. I am not sure if that reality had bled into mine, but I saw someone near me. They were running away. I bolted out of bed and ran into the kitchen, petrified.

I know I saw something, but I don't know what it was.


There is a man named Joe, whom is my dear friend. He does not believe in these teachings, but he has played the role in many plays in my recent life. God works through him, as he is pure in spirit.

I do not take days off of work. But one of those days, where I was experiencing tremendous biblical dreams, I had awoken in the middle of the night, to write down one of my dreams. In doing so, I stayed awake -- excited.

I took off of work that day, because of my inability to fall back asleep. That early afternoon when I awoke, I got a text message from Joe. He had messaged me asking me if I wanted to get together, as he had seen me walking into "7-11" near my house. He said, "if you had taken off today, it would be nice to get together Joe!"

This man, Joe, had no idea that I took off of work. No one knew. So when I confronted him later on that day, I asked him about what he saw.

"I saw you, or someone who looked just like you walk into '7-Eleven'. They looked like you, they dressed like you, they walked like you. But then they never came out. When they didn't come out, that is when I texted you."

Neville, at times, when in the imaginal state, had appeared places where he was not. People had witnessed him being in other places, but upon reflection, he either was doing an imaginal scene about the location in question, or he was completely unaware of imagining it.

My interpretation:

I know for a fact that traveling to different worlds is possible. I think that this is what I have been doing. In following Neville's teachings, and studying the bible in depth, I have been having stranger, and stranger occurrences. My imaginal acts have been hardening into facts quite easily, and I have been having prophetic, biblical dreams. My manifestations are pouring forth, at lightning speed. I am in synchronicity with specific people, usually people closest to me, and the premonitions I am having, and my closest friends are having, are further proving that everything that Neville talks about is completely true!

Putting aside any technique or tactic, simply have faith, and hunger and thirst after righteousness, and you will be filled. I ask for these things -- these mystical experiences, and they come to pass.

Most of my strangest and most vivid experiences come after lengths of time practicing imagining specific things. Perhaps it is because I am acting out on faith in manifesting.

I do know this though, these things did not always happen to me. But with practice and faith, and studying the bible in the light Neville teaches, all of the things he has spoken about HAVE and will continue to come to pass.

These are only a fraction of the events that have happened to me in the last couple of weeks. I have been inundated with biblical dreams, premonitions, manifestations, synchronicities, wisdom, signs, miracles, and wonders. They have been picking up at a rapid pace, and will continue to do so, so long as I stay firm in these teachings, and stay focused. 

I would like to hear what you all have to think about this, as well as your experiences! Thank you!