The world is a grand play, of which you are the main actor. All others are actors in this play, and each actor has a role. These roles are dictated at different times, to do different things, like a video game where you can select different options to provide alternate fates. The directions and actions which unfold in your life are not selected by your flesh -- for your flesh is a slave to the actual play behind the scenes. When you are given a role, it must be fulfilled. Infinite possibilities, infinite roles, infinite things going on all at once, and you are experiencing them. Something behind the scenes is dictating every single actor in your life, every scene, every word that comes out of your mouth, and every good and bad thing. Something is dictating every action you take. A seed planted may take years to ripen -- and there may be a million in between that come to fruition, but if a seed has been planted, and if the signs are showing -- then it will bloom, no matter how many years pass in between. For God shall not be mocked.

We wonder why bad things happen. We rejoice over the good. We feel like we are a slave to circumstances, or a slave to who is pulling the strings behind the scenes. The script for right now has already been written. There is nothing that you can do right now that has not already been preordained -- predestined. There is nothing random at all. Everything is perfect in this world. And God is the chief director, making you do this, or making them do that. Nothing can be done that was not first set into motion by God. Everything is done for a reason. Every single thing. All of the people you encounter in your life are put there by God. The very reading of these words, and typing of these words, are in perfect order. The person whom you passed on the way to work. The woman who looked at you funny at the grocery store. The gaining of a job. The losing of a job. It's all already been set into motion -- and if there are signs, then it must ripen. Being possessed to talk to him, or to reach out to her, or the dream you were given, or the food you ate for lunch, or the cough you coughed -- all of them have been set into motion before the moment from which it happens. The thoughts you thought, the forgetting of something at home, the post you made -- they can either be a manifestation in and of itself, or a piece to a bigger puzzle, a smaller scene in a bigger scene.

How do you know what is supposed to happen? How can you be prepared for good times, or bad time? Can we manage these states? Can we prevent things from happen? How do we meet this director, and find out the end of the play? How do we know which decision we will make? How can we know why you did a certain thing? Is it part of a bigger thing? To find these answers, we must go to the source -- the Director.

God is the Almighty Director. The one whom controls the outcomes of this world, the one whom allows all things to happen, the one who kills, and who makes alive. The one who brings joy, peace, love, and righetousness is the same author of death, disillusionment, fear, and pain. In a time before, I used to think that I was a slave to circumstance, or a pawn, or just another actor. But as the time passed, I began to see patterns; patterns of thoughts which manifested into reality. I began to see the connection between the things I thought, and the things I saw with my own eyes in this world. And as the patterns emerged, I began to theorize that there was something more to say about this Director that dwells behind the scenes.

It turns out to be that there is a connection between my imagination, and God, the Director, the ruler of all things -- the one whom creates the joy and creates the happiness, the one whom gives and takes away, the one whom makes all things perfect, of which nothing can exist that is not made by Him. There was some link between the things that I think of, and the things I see in this space. And as time passed some more, I came to realize that God, the operating power of this universe, IS MY HUMAN IMAGINATION.

With the unseperable link between God and my imagination, I began to log unnumbered instances of when my thoughts had manifested into reality. It came to the surface that every single thing that exists in this play of mine, was first conjured by me. There are manifestations operating within manifestations. No manifestation is independent of other manifestations, for there is only one God, and all things exist through that one God. So all things are interwoven together, and even if I plant a seed which will ripen in 2 years, there may be infinite possibilities to specify the meantime of that manifestation. For instance, if a seed had been planted to become famous, if signs begin to show which prove that your manifestation is coming to pass, there are infinite possibilities of seeds planted within that initial interval of fame which can ripen, for you to choose your free will during the duration of the growth of that seed. Different possibilities are presented to you regarding being famous, but none of those could exist without the seed of fame, for they are all related. A year ago you planted the seed to be famous, and right now you are on your way to Los Angeles to act in your first play. You have infinite choices of things you can do in the meantime, and infinite ways to do it, as far as what to wear, who you want to meet, what roles you want to play, the connections you make. But the entire cycle will end when the fruition of fame has come to pass. So those smaller seeds are simply manifestations dependent on the bigger seed. Do not mistake the smaller manifestation for your grand manifestation. Your grand manifestation will be greater than you can possibly imagine, "greater than your ways, greater than your thoughts" as the bible states.

So what I am trying to say here is that there are seeds planted all throughout your life ripening into fruition. There are also many seeds which have not been planted. Some seeds will take years. And within the cycle of that seed coming to fruition, there are millions of different desires, intentions, and manifestations living and dying within the confines of that big manifestation. So how many are there set into motion? How much of what you are doing right now is based on a seed you have planted years ago, or maybe just yesterday?

You can choose the seeds you plant. Your imagination is God. So choose wisely. And if you so do choose, then be prepared for the manifestations to come, for God is not mocked. And events will transpire that will fulfill your thoughts and imaginal acts and will unfold in a perfect manner. Sometimes through the hard times it is difficult to see the beauty in what is happening, but I assure you that everything is perfect, and our primal desire is to increase Joy in this world. So no matter what is manifesting in your world, be it good, bad, or indifferent, it is in perfect order by God, according to your thoughts. If something appears to be bad, even though signs have shown you that it will manifest perfectly, and it fails, that is only a part of a bigger manifestation that you have set into motion, which will bring Joy, if you so have set it.

To choose the things you want to manifest in your world, just choose the seeds you want to plant. To choose the seeds that you plant, simply choose the things to feed your thoughts. Imagine the end of the play, exactly what you want. Each seed is planted by taking a seed of the fruit of the tree you want to manifest. If you want to manifest an apple tree, you would not take a seed from a half ripened tree -- you would take the seed from the most beautiful, grand, apple tree you see. In that likeness, imagine the end of the play. Imagine the happy ending, in all it's glory. The happiness, the joy, the love, the peace, the patience, the wealth, the beauty. THAT is a seed worth planting. Do not think of HOW the manifestation will unfold, for that will only be taking a seed from the tree of half-fulfillment, or struggle. Instead, take your seed from the very very end -- the perfect result. After it is complete. After it is done. Once you have decided which seed you want to plant, create a scene which would embody AFTER the desire had been fulfilled, and condense it into a couple of seconds. Now you are cultivating the seed and making sure you are choosing the correct one.

Next, enter into a hypnotic state. Breathe in and out, and clear your mind. Relax completely. This is the same thing as clearing the weeds around the plot. Clear out anything that might get in the way of your seed.

Now bring that imaginal scene before your mind's eye. This is the same thing as taking the seed and putting it into the ground. Imagine the scene over and over again on repeat. The more vivid the scene is, the greater soil it is placed in, and the safer the plot. Feel the feelings of as if you are really in that scene. Remember, you want to be IN the scene, imagining it as if you are really there. The more real it gets, the less effort you put forth, and the sweeter it feels, the greater the quality of the seed, the greater the quality of soil, and the greater care. Repeat this scene as you drift off into sleep. Or until you are completely immersed into the scene. It has now been touched by God. It has been breathed into.

After this is done, release it. Do not touch it, for you want to keep that seed alive, and well. And when you do this, you will shortly begin to see signs which are indications that your seed has germinated. If your seed has germinated and is beginning to sprout, then it is done -- and that is God's signification that whatever it is that you planted is going to come to pass.

The last step is to have faith. For whatever has been planted is sure to come, no matter how you feel. If the signs begin to show, it is only a matter of time before it comes to pass. It is completely certain. God will not be mocked. Continue in your days, and feel like it is already done. Do not plant seeds of fear, or doubt -- for each seed must ripen. If you plant those seeds of fear and doubt, then you will manifest more of those, and it will pollute your beautiful plant. No matter if it is polluted though, it will come to pass. So simply control the ideas and attitudes you embody, because your smaller manifestations which surround it can then be beautiful too.

In conclusion, this play that we are all a part of is controlled by us. We are the operant power, through our imagination. There is no one else that could have planned your life except for you, and it is time to become the ultimate gardener. Use God explicitly through the power of Christ which dwells in your imagination to plant the grandest garden. Figure out exactly what you want, and then make it come to pass. It will do so every single time if you allow it. If you plant a seed and immediately revert back to doubt, or if it is not impressed on your subconscious mind through the medium of feeling, then it cannot be sure to come. But if you do it well, and do it right, and let it grow, then it is sure to come.

God bless.