The movie method is my most efficient method for manifesting. Time and time again, without fail, I impress on my subconscious mind the movie that I desire to be fulfilled. Below is the information and steps that are needed to fulfill this desire.

This method has helped me movie across the country, got me new jobs, got me a raise at my jobs, got me out of trouble, out of jail, made me a lot of money, found me dates, girlfriends, places to live, and everything in between. 

I read something from Neville Goddard today which really hits home regarding the process of Imagining The End and believing with certainty that a chain of events will unfold which will lead to that desire.

He says, think of it like a movie. Start watching the movie at the ending scene. That is the imaginal act you desire. Then start the movie from the beginning. Although the twists and turns of the plot may unfold in such a manor that you may not see how that specific end may come -- you know, without a shadow of a doubt, what the end is.

That is how I must think of the end, and have faith that no matter what events unfold in my current reality, the end is that which I have already seen. There is no other possibility.=

The only difference from watching a movies end and visualizing our end is that we must think FROM the end and act out of it. If we do that, and feel as if we are really in the imaginal act, and then fall asleep whilst acting out the scene therein, then there is no possible way that our imaginal act will not become a reality.

Another thing to point out is that many times he talks about falling asleep in the scene and falling asleep in real life in the scene. For instance, he talked about his first intentional manifestation. He was broke and wanted to go to Barbados. His first mentor told him to imagine that he was already there. So he pictured himself in his father's house in Barbados, and he laid in his bed and fell asleep -- both in the imaginal act and in reality.

Time and time again he mentions this.

I have experienced tremendous results without falling asleep both in the imaginal act and in physical reality. I've also experienced tremendous results simply meditating and visualizing the scene without sleep - and have manifested it. I've also had excellent results visualizing while daydreaming. As a matter of fact, some of my greatest manifestations occurred whilst in a waking reverie state -- daydreaming.

But taking the word from Neville, I am excited to sleep inside my scene fulfilled -- and I can bet that the results will be astonishing :)

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