This is from a good friend Sal whom studies Neville in great depth.


I have noticed some debate over certain ideas, and the so called perceived limit on what are able to manifest.

There is absolutely no limit put upon what you can realize in your world. People seem to be able to accept much more readily that money, success, a particular home, a free coffee is very possible and acceptable, however wanting a relationship for example, with a specific person, is somehow in conflict with the other person's free will or "destiny". This is not the truth. 

If you want a simple desire as say, manifesting a free coffee from your Mum, she would have to have the idea of wanting to do that. In imagining that it is done, you have influenced her to do exactly that. Have you not interfered with her "free will"? Any desire you have, is going to require people in your world, to aid it. Even if a thousand people must be used in having your desire realized, they will be utilized for you. Is that not dominion over all? is that not imposing yourself on someone's apparent free will? There is no right or wrong, good or bad. These are the Carnal Mind's concepts. They do not belong to the spiritual mind. Every single day you are "using" others to manifest your reality.

We must understand that there is no separation between you, and the outside world. It is being animated by your consciousness. The illusion that others have free will, is so strong we get sucked into thinking people and things are operating and behaving independently from you, but in fact, the world is like a puppet on strings, and you are the puppeteer. The stars are kept suspended, because of your consciousness. The people you encounter, the car you are driving, are all being held together by your consciousness. Should you detach from all of this, in consciousness, it would disappear. They are all your manifestations. It is all your imagination. Every single thing is your creation, and you have dominion over ALL of it, not just some of it. If you are God, and God created all, then what could possibly not be yours?

If this was not so, then we may as well say, the Bible is a complete lie. It does not state, whatever you want, believe, on the exception of people, certain relationships and free will etc etc.

Mark 11:23

23“Truly I tell you that if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and has no doubt in his heart but believes that it will happen, it will be done for him. 24Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

The Law of Gravity, for example, is in operation, always. Whether you are a good person, live in Australia, believe you won't fall, no matter who you are or what you believe, if you fall off a building, you are going to hit the ground. The same applies to these spiritual laws. The Law of Assumption is always in operation and affects all your manifestations. I have proven without a shadow of a doubt, that it is 100% correct. I have changed people's behaviours, I have imagined them saying things to me, that they have soon repeated to me, VERBATIM. I have signed business deals and influenced that person to jump on board with my business and not my opposition. It is your perception and beliefs that will be reflected back to you. All are playing the part, that's all.

The Law of Assumption, trumps all other ideas and concepts. It is a law that leaves no room for debate. If you assume what you want, believe you have received, and it shall be done. Period. If you believe a certain person is lovely, then they are and will act accordingly to that assumption of them. 

People often ask, what if someone else also wants what I want, who wins? YOU BOTH DO!!!

Let's say I apply for a CEO position at a particular company, along with another 5 people. In my reality, I get the CEO position and the other people miss out. However, in alternate realities, those people got the CEO position, and I missed out.

There are infinite possibilities, and they are all happening here, right now. Creation is finished. You are not essentially creating or attracting. You are embodying a State that already exists, and all you need to do is wear it like a garment. You need to raise your consciousness to that State of what you want, believe it, and you will jump into that reality. You are not taking anything away from anyone, for the world you see, and the infinite possibilities are for your taking, all of it is for you.

As I have heard Neville say, "there are worlds, within worlds, within worlds." All things you can imagine, already exist, and that is why there are NO exceptions or limits to what you can have. It is all yours. All of it. Every single thing. Any scenario you can think of, can be experienced by you.

The Law of Assumption, is self explanatory. Assume a desire as already done, and it will be done. There is nothing that is wrong. So, dream big, assume whatever it is you want, and you will receive it. Do not listen to anyone that will have you believe otherwise.

You Are God!

So claim it!