The Lady And The Dogs

The Homeless Lady in the Gray Van has been troubling me for months. She lives in a gray, old, warn down, vandalized van with three dogs. Selfishly, she locks her three dogs in the van while she goes out and parties. These three dogs are mid sized dogs and need thorough exercise. Unfortunately, the selfishness of this lady is as such: Every night like clockwork, she locks her dogs in the van, cracks the window, and leaves to get drunk. During this time when she is out, the dogs are trying to protect the van and bark like crazy.

One night, I overheard her beating her dogs so I ran outside, called the cops, but they only have her a ticket for sleeping in her car. After that night, again, she was screaming at her dogs and Steph almost lost her mind because of how she was treating her dogs. That was the final straw for me.

My Imaginal Act

I imagined with feeling the great feeling of her never bothering me. I imagined that her dogs would be confiscated. I imagined that I never was kept awake at night anymore. For a while the lady disappeared, I knew me wish had been fulfilled.

But then came the insidious day when she returned. But I knew that this could not be for inside my imagined state this lady was gone. Her dogs were gone.

Last night, the subtle threads fulfilled my imaginal act. She left to get drunk, but she left the window open just too much for the dogs to get out of the van. Now, normally this would not have been a problem because dogs usually wonder. If all three dogs had wandered, they would have quietly ran away. But no, only two out of three got out. This meant that one was inside the van still. barking. And the other two were kept near the third. They were all barking insanely, wandering around the van, protecting the van. For about 3 hours this went on.

This time, every single person called the cops, and they came and confiscated the dogs.

How subtle the threads...

  1. Parked in Front of My House
  2. Window Open Just Enough for them to get out
  3. 2 / 3 Dogs came out -> just enough to keep the two barking at the third all night.
  4. The lady drew her gun -- I prayed that they wouldn't hurt the dogs, and her supervisor made her put her gun away

Thoughts and imagination does become things.

I wrote this scenario on my whiteboard a while back a few times.