It's amazing how the subconscious mind communicates with us so perfectly. It's amazing to ask for something, and actually receive it. I AM THAT I AM. I asked my higher power to show me if there is anything in the way of me manifesting my desires. I went into meditation. I got a flash of a Yoga Studio (which to me meant meditation). Then I had the "spiritual experience vision" that I shared about a few days ago.

The first answer to my question the next morning when I got a message from an old friend that I haven't talked to in a LONG time on Facebook. It was a voice message telling me that ANOTHER old friend that I hadn't talked to in YEARS said "Joe Alai is SO judgmental."

Now I'm starting to wonder what was meant by Judgment.

I told Vonda MacKenzie about the meditation thought, and I asked her about any meditation I should do and she said that I should do the "I AM" meditation. I also asked her about Judgment and she said that it sometimes is known as blame and that I am blaming people. I told her, "maybe I need to become a different person altogether so that I can't blame anyone for the completely different state that I am..."

I didn't quite understand it at the time...

Fast forward two days, I reached out to my buddy James to talk to him about the spiritual experience I had, and he had said that everything was "Awareness", and that my natural state should be to constantly have experiences. I kind of understood what he was saying but I still needed more clarification.

He told me that he was FLUID, that everything was fluid, and I thought that maybe my SUBCONSCIOUS was talking through him to me and explaining how Judgmental meant that I was solidifying my beliefs with Judgment (the opposite of fluid).

I also talked about the paradigm shift that Pam Grout talks about in one of her books whereas when we hold the state of the former, Joe, then only things are possible from which Joe sees possible. But if I take on the form of a NEW person, Joseph, or some name or character that is yet to form into a wave collapse, anything is then possible.\\

Then I found "The Power of Imagination", by Neville Goddard book at a random used book store and immediately bought it. Last night when it was late and I was exhausted (normally the best time for me to impress things on my subconscious mind), I opened the book randomly to a page on the "I AM" meditation technique, first try :).

It mentioned two things: First, seek ye first the kingdom of heaven (the state desired in the subconscious mind) and all things will be added unto ye. Which means, become the desired state and all things will be manifested unto you that would make that state true.

The second was the I AM technique, which talks about the saying, I AM that I AM. The first I AM refers to God. By saying, I am, I am... repeatedly, until we got lost of ourselves. This is simply AWARENESS, which is the STATE OF GOD. The second part of I am that (I AM), is the part that we desire to be.

Therefore, I am, I am, I am... will get us into removing ANY state and make ANYTHING POSSIBLE. ALL THINGS ARE FLUID AND EVERYTHING IS SIMPLY AWARENESS. And then the next I Am, the predicate, dictates that which God will form into.

At that time, last night, I knew that this was what my subconscious mind was telling me. That I needed to drop the STATE OF JOE and then I can be the state of THE RICH. or THE LOVED. or THE FAMOUS. But I can't be JOE and RICH at the same time.


Neville Goddard says, "Self Abandonment" is how to achieve you goals.

"Dream bigger than big. Abandon yourself completely."