This post explains what I would consider the ultimate embodiment of success, how to achieve that with manifestation and our human imagination, and 

The ultimate embodiment of success, to me, would be to take that which I believe to be possible, and then amplify it to a specific degree. In order to embody a change in reality, one must completely accept and live with the feeling of that which is desired.

The more frequently and fully the end result is felt and accepted as standard, the quicker the change will be manifested in reality.

But take a second and imagine reality. The sole fact that it is possible to imagine something into reality is a fact not starkly accepted. The fact that whatever is imagined is willed into existence is a fact that, when accepted, opens up the possibility of virtual impossibility.

I am a peculiar person, as it states in the Holy Bible. My success, being that I can manipulate the natural flow of manifestation and reality, should be unmatched by those who do not utilize the mystical powers freely given them. They are under a mental handicap.

To fully understand what it is that I am now capable of, and how I should enter into a state which has a constant flow of success and happiness, I should first analyze the old way of thinking. After that I should alter that in a scientific, systematic way, and then alter it to suit the mindset of success.

The Feedback System: Formula Of Reality and Manifestation

It is a accepted fact that people tend to stay within the same class, lifestyle, beliefs, and achievements that of their ancestors or those who they are surrounded by.

The reasons are many, but for the sake of this observation, we can formulate it into this specific framework.

The Steps Our Reality Exists Now, via Manifestation

  1. People manifest that which they are.
  2. People are that which they believe themselves to be.
  3. People believe that which they think.
  4. People think that which is seen, heard, tasted, touched, and that which they remember.
  5. If people think of that which they remember, and that which they see, then they are repeating the same reality.
  6. The past is kept alive due the memory.
  7. Memory is the past imagined.

Feedback System of Imagination:

  1. That which is imagined AND felt is manifested.
  2. People generally imagine that which they have seen or have experienced, or imagine future events similar to that which they have already experienced.
  3. What we see and feel currently is felt and seen in not only our eyes but our minds eye -- so that which we currently are in, tends to perpetuate itself.
  4. People take on the personality traits of people they meet, stories they read, and traits of themselves.
  5. Affirmations feed into the subconscious mind commands that must be executed if the conscious mind does not reject them.

This system can explain for everything in this world, how people advance, how people decline, and how people persist. 

What we can do about it.

The feedback loop cannot be changed, but we can input new imagination and feeling, as well as affirmations, and reading stories in order to modify our input and output, and therefore produce results.

The perfect equation which can give the instructions on where and how to create a state of reality comes from the possible variables listed below.

Intervening and using the imagination to manifest our desired reality

The trick is to create a reality scene and dwell therein with all the sensory vividness of reality. Then is the state realized. Interrupt the current Imaginal-Feeling-Acts Feedback Mechanism in the mind, replacing the normal IFA's with the Desired IFA's.

Construct the DIFA's with as much sensory vividness and realistic environmental variables / feeling as possible. The thoughts you would think. The thinks surrounding you. The sensory detail. The feelings you would feel. The conversations you would have. Your day to day actions.

One thing to be said is to try to make the day as close as you can to current reality with slight changes. That way, not too much has to occur before the manifestation comes.

Things will start to appear that are similar to your visualizations. When these occur, use these and alter these events to be more and more like the desired results. More will come.

M = manifestation

i = imagination

F = feeling {sight, smell, touch, hear, taste}

e = sight

s = smell

f = touch

h = hearing

t = taste

L = emotions

Comprehensive List of Feelings and Emotions 

Fear → feeling of being afraid

Anger → feeling angry. A stronger word for anger is rage

Sadness → feeling sad. Other words are sorrow, grief (a stronger feeling, for example when someone has died)

Joy → feeling happy. Other words are happiness, gladness

Disgust → feeling something is wrong or nasty

Surprise → being unprepared for something

Trust → a positive emotion; admiration is stronger; acceptance is weaker.

Anticipation → in the sense of looking forward positively to something which is going to happen. Expectation is more neutral.

Anger, opposite calmness (not feeling excited)

Friendship, is where people have a bond of joy and will come together and have fun

Fear, opposite courage (having courage in the face of fear)

Shame, opposite confidence (shame: how one feels about one's past bad actions or thoughts; shamelessness: one does not feel shame, but others think one should)

Kindness (benevolence), opposite cruelty (kindness: when people are good to other people)

Pity (when people feel sorry for other people)

Indignation (feeling angry because something is not fair, such as undeserved bad fortune)

Envy, jealous (pain when people have something that one wishes for oneself)

Love, a strong emotion of attachment one feels for someone else. Ranges to family, pets, friends, significant other or fictional characters.

Suffering and weeping

Low spirits, anxiety, grief, dejection, despair

Joy, high spirits, love, tender feelings, devotion

Reflection, meditation, ill-temper, sulkiness, determination

Hatred and anger

Disdain, contempt, disgust, guilt, pride, helplessness, patience, affirmation and negation

Surprise, astonishment, fear, horror

Self-attention, shame, shyness, modesty, blushing.

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