What is it that you want? You must be able to think of something. I am telling you here and now that the power inside of you is the same power that created the world. It is infinite power, where anything is possible. The power inside of you is the same one that kills and makes alive. That holds the stars in place. That heals the sick. I am talking about your imagination. I am talking about God. 

God abandoned himself to become us. We made a deal that we would fall asleep, and forget that we are Him. We would come down into this world of death and play our part, and throughout a series of any number of lifetimes, we would experience all the states that we possibly can, before reaching the fullness of time, and finish all the states. A state is a state of mind. It is a personality type, a type of character. Whether it be the happy billionaire, the imprisoned murderer, or the mediocre man or woman, we will experience all of these different states before we are finished here in this world for good. When we experience them all, we conquer death. This is God's plan to expand. And we made this deal, and then we were born. Throughout our lifetimes on this earth, we can wander around aimlessly, from state to state, randomly experiencing the fullness of time. Or we can do this consciously. A part of the deal is that God is in us the entire time, creating our experience, in this dream of life.

And God is the being whom created the entire universe. He planned this all out. He created all of the things we experience in this world. And inside our skull he gave us the power called Christ, which is the savior, or the resurrector, or "the mediator between man and God." I have found this to be true, through my own experiences. 

A part of the deal was that would actually be using this power of Christ within our mind every single second of every single day. It was a secret. Yet the way He made it was that we all have our own personal dream. And in this dream, we are creating the entire play. He set it up so that every single thing that we think of, every single thing that we imagine, every single thing that we feel, is impressed upon the Christ inside of us, and is then expressed on the world that we see. In fact, nothing can exist in this world unless we first thought, imagined, or felt it.

So all along we had created everything that we ever experienced. Yet we were asleep and had no idea that this was happening. So, man is completely unaware that the entire experience called life is an expression of our mind. That our every single thought creates a movement in God, and God expresses that thought in our world in 3D form. 

But how can we know this is true? Is it really this easy? Is all we have to do is imagine and our world will change?

The beautiful thing is that we all have the power to create the reality of our choosing. Although the life that we have been creating this whole time may not suit our liking, we can turn around and explicitly use the God within our imagination and completely transform the life we life. What does it take to do something like this? How are we supposed to know this? What are we to do? 

Romans 10:14-15 "How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach, except they be sent?"

I am here to teach you what I have so gracefully learned. And how easy and simple it is to manifest a world of our liking. Seated inside our imagination is the source of all the wonderful and awful things that we experience in our world. We are the soul creator of all of it, because we are God. God blessed our human form with the power to consume and to resurrect. He gave us the power to imagine and create. He gave us the power to destroy that which we do not want to experience in our lifetime. 

That means that everyone in this world is reflection of our imagination. That means that EVERY SINGLE THING that we experience in this world was first created in our imagination. And this is how it happens.

Our imagination is the operant power of God, called Christ. Through this operant power of God, we conjure up solutions, end results, or events that we will inevitably experience in our world. When we imagine something, and feel the feeling of as if it is real, it is a done deal -- we will see it in our world. So the trick then, is to learn how to impress things on our subconscious mind purposely, and then control our thoughts in our day to day life, and in the end we will manifest a world perfectly in accord with our desire.

How To Control Our World [Technique]

We first map out the thing or things that we want to experience in this world. Whether that means you desire to be happily married, or to be rich, or to be on vacation, it doesn't matter. Imagine better than the best you know. For in doing this, there are no limits. For nothing is impossible to God. 

When you've come up with the things you desire, construct scenes for each of them, or combine multiple desires into one. But only construct scenes based on the end result. That is, to say, the happy ending of each desire. If you wanted to be married, imagine you rotating the wedding ring around your finger. Imagine looking at your fat bank statement. Imagine talking about what wonderful vacation you had. Whatever the desire or desires are, make sure you choose a time in space where the desire had already been fulfilled. And construct a scene based off of that. Outline it. And condense it into a few seconds so that it is easy to remember. Make it as lifelike a representation as possible. What would you see? What would you hear? Who would you be with? What would you say? What would you smell? Include your senses. 

When this is done, enter into a meditative state. A hypnotic state. A state where you shut off the senses completely. The best time to do this is before bed. After that, any time where you can successfully shut off the senses for a little bit will do.

Once you are in the meditative state, bring that scene before your mind's eye. Bring it into your imagination. Enter into this scene. Make sure you are acting out as the main actor, in first person, through your own eyes. Think FROM the scene. Do not think OF the scene, for the is the difference between success and failure. Remember to make as lifelike a representation as possible of the scene. Give it all the tones of reality. Make it solidly real. Repeat it over and over again until you have achieved the feelings of the wish fulfilled. The end goal is to feel the feelings. How would it feel if you were now the person you desire to be?

Then drift into sleep, while in this state. Or if you are not going to sleep, release it once it feels real. 

It is done. A bridge of incidents will unfold naturally that will lead you to the end result. If you have done it correctly, you will receive your desires. You may even get signs that prove to you that your imaginal act has been heard by God -- successfully received by your subconscious mind, and it is fixed by God. 

Use this technique for every single thing that you desire. Use it to revise the past. Use it for everything. You will begin to awaken your imagination, or the God within you, and you will begin to see your world take shape to your thoughts.

If you do this, and if you guard your thoughts in the meantime and do not entertain anything negative, and only focus on the end result, your life and the world around you will be completely transformed to your mind, and there will be nothing that can get in the way of your manifestations. You will be a new person. 

Remember this: anything is possible. So if you want to have certain character traits, a perfect mate, a perfect job, a perfect life, the perfect family, the perfect mental health, the perfect body, the perfect relationship... Whatever! 

Remember to love yourself, for God is love, and so all things you imagine, do it with love. For all things you imagine for another, you are also imagining for yourself, and you will receive the same things. So be sure to be kind, and loving, and sober-minded in your imagining, so that you can receive in the same light as you've imagined.

Honor the deal, and enter the state you desire. You do not any longer need to be stuck in any state you don't want to be stuck in. All things are possible, so only imagine the best. Imagine for all others, and exercise this power of Christ within you -- and revel in the glory, the wisdom, the power, and the might of the power that dwells inside your imagination.