In my personal experience, there is only one successful set of essentials to manifesting. The model I am about to describe, I’ve explained before in prior videos, but not in this manner. Throughout my personal experience, over the last 10 years of dedicated of obsessive study with manifesting, with unnumbered theories, methods of living, or explanations of manifesting, I have deduced how and why manifestation unfolds.

This has come painstakingly after 10 years of intricate and in-depth studies, by putting to the test every single aspect of manifesting. Not only that, but comparing my personal experience, the mystical and psychic experiences that may be replicated by anyone proves the non-dual aspect of manifesting.

It was only through my despair that I was forced to examine every single aspect of manifesting, so as to save my own life. Although I assumed I was repairing my life, I was at the same time mastering the craft of manifesting by systematically putting it to the test by analyzing and applying techniques to not only my life, but also manifesting for others, and ultimately handing out my framework which has been put through the fire, and logging the results used by tens of thousands of people.

That which I teach has nothing to do with speculation, with desire, with hope, or what I wish to be true. It took many years to formulate a list of succeeded experiments, tested tens of thousands of times, and explain them as they are explained today.

My business:

  1. I desired to have a business

  2. I was working at my current job

    1. It was going downhill

    2. it was a manifestation

    3. but eventually everything changes

  3. Controlling the world

    1. I was micromanaging my manifestations

    2. Every single thing that came my way, I wanted to control

    3. I was manifesting the solution of many little things

    4. the more I tried to control every aspect, the more other things began to change

  4. Realization

    1. Ultimately I realized I did not want to work for anyone else, anyway

    2. I was never meant to work for another person

    3. I knew how to manifest my desires

    4. I was using my energy in the wrong place

  5. Solution

    1. I decided to manifest my own business

  6. What I knew

    1. Imagination creates reality

    2. I manifested myself in this current state of affairs

    3. All things are held in their current place because our consciousness remains there

    4. If I shifted my consciousness to something else, completely, the law of Consciousness would manifest it on the world

  7. The law of consciousness

    1. No man comes unto me unless my Father draws him

    2. My word cannot come back void, it must come back to me

    3. Every seed has its' own appointed hour, so all things will manifest if we impress it

    4. We can’t experience anything unless we first imagine it

Outlining Scenes

  1. Specificity:

    1. It is important to be as specific as possible.

    2. Neville Goddard

      1. My dear, I believe in being as specific as one can be. I just knew what I wanted so often on certain things, and wanted it in detail, and got it. If man cannot be that specific, all well and good. Take an end, an over-all end. But if you really are specific, God is very definite. Outline is perfect in God’s world. Look at the thumbprint. Not only a man’s thumbprint differs from all thumbprints, but his odor − or the bloodhound couldn’t find you. Just imagine three and a half billion of us, and no two have the identical odor. No two have the same sound to their voice – similar but not identical. See it on the tape as you speak, and that vibration will record it. You cannot reproduce it. Similar? Yes. No two – you are so unique. You are the only one; therefore you cannot be replaced.

      2. Do you know that the moment you draw a line you encompass energy? That without an outline, everything is nothing? Draw your outline and make your picture as clear as possible. Perhaps you are giving a party to honor one who is present. Sit at the table with friends and raise your glass. Congratulate your friend on his new position, his greater salary and more responsibility. Stick to that thought, and it will not matter to you who is influenced.

    3. The axiom of exactness:

      1. Awareness replicates the contents of it

      2. Specificity is required to manifest your desire exactly as you imagined it

      3. The more complex the imaginal act, the more complex the outcome

        1. Simple manifestations tend to manifest faster

        2. The natural movement of the world will fulfill your manifestations

      4. How manifestation works:

        1. We impress the subconscious mind with the contents within our Conscious mind.

        2. Exactly as it gets impressed, Awareness replicates that content.

        3. The subconscious is one with, and connected to Awareness itself

        4. Therefore, all subconsciouses are connected to Awareness

        5. Awareness maps out the master plan to fulfill the manifestation based on the data given by the subconscious.

        6. Awareness then transforms itself into the form of impulses (or desires), and gives them to all the individuals subconsciousness’s required to take action in order for the manifestation to become fulfilled.

        7. The people involved receive the impulses

        8. Those people then have thoughts, then take actions…

        9. And then ultimately the manifestation is realized, taking the form of the replicated version of the imaginal act or conscious embodiment of the desire impressed upon the subconscious.

        10. This process is repeated big and small, forever and ever.

      5. If many things are added to the imaginal acts, such as unnecessary details, Awareness may have to feed more impulses to more people, awaiting on them to fulfill the manifestation in it’s exactness.

      6. This includes:

        1. Thoughts

        2. Actions

        3. Weather

        4. People

        5. Time

        6. Places

        7. Experiences

        8. Events

Take a bunch of time to outline your scene. Your imagination is extremely powerful, which ultimately means whatever you imagine will take hold and transform your world. If you imagine the wrong thing -- you will regret it later. Think of all the different aspects of your scene and jot them down, and find the best iteration of it. Take your scene, which implies your fulfilled desire, relax, deep breaths, count backward -- then imagine it over and over until it saturates your entire mind.

If we continue to imagine for specific things, and not general beliefs, our beliefs will overwhelm and combat the imaginal acts, conforming our specific manifestations back to our beliefs. Write down beliefs, general statements, which would imply that your desired laws of reality. The statements you write down will become the laws of your universe. If you make your new beliefs in alignment with our imaginal acts, they will work in unison -- your conception of self will change, and your manifestations will come easier, faster, and stronger.

Be as specific as possible, but also as general as possible -- do not include things that don't matter. If you follow these instructions -- you will get whatever you want.


Joseph Alai