This was written by one of the admins of our group, Sal. Her and I had been speaking a couple of weeks ago about the idea of a mystic. Read this, as it is extraordinary! 

I was speaking to Joseph Alai last week about these teachings. We were discussing the incredible manifestations we have experienced, those that all you members are posting, our visions, our symbolic biblical dreams and our mystical experiences. We then asked ourselves, in a playful and curious manner, "are we Mystics ?" do you think so? We pondered it for a little bit. We moved onto to other topics, spoke some more, the call ended and both went about our day. 

The following morning, I get a call from a customer. It was an urgent order, but I had run out of a particular item that they needed. I jumped in my car and rushed down to my supplier. As I drive into the car park I put my blinker on and stayed stationery for no more than 10 seconds when I see a car maybe two car spots ahead start to back out. I thought great, that was quick! As they pull out, I see the number plate of this car...I couldn't believe my eyes, It said... 

" MYSTIC ". ?

I thought it was so incredible. I have never seen a number plate with the word MYSTIC. And I KNOW I haven't because it would have definitely caught my eye being I am literally living and breathing these teachings. Here we were, discussing mystical experiences, questioning if we were in fact mystics, and out pulls a car for me to take its place, with a message crystal clear, the very next day. I immediately took a photo, interestingly I had ample time to, and showed Joseph. We were both left speechless! 

How profound is this!? What a clear indication of an answer. One of the most profound, amazing parts of this story is that she had taken the place of the Mystic. That is, she is in the place of the mystic. To me, this is an obvious fact of what she is.