Ever wonder if there was a secret knowledge bank of Manifestation techniques? There's so much conflicting information out there, and if you've been around the manifesting community for a while, then you know that a lot of it doesn't work. If you follow my channel and my teachings, and you've tested them, then you know that not all techniques are created equal. In fact a lot of them are based on traditions, rather than truth.

There's certain ways to prove whether techniques are correct or incorrect. But most people are afraid to put manifesting to the test hat because they put our belief systems up to the flame.  But you need not worry to just press prove if manifesting what works because that would that would like being afraid of disapproving gravity even though it is evident all around us.

I could not stand by, not knowing what works and what doesn't work. Luckily for us, being in the 21st-century, we have copious amount of information. It is very easy to come across cross tons of techniques that we can use and utilize to prove or disprove when it comes to creating our reality. I have an obsessive mind. And I love to experiment. I always have been.

My channel does not rest on random theories, belief systems, dogma, or tradition. My teachings rest upon what works. Theories don't matter if you can't prove them. Otherwise, they're just like religions. My entire life has been dedicated to explaining and proving what works, using it, recording the details, and then giving it to you. Do not  get sucked into random vibrational matching algorithms, "you're the only one alive",  etc. 

Everything that I teach, you can PROVE.  That you are AWARENESS. That AWARENESS is God. That you have all the power inside of you to  manifest anything at all -- all  things are possible.  That you  are  attracting NOTHING, but rather copying your internal AWARENESS on the external word,  exactly. It is NOT JUST FEELING that creates --  although people will fight to the death to protect this belief of theirs, but all things WITHIN AWARENESS. That BELIEF is NOT a requirement for manifestation.

These are not speculations, and you will hear this NO WHERE ELSE. It is so simple to disprove the fallacy of false teachings if you will just listen, you can disregard the nonsense, and take up your new true beliefs, and create your entire future. 

The closest I have ever seen to truth as far as manifestation techniques and ideology is concerned are Neville Goddard's  teachings. The mystical experiences he  had experienced, I have experienced too -- almost a decade before hearing about him. And all of that is written in the  mystical interpretation of scripture,  thousands of years ago. These passages are written solely about who  you truly  are, God  in man -- but you forgot that. I am  here to remind you how to prove this. 

It is no coincidence that I had experienced these things, and also stumbled upon him, and also suddenly and "luckily" was asked to make a YouTube channel, which  then exploded overnight. I have come to tell the truth. No more, no less. All of these things you can experience too, but also create  your perfect reality at the same time.

I have studied Neville's teachings in depth for multiple years obsessively. I have studied scripture still longer. I have learned the Greek, learned the Hebrew, learned the meanings behind "the letter", and I have experienced scripture, and it is all true -- but unfolding inside of you. 

You are the operant power. You are the creator of your reality. You are God in man. You are in a dream, and God is the dreamer. It is time to wake up, and control the dream.