The other day I set an intention to hear manifestation stories from others, even if they didn't know that it was considered a manifestation. Today my mother rang me and she told me a wonderful manifestation story.

My brother takes a medication that costs $27 per day. His insurances lapsed, and so therefore he was paying it out of his own pocket. That is $189 per week. That's a big chunk of anyone's salary.

My mother told me the she had simply prayed that he would not have to pay for his medication, that his insurance would be turned on, or for God to just come in and help. Note: My brother himself did not pray, but my mother did.

Today, my brother went to work. He forgot his medicine at home, that he had purchased for that day. While he was at work. He called my sister, whom was out doing errands. The plan was for my sister to go home, get the medication, and bring it to my brother at work.

Upon arriving at home, she headed toward the door to enter and grab the pill bottle for my brother. As she approached the door, she looked down. There was a box there. She grabbed the box and brought it inside.

She opened it. There were 90 pills for my brother. No one had ordered them. No one had asked for them. 90 pills. 90*$27=$2430

I did not ask the means of which she devised her prayer, but she told me that for two days she prayed and asked for the burden to be lifted, and it was!

My mother knows how to believe when she prays. In fact, the act of praying in and of itself is taking a leap of faith. These miracles are happening everywhere, from everyone -- including yourself.

Simply tap into God within you, for you may receive all that you desire simply.

That's it!