Question: Hi Joseph, I was curious what was the experience when you realized that your subconscious mind responded/communicated to you? Does it always communicates the same way? I saw couple of posts and everyone was different. Is it our imagination about her or is it real? If it’s real why her responses aren’t obvious?

Answer: The subconscious mind is definitely a real entity thing. What I mean is: if we ask her a specific question, we WILL get the answer. The answer will come to you in a way that you will know or understand. Some people are different. For instance, if I ask a question, a series of events may occur in my life and mid way through that event I realize that it is the answer to the question I asked.

Literally I will ask her a question, then someone, maybe one of my friends, maybe a stranger, maybe someone on facebook, or maybe in a book -- will say something that will be the exact answer to the question. The trick is to ask the question in a way which is directing your subconscious mind to do something -- and then BELIEVE that the answer is coming -- and LOOK for the answer.

Question: How do you ask your subconscious mind a question?

Answer: We can either say something like, "Subconscious, why was it so easy to know how to manifest better?" We have to state this clearly and KNOWING that the answer is already there and we just have to be aware when it arrives. And we will ALWAYS get the answer

That way is popular but it is not the best way for me. The best way for me is to VISUALIZE that I already have the answer.

Question: What is visualization?

Answer: Say I want to get a raise at my job. Instead of asking my subconscious how to get a raise at my job, I will visualize the end result. And I will put myself in the first person perspective of myself in my imagination. and I will FEEL how it would feel if I were to have the raise. So I would construct a scene that would imply that I have either received the answer or that I have manifested my desire. I will literally write out the scene that would have played out if I were to receive my desire.

Here is the basic idea...

So for instance, if I wanted a job, I would do this: I would write out a scene that would ONLY exist if that desire were fulfilled. I sit in my new office, and I text my friend saying, "This new job is awesome! I am SO glad I have obtained it! I am so grateful for my subconscious mind!" and in a way that we could not plan, any series of events will take place that will eventually lead to us living that scene that we have fulfilled. If we have visualized it good enough and if we have planned it good enough and if we have felt it good enough. Every single time.

Question: Do you have an example?


I take a medication that is rare, and very expensive. I used to live in NJ and the last prescription I had was from NJ. It lasted me 6 months. But now I only have 5 pills left. I was anxious that I would not be able to get a refill and that I would get sick from not taking my medicine. But there are no doctors that I know around here that prescribe it. So the only thing I could do is try to figure out how to get my doctor from NJ to send the prescription over here to California -- but he does not do this.

So I visualized myself in a scene in my head. I visualized that I had a complete prescription of my medicine, and I imagined that my doctor would give me my medicine.

Today, my brother sent me an email. He said, "Hey Joe! How are you doing on your medicine?" I told him I only had a couple of pills left. He said, "Oh! Well I saw the doctor and he said that if you need a prescription then just call him and he will fill it for you!"

I called the doctor from NJ and he gave me the medication over the phone, which he never does before, but for some reason he had brought me up in the doctor's appointment when he was seeing my brother, and he said that he would send it over.

Question: How does the subconscious mind work with manifesting? What way do I phrase the question?

Your subconscious mind literally is the only thing that is true. It is the only thing that is real. Although it is a different way than we usually live, when we seek inside for answers, they will always appear on the outside. Especially since we know that the subconscious mind has all of the answers, LITERALLY all we have to do is ask her. But we have to ask it in a way which decrees that we already have the answer. That's why we always always always ask it as if the answer was already here. Or we always always always visualize the scene as if we already have the end result. The subconscious mind is very LITERAL. It requires the end result, and it will bring to pass whatever chain of events, any answers to questions, anything -- that will bring upon the results we request.

Question: When should I communicate with the subconscious mind?

Answer: The best time to visualize or to decree that we have the answer to any question is that we do it when we are about to go to sleep. Or when we are in a reverie-like state. This is when we have complete access to the subconscious mind. When the conscious is shut off, the subconscious is completely susceptible to our impression. It takes our impression and recreates it in real life. It happens every single time.

Question: Do you have any other examples of an answer from your subconscious mind?


One time I asked the subconscious mind -- Why was it so easy to know the exact method in which manifestation occurs?

I closed my eyes and started breathing slowly and with my stomach. Suddenly I had an actual vision. An actual real vision that appeared in front of my eyes and it took me through the universe. I saw atoms and neutrons/protons spinning. I went through a field of space and then through a tunnel of light. I appeared then at another atom -- the exact figure that I had seen before. All the while my brain was buzzing with electricity.

Over two months later and I finally figured out what she was showing me -- that was Quantum Entanglement. I kept search google to try to figure out what it was that I saw and it was a Quantum Theory -- quantum entanglement. I just found that out yesterday.

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