Time and time again I have asked for things, via the act of imagining, and watched it unfold in my life. Sometimes it is specific, and sometimes it is more vague. God does abundantly above all we think or as, and that means, at times, that what we receive is not 100% exactly what we ask for, but better -- more perfect.

Throughout trial and error through the days upon days of creating my days to come, I've experienced more manifestations than I can count, and I'm confident that it will continue in this way. Neville talks about, "It's not so much how you ask for it, but how you become prepared for it." In asking for a thing, you must be prepared for it's manifestations.

If you truly are to believe that a thing is to come, when asking for it, be prepared to receive it. Whatever your life would look like for you to receive your desire, when you ask, start to move to receive it -- for it is sure to come. Your action of moving toward your desire is the act of faith it takes to receive it.

Preparation is key. It is proof that you have assumed you are already that which you desire to be. It is proof that you believe that it is coming. For if you already had your desire, then you would not prepare after -- you would prepare now!

You may imagine your desired end, and pray for it's results. You are not to consider the details, for those are strictly left up to God. When you go to imagine something, the Christ "goes to prepare a place for you." And in that same likeness, you are to prepare a place for "it" as well. We are supposed to imitate Christ. And as I said before, the act of faith would be simply to be prepared for your manifestation to enter your life.

If you desire to move, pack your belongings. If you desire a job change, prepare your "resignation notice" to your job, stating why you are leaving, and what lies ahead. If you desire a date, prepare your clothes. If you desire a gift, prepare your thank you letter. Also, don't forget to thank God in advance for your fulfilled desire, for this in and of itself is another method to achieving your desired end.

Walk out on your assumptions. In every fabric of your being, make way for the manifestation to come -- and through your "feeling the fulfilled desire", and walking out on your prayer, it can fit right into your life as it must -- for if you've imagined the feeling of the wish fulfilled, there is nothing that can stop you from receiving it.

The only requirement for manifestation is to have faith, or believe. One act of faith is done simply through asking, and the other by preparing.

1) Imagine the End

2) Prepare for it's arrival

3) Thank God

4) Receive it.

On the token of being prepared to move, know that you will not know how your desire will be fulfilled. What I mean by that is this: you may ask for something, but you will not know how it will come to you. For God's ways are not your ways, His thoughts are not your thoughts.

Unnumbered times I would never have been able to consciously devise the actual way God had fulfilled my desires. There is no way to begin to describe what He will do, who He will use, or in whatever way will be used to bring you your desire.

There have been times where I have asked for a specific thing, and I had been brought something much, much better, but along the same lines. I was not expecting the road to that thing, nor the thing it manifested, but it came perfectly, and in perfect order.

The idea is to be prepared so that once you have imagined it is done, it will be done.