A seed that we plant, fleeting or deliberately, we will only be able to take action in accordance with that seed. That is true for every action. We must guard our thoughts, and only imagine the ends we desire, so that we know when we are taking effortless action, that it's certainly in line with something want to manifest. As far as figuring out if what we are experiencing is a part of a bridge of incidents — it's always a part of some bridge of indigents, some seed that has been planted, because we literally cannot take action at all unless it's towards a manifestation. We can’t be certain which seed is growing, which bridge is unfolding, unless we are certain of our thoughts.

What are your thoughts? What actions have you been able to take? If you are able to take a look at your life from 4th dimension, from an outer perspective, watching every single step of your life, where would the pattern be leading? investigate and take a look at where you have been going, and where you are headed. Most people have no interest in spiritual things. They could care less about awakening the spirit within. But they want money, or love, or success. That's perfectly fine. Just be sure to align your thoughts entirely with your desired outcome so that the gate that opens is leading you to the treasure house you desire.

Every emanation or desire is female. The imagination is male. When you enter into your emanation, or scene, and dwell in it until it takes on the tones of reality, you breathe life into it and impregnate it. There is nothing that can stop it from manifesting. When you enter into the desired state, or the emanation of that desire, you create a union with it and plant that seed into your subconscious mind. There, God does the rest. The human eye only sees the manifestation of these seeds, and because of this, we were asleep until someone had tapped us on the shoulder and told us what we were doing all along. We were entering into a union with the most unlovely things that we could fathom, simply because we were considering them. These manifestations or experiences of unwanted things invoked a fear within our mind — to try to prevent experiencing them again. But this fear, and dwelling in those unlovely states were the cause of the problem itself — planting seeds repeatedly and experiencing their emanations repeatedly.

Whether it's an imaginal act, inner conversation, thought, or daydream – when we dwell in a state we do not desire to experience, the opposite happens — we experience them. That is the way that creation works. So begin now to create an emanation of your desire. Create a structure which would imply that you are already now the person that you want to be. In doing this, you are emulating the natural process that God used to become us. And in doing this, you imitate God, as it commands us to do in Scripture. In doing this, we are invoking the creative power of God in this physical realm and entering into a union with our emanation until we breathe life into it – and then experience it.

Whatever we want to be is accessible through entering into the structured emanation in acting as if we are already experiencing it. If we act as if it is real in our imagination, we create the seed in the likeness of the emanation. In that seed is a pattern which will erupt with a bridge of incidents containing all the elements necessary to experience this emanation as a manifestation on the screen of space. This pattern is all-inclusive, containing everything necessary – nothing missing. We need not worry if the manifestation will reach the end. We only need to make sure that our thoughts, ideas, and all that dwells within our minds are in alignment with the thing we want. It will reach the end. 

So what do you want? What do you want to experience in your life? Anything is possible. 

  1. Deliberately concoct a play which would occur if your desire had been satisfied. Make it condensed, and short — a scene which would imply that you are already the person you want to be. Specifically, ensure the time frame of your play is after your desire is already yours. Remember, the pattern of fulfillment is within the seed — so do not worry about the means, for if you imagine the end, the pattern will include everything that would need to unfold for your scene to reach full fruition.
  2. Get into a relaxed state, where you are not worried about the future, or past. Close your eyes if you wish. Take time to relax completely, breathing deeply and dispelling any anxiety or thoughts about obligations. The idea is to empty the mind so that you can fill it with the play you have just created, and replace this current reality with your desired one.
  3. Enter into your play as if you are actually there, in your imagination. 
  4. Think as if you’re the main actor in this play — yourself — and act as if you’re really there. Use all of your sense organs.
  5. Repeat the scene on repeat until it becomes steady, and effortless. Do this until you can feel as if you are really there.
  6. Drop it, stop imagining 

Whatever you want something, just go through this process. These are the steps of bringing life an emanation, a manifestation — through the process God used to become us. This is all taken from the Bible. Use it, as instructed. “Be ye imitators of God”. 

Then, once you have planted seeds of your liking, with your plans of emanation inside of it, you can act out any time and know that you’re walking toward the the end of your desire. The bridge will be built, and the door will be open, you just navigate your way through it, with ease — to claim what you have set in the seed of emanation. You will not have to worry if what you are encountering is a bridge of incidents or not, for you will know your thoughts, you will know your plans, and you will know that you are on the receiving end of your desire.