“Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” — Mark 11:25

All we need to do is ask, in prayer, and we will receive the thing we desire. There is no work to be done. God is within us, and we are in God, and he hears everything we think or ask. Not only does he hear us, but His ways and means are greater than anything we can possible think of. Therefore, whatever we imagine, not only will we manifest what we desire, but it is always way better than we could have possibly imagined.

“If we know that He hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him.” — John 5:14-15

Lately I have been reminded of the traps that we as humans can so easily fall into. Before knowing about the power of God that dwells inside my skull — namely, “imagination”, I was so used to pouring all my heart, soul, effort, and might into any task that came my way. A workaholic by nature, I used brute force and sheer will to accomplish anything that I desired to achieve. I was met with great resistance and force, and often failure, but nonetheless, this pattern repeated it self time and time again. This habit of work was transmuted into every single aspect of my life. Be it self-work, imagining, convincing others, research, or anything whatsoever that would involve self-will, I was the master at working myself into the ground. 

When it came to learning new things, this trait of deliberate will came in handy, and helped me very much with systematically testing how to manifest. Through this willpower I not only plowed through thousands of hours of material, but also testing manifesting to the point where it became an obsession. Again, this worked in my favor. In the end, I learned that imagination created reality, that I could manifest anything at all that I desire to, and that this universe and experience was way greater than I thought. Mystical experiences, different dimensions, altering time and space, hearing the voice of God, lifting people out of states, achieving wealth, and helping others to do so are some of the greatest side effects of the Spirit that dwells within. 

But one of the best things I’ve learned was that I did not have to lift a finger in anything. I did not have to figure anything, anymore. I did not have to dig deeply into myself. All things I desire to manifest are readily available without any “figuring out” to do. Literally, if we ask of something through the act of prayer, or imagining, we do not have to make any movements, we do not have to figure anything out, we do not have to take any forceful action. Through imagining, we can manifest physical wealth, health, love, happiness, take on new character traits, forget the past, be emotionally fit, or do become ANYTHING that we want to become, or help others to become anything they want to become. I can receive all wisdom or any answer to any problem I’m trying to solve. All things are readily available for the spirit that dwells inside our skull. All I need to do is imagine myself as that person, or ask the question that I want an answer to. Simple as that. Absolutely nothing else is necessary. The answers will come. The material wealth will appear. The opportunities will become apparent. The thing you have imagined yourself to be MUST unfold. There is NOTHING that can get in the way.

But having lived that life of effort and extreme will for over two decades, after I had learned how to manifest I still had my entire personality bleeding over into the new self. Even though all I have to do is ask, I would still exert my willpower, try to figure out “what is wrong with me”, and exert my will almost just as much as I would before I knew how to manifest. I sometimes still do. 

I have seen God manifest every type of thing I could think of. Wisdom. Power. Control. Health. Weather. Dreams. Mystical Experiences. Whatever it is I have thought of, whatever it is I imagined, it had come to me as easily and effortlessly as it was imagining it, and I did not have to lift my finger. It is a complete and total reversal of the way I used to live. Being someone of extremely strong will, this effortless creation was difficult to wrap my head around, being that I was used to “getting things done”, and fast. This is a completely different paradigm. To go from spending energy on “trying” to force things to work, to simply imagining and then releasing and waiting… It could be confusing to completely switch my lifestyle over.

I often now encounter people who are unwilling to let go of their past lifestyles. They are so used to figuring out what is wrong with them that they fail to accept the gift God has given us to simply resolve anything and everything we ask of Him. Some of the most difficult changes I’ve encountered, as far as the most common ones that I see in others, is when they believe that there is something in the way of their manifestation and them. They want to manifest their desires, and allow God to do that, but they do not fully relinquish their power, and still want to meddle in the middle. They want to receive their outcome, but they are unwilling to let go of their old way of thinking. 

This often happens when people take two different trains of thought and mix them together. Often times, “healing”, “mental blocks”, “raising their vibration”, “changing states”, “a third party”, “open their third eye”, or whatever the case may be, they believe they have to do any number of things to be able to manifest the thing that they want. They argue to hold on to their old beliefs, and refuse to understand that this is a power that lives completely independent and contrary of and to the carnal world. They refuse to accept the simple solution, which is, “imagine the end”, and they continue to think that there is work to do. But there is none. 

There is no work to do. If you want something, then imagine the end. Whatever it takes for you to get there will happen. If you are clear and concise, and do a strong imaginal act, it will come to pass. Even if you had 37 “blocks”, your “third eye” was shut, your “vibration” was at 0, and you were 8 states away from being the person you want to be, you do not have to do anything except for imagine the end. If the case truly was that your third eye had to open, your vibration had to raise, you had mental blocks, and you were many spiritual states away from being the person you imagined you’d be, you do not have to do anything. If you simply imagine the end, after and beyond your desire, then all of those things would happen in the middle, and you would not have to do anything for them to happen. They would all be presented to you in a simple manner. 

Recently I talked to someone whom has been professionally helping people for their job. He had been trained in helping people get what they want, but through means of a mixed approach of: work, Abraham Hicks, other Spirits, and some other people whom are not the truth. They are a mix of physical limits on the spiritual world, which is a funny concept. So, naturally, he launched his career and is rather successful in it, and he uses techniques to help others remove blocks, to meet their love interests, and to become happy. But he did not know of Christ. He has been my student for a while. 

My goal is to teach the simplicity and truth of manifesting. I, myself, have never removed a block. I have never done much inner work. I have never raised my vibration. I have never given my power away to anything else outside of myself. And yet, I am the best at manifesting out of anyone I’ve ever met. 

Every time I would suggest for him to imagine something, he would say “okay”, but then automatically say, “Oh I must have a block there!”. Again, mixing many different trains of thought. All that is being done here is injecting and creating problems. Some people are so deep in the problem, that even when you give them the purest, easiest, most accurate solution, they refuse to accept it. They cannot bear to think that it is that easy, and will not relinquish control to God, to give them the thing they want. 

Technically, when you are claiming that there are problems to fix, you are actually creating more problems for God to have to go through in order for you to get what you want. When we imagine only the end, God chooses the shortest point from A to B to get us to our desire. If we start adding problems C, D, E, F, G, not only do we limit God by adding more obstacles, but we slow down our manifestations by “fixing” on a problem, they likely never existed in the first place, but we’re saying that we’re smarter than God — that God is limited and will not bring us our desires because of this problem. Is anything too big for God? 

Just to wrap it up, I want to be explicitly clear. Only imagine the end. Period. Whatever is in the middle, whatever must happen in order for our manifestation to come to pass will automatically happen, and present itself to us if something needs to be done. There is nothing between us and our desire. I have proven this thousands and thousands of times. I used to be the master at thinking there was something wrong with me, and that there was work to do. I exhausted my right to work, to plan, and to figure things out.

Now I just simply choose God. I literally just imagine what I want. I feel as if I’m really there. It comes to me. Easily and effortlessly. If you are thinking that there is something in the way of you and your desire, take a minute to think about what you are saying. Are you saying there is something that God won’t see? Are you saying that there’s something you can do better than God? That’s hilarious. 

That’s not to say that there are not things that need to be altered for us to receive our manifestation, but that is not for us to figure out. God will not only present to us anything that needs to be fixed, but He will also provide the solution at the same exact time. We don’t need to figure out anything. That’s the rule. God’s ways are greater than our ways. 

In order to receive the full Power and Might of Christ, we must shed off our garments, sell all our belongings, and commit fully to this power of God. To sell all of our belongings, as Neville says in “The Pearl of Great Price” is to get rid of all of our beliefs. The idea that we can do ANYTHING at all… That’s a joke. It’s only through imagination and belief… That is what operates everything in this world. All things must first be imagined. In fact, we cannot do anything that was not first imagined. So simply imagine the end. Imagine the solution to all problems. And since God has provided us this life, he also provides us with the solution.