Imagination creates reality. A desire is contemplated, and an end-scene is constructed. We bring it into our imagination, and enter into it, thinking from it, and feeling it as if it is real. The imagination impresses its' scene on the subconscious mind, through feeling -- whether we like it or not, it is indifferent to what is impressed upon it, and it is always doing it. The subconscious mind creates the things impressed upon it in this 3D world so we can then experience it. This is the gift God gave us. This is God, that dwells inside our imagination.  Therefore it goes to say that anything we imagine with feeling will -- in some form, be expressed on the screen of space. 

When we contemplate this fact, that imagining creates reality, we can then say that playing a memory fits the perfect definition of an imaginal act. The memory itself is a desire, and the contemplation of it is the most pure form of reverie, or imagining effectively. It is so simple, so real, so pure, and feels so natural. Our memories are constantly replicating themselves in this world. It becomes increasingly important to dwell upon things worth dwelling upon. Things of peace, love, joy, wealth, spirit, health, etc., are those thing which should be thought about, imagined, and remembered. 

The past is not in the past. The past is not dead. The past is alive. It is alive in us. The only things that can exist in this world are things which exist in us. If something no longer exists in us, then it cannot be expressed and experienced. All things which exist in man become expressed on this world. All things that we keep alive inside of us, become us. We are what we think. "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.". All those things which man dwells upon or supresses will be constantly impressed upon the subconscious mind -- whether it is fleeting, or focused upon, and therefore expressed. Any sensation of feeling attached to an emotion, thought, or imaginal act, is enough to make the imaginal act into a seed, and drop it into the ground. Thus, it becomes increasingly important to know that the past is the only thing we have to battle. It is the only obstacle to our success. Bad memories are the only problem we must face. 

Our doubt is based on memories. Our fears are based on memories. Our judgment is based on memories. Our logic is based on memories. Our conclusions are based on memories. Our actions are based on fears, judgments, logic, and conclusions. Look carefully at your life and figure out this very second if you have been basing your actions on fear, judgments, doubts, logic, conclusions, memories, history, past events, or something related to something that has happened in the past.

If you take a look back at your life, do you see negative patterns that are repeating themselves that cause you pain? Do you keep getting into poor relationships? Are you constantly falling back into poverty? Are you persistently getting into a state of poor health? Are your fears coming true? Does everything always go wrong? Is the same thing happening over, and over, and over? Do you go for periods of time where things go well, but then inevitably come back to the old patterns? If any of these things ring true to you, I can promise you that there is some memory in you, or series of memories, that are constantly recreating these events in your life. 

I, myself, have created the same things over and over in my life. The same events but in a different setting. The relationships that have failed on repeat. I have spoken to many people whose lifes also consist of the same thing. My failures in life all seem to have the same theme, pattern, and conclusion. It's not until I can remove those memories, or change them, until I then can prevent them from recurring. 

Feeling is the inceptive factor in manifestation. Feeling is the thing which brings the idea to life. Feeling is what we must feel to manifest our desires. In the same light, feeling is the thing we must remove from emotions in order to STOP manifesting the memories that continuously spill over into reality. 

There are multiple ways to stop patterns from recurring. Here I will list and explain a couple of them. 

1. The Natural Way To Overcome Our Memories

The first natural way to stop creating the ill-advised memory is to, when it recurs, finish it differently. If you overcome your problem through your sheer desire to do so, and a change in attitude and action, then you will ascend past that last state, that last action, that last memory, and it will be overwritten by the new successful end. This is the natural way that we have done over and over in our lives with different things. One example of this is to overcome a fear. When we are afraid of something, we are always afraid of it. But when we conquor it through action, through doing the thing which we fear, it automatically overwrites the memory or idea of fear, since we now have experienced differently -- and know there is nothing to be afraid of. Most times, whenever we conquer a specific fear, it does not return. In the same likeness, when we conquor our past failures the next time they come up, we ascend above them, and we do not create the failure again.

This is not always applicable, as sometimes it is our negative emotions, fears, and ideas that put these things into action. So if you find yourself in the battle of the ideas, or conflicting thoughts, if you do not change those thoughts, then likely the pattern will return. 

2. Revision - Revising the Past

Imagining the successful outcome of the past is revision. It is rewriting, revising, altering, or adding scenes to the past in order to reconcile your memories with your desired outcome. When something goes wrong in my life, and an imprint is made on my reality, my go-to is this technique. When I am sailing on calm seas, I simply imagine the altered, TRUE version of the imaginal act. The TRUE version is the one that exists in my mind, not the one that I saw in physical reality. So I construct a TRUE scene of the past, and bring it before my mind's eye. I imagine that it is in a completely different light than it went down in physical reality. I feel the feeling of the peace, love, and joy that comes from that revised scene. And then I drop it. I sometimes do this only for a few seconds on each revisable memory.

We then KNOW that the imaginal act, the NEW memory, is the correct one. Watch now, as the future events shape to align with the new imaginal act. Revise with everything. Revise every bad memory you have. Fix them. 

Your bad memories are the cause of so much distress in your life, that you may not even know it. Thus, doing a thorough personal inventory would perhaps be one of the greatest things you ever do in your life. To create a list of all people, institutions, ideas, fears, of which you have bad-memories, resentment, anger, pain attached to -- and then revise every single one of them. You will be lighter, and cease to carry around the ball and chain of memories you have attached to you. 

3. Observing Our Memories

A technique tought through the ages in all branches of spirituality is objective observation. To enter into the "I AM". To literally ask your higher self to burn up negative memories of the past, and then become present to them. They will appear, while in a meditative state, and you are to simply observe them. They may come in the form of memories, sensations, or any other variety of ways -- but you must simply "observe" without judgment.

When you continue to burn up the past, modify it, or add to it, your sins shall be white as snow. The promise will be fulfilled. Then you will be on a clean slate. You will no longer experience the patterns of the past. You will be free. And freedom will allow you to do all things you desire, with ease. 

In the same likeness of manifesting for the future, a bridge of incidents will unfold, and make your imaginal past become fact -- in whichever way possible. Through means you will not know of, they will be proven true -- for our past is not fixed, just as the future is not fixed. It is only through our assumptions, memories, awareness, and the like -- will we be creating the future in their likeness. So take control of the person you are, the awareness that you are, the ideas that you are, and you will inevitably experience what you want to experience.