Nothing Between Us And Our Desire

My friend had just gotten back into manifest over the past couple of weeks after watching to my videos. He had a couch surfer stay with him about 16 months ago. This woman, her entire family had died and she left her home state with one bag that was packed with all sensitive stuff like photo albums and journals from her mother. She was very depressed. When she was leaving she asked him if she could leave the luggage there which was a  huge suitcase with all of her belongings in it. She said that she would come back for it. 

16 months later she never returned for it. He was not only concerned, but this huge piece of luggage was taking up a large amount of space in his apartment. Three days ago when we were hanging out, he told me about this story and said that he had finally opened up her bag to see if he could find her name because she had never gone back on -- and that website itself does not list people's full names. We were wondering if she was even alive.  

She's not from here, she is from New York. So today we were together and we were chatting when suddenly he nudges me. "There she is!!!" She walked right past us, and made eye contact with him! She was with a man and it looked like she was on a date. 16 months he could not get in contact with her and suddenly right after we talk about her, she manifests.

But we did not go up to her right away because he did not want to make it weird in front of that guy that she was with. So we waited a few minutes and he contemplated whether or not he wanted to go after her. But he really wanted to get her that luggage, as it was extremely personal, and now he not only knew that she was okay, but she was alive and in the flesh right near us!

We ended up walking after her shortly after but we could not find her. We walked around my town a couple of times, which was probably about 2 miles because it's a busy, young town where there's a lot of people that party, a lot of restaurants and bars all over the place. We figured we'd spot her. She was nowhere to be found.

Eventually, we gave up hope and we decided to go into a bar because there was live music playing. I left my vape at home because it ran out of battery.  So after about an hour I could not take it anymore and I wanted to leave and go home to smoke my vape. I finally said, "Hey, let's go." And we left. The moment we turned the corner to get onto my street, suddenly she turned the corner and walked onto the street, at the same time as well.

It was completely perfect and this time she was not with that man, so I left my friend for him to talk to her. It was perfect. It was as if I had had enough of the show, and I could not take it anymore because I needed my nicotine, and that was the ultimate event which reunited the two. It was the perfect moment that when we went outside, she had left from wherever she came from and we merged into each other perfectly. So many profound things had to take place in order for this perfect meeting. 

So what happened? Imagination creates reality. The night before we had the conversation about him being worried about her, he had went home and went through her belongings. He had searched for something which would include her first name. In her belongings contained photo albums including her picture, but nothing with her name. He said at that time he had intently looked at the pictures to see if he could identify her in any way.

He also mentioned that it was weighing heavy on him -- because of the fact that the belongings of a woman whom had not only disappeared from couch surfing, but she had not responded to texts or calls for over a year. Also, it was because her belongings were in his house and it was strange, as she was a guest for a short while. Lastly, it was because the luggage was gigantic and in the way. So the thoughts surrounding this woman had been saturating his mind. 

I explained to him the way manifesting works a bit more, that when you saturate your mind with an idea so deeply and then release it, it is sure to manifest. He said that is exactly what happened. After the first day we spoke, he also went home and looked some more for some information about her. Then after that, finally he released it and let it go. He forgot about it. 

This is the perfect process of creation, and interestingly enough, I was a part of it. I love being a part of people's manifestations. He did not even mean to manifest her, which is proof of another thing, that we are inadvertently manifesting our desires, and also that when we practice using our imagination -- even for just a couple of weeks, our manifestations come to pass with force substantially greater as the time passes. 

Finally, I want to express that all things are a reflection of yourself -- and that whatever it takes for a manifestation to unfold will happen. The very fact that during this night, multiple miraculous events transpired is proof of this concept. Not only were these events perfectly aligned so that both parties could meet, but also that all of us were used in order to manifest this desire. Matt had so badly wanted to know she was okay and hand her back her luggage -- the desire was so strong that either her or her date had been compelled to go to our town as a place to go on a date. Me and Matt had been compelled to talk on the sidewalk directly where she had been compelled to walk. Not only that, but after the fact, after we had lost her, we were compelled to take "one more loop" around the block to see if we could find her, even though I so badly wanted to go home -- and we were compelled to go into a bar, triggered by the sound of a live band, which I don't normally hang out in. We were compelled to stay for about an hour, even though I said in the beginning I didn't want to go in, and then finally I was compelled to suggest we leave. Then she was compelled to take action to walk on our street at the exact moment we had left to go home, so that we could all link up together. And after 16 long months of no contact and worry, the problem had been solved.

Sixteen long months of no contact and searching meant nothing to God. We simply imagine something with sufficient force, and saturate the mind with our desire and there is nothing that can get in the way between "it" and us.